Hunter X Hunter

Don't be silly, user. Getting caught was part of her plan.

Why is Togashi taking so long to reveal what happened to Theta?


Nah, she obviously wanted them to attack her and be killed by the cat.

Her second nen beast will save her though.

Don Freecs can hardly be called human considering he's at least 300 years old with eternal youth.

reminder that o my rubber nen is just a funny memeable line not an asspull

She is dead.


Remember Palm, same deal with her.

It's not an asspull. It's THE asspull.

That still makes him a human

I hope we never fucking see him, or just in the final chapter of the series.

she only has 1 nen beast the cat is just a regular nen ability

I love Cammy!


Nah, she's was genuinely pissed. Felt good man, bitch got what she deserved.

Fuck off.

Nen beast is a general category for that kind of nen monsters.

Well meme'd my friend.

Sex hair!

No she has already lost.

You lose when youre placed in a techo tomb, idiot.

what is this anyway, lawful evil? It seems she has some bullshit plan for everything

What are the speculated conditions of the cat?
So far I guess
1.She must say "kill me" right before being killed
2.The target must touch her body after death

How old is Cammy?
is she a cake?

Number 2. sounds too unreliable. Either it works on whoever first touches her after death, or it's not required.

I'm thinking there's some requirement that she cant have fought back at any stage. That would explain all the taunting and how nervous she got when they didnt seem to work

This is the most retarded speculation I've seen in the last 4 threads

Most likely. She has to be in her late 20s, right?

Nah, she only had one plan and she was pretty confident in it until she got captured. I mean being immune to being killed is pretty strong but she thought she could just walk up to Ben and kill him, which didn't happen. Now she'll have to rely on the nen beast despite her pride.

Getting caught was part of her plan!
They dont know her Hatsu, she still hasnt used her nen beast, her mom and her guards know where she is, so she'll be taken out of Ben's jail easily without having to use any of her abilities

Based Leorio.

Probably in her 30's

If she is the 2nd prince, she has to be older. Unless the order doesn't go by age. I really don't know...

Leorio never deserved to be a hunter though.

The Hunter Test also measures Charisma and Leoria has 10 in Charisma.

I miss kill so much :^(

>Then shoot.
Y-yes my mistress.


Whats your speed?

She could be early-mid thirties at most.

>how the fuck do you go from: am going to kill my brother trump, to alright everybody just shoot me the next day?
That's the same thing

>how was she allowed to just walk right up to ben dorm, without any of the king soldiers( the one monitoring this shit) stopping her?
They tried.

>and what happened to cammy own private military
There isn't one. She's what people thought Benjamin was at the beginning. Trigger happy idiot.

I suggest reading the manga before commenting next time.
Also learn to write properly.

3rd prince looks double the age of Benny or Cammy

he seems to have the kind of face that finishes puberty like that and stays the same for the rest of his life.

How do you beat Camilla big pussy?

>nen user with an unknown ability is inviting me to shoot her
>it could be literally anything and nen gets stronger after death
>well for the moment better do literally as she says
Unless the point was that he would ahve been happy dying anyway and passing his skil lto Benjamin, he was a real retard there


You hit it.

If these 2 have such op abilities I cant even imagine what asspull has bateman the chosen one prodigy in store.

Did you even read the chapter, he shot only because she shot him. And she was supposed to have a Nen beast, not conventional nen ability.

Speaking of pounding, how long until Hisoka starts gumming everybody?
Can we even hope for rape in HxH?

Will the cat appear when I slay cummy's pussy?

Why is every strong ability considered an asspull?

To be fair, it sounded like a generic provocation.

It will squish your cock and feed it to Cummy.

For Cammy's you need the enemy to not know your ability and if they down you but don't kill you, it's useless. Ben's needs him to be a father to his men and even then they might have no offensive abilities, and they need to die when they're worth more alive. We don't really know the limitations.

Yeah, such a strong ability and "asspull" that she got beaten and humiliated some pages after its introduction. I swear, you kids are hopeless, every chapter is just an excuse to throw up some buzzwords and meme.

He knew that she studied Nen because she was using Zetsu.

cammy was not holding a weapon against musse

>For Cammy's you need the enemy to not know your ability
It's not just that, she needs to get killed, which is a much bigger limit than it sounds. The soldier guy killed her because he knew that their conversion was being recorded, otherwise he would have just easily incapacitated, for example.

otherwise he would have just easily incapacitated her*

Delete this. If only because it's trash art.

To add another thing, this shit is really funny when you think how because of that her whole "fighting style" is nothing more than a bunch of provocations. Man, I love this series.

He did fairly well for himself. Managed the 80k run, earned Hisokas respect after deciding to stand and fight on his own. Saved them (admittedly at the cost of most of their time) in Trick Tower, otherwise Kurapika's win would never have resolved and they would have lost. He admittedly did pretty badly in the penultimate stage when he lost his badge, but he did at least go after Ponzu on his own, though that ended poorly for him.

on a serious note, the spirit beasts cannot attack other participants nor fellow spirit beasts. Which means we might see a cat vs. spirit beast, which would be pretty neat, I think.



>literally knows nothing about him
>O U R G U Y

Who here /Cammy/?

You moron, some people have a fucking massagist for an ability. What if they swapped? Who could beat Bisquit then? Who are you calling a child if you cant even put 2 and 2 together.

Cammy is kind. KIND!

We knew next to nothing about Squala either yet he was Yorkshin's /ourguy/

I don't really agree. Sure, even once she's caught she seems confidant so it may seem like she has a plan, but confidant people fuck up all the time.

If a guy exudes confidence when he's about to jump off a roof into a pool I may be more inclined to think it'll work out for him than I would be inclined to think it would work out for a guy that looks visibly nervous, but that's just my instincts picking up on what they're portraying; they're still both equally as likely to break their neck.

Just because she seemed confidant and ready to rock does not mean she had a good plan, it just makes it look more like she does.


He noticed that she was under Zetsu, which meant she was a Nen user.

Part of his appeal in character development is that even though he didn't quite cut it, and was basically carried through the exam, he was still based as fuck and had potential. After he passed, he's managed to haul ass and become a competent hunter/doctor in his own right and is now the Official Based Godâ„¢ of the association. It's not uncommon to see that IRL by the way, many successful people are incompetent-but-charismatic buffoons who mature into actually-competent leaders as they're forced to prove themselves.

Yes, and? It sounded like she was just going on the rampage. And you guys are talking like such strong counter abilities are that common.
What should have that guy done, pussy out and let them do whatever she wanted only because "omg she is provoking me, better fly?"
You guys want to sound smart but are only forcing hindsight logic on a specific context.

Reminder that according to Kakin laws all princes who attempt to assassinate another prince are to be investigated and put on trial only by the Supreme Magistrate.
If the evidences are circumstancial, then its not enough to override the immunity of the royal family.
Now you should understand why Cammy told her guards to incinerate all Musse's belongings and that someone shot her and escaped in Benjamin's room.
She will be released without any consequences once her mom and her guards inform the Supreme Court

We knew that Squalla had 40 doggos, and wanted to leave the mafia for his 10/10 girlfriend waiting for him are home while Bill still a fucking blank slate at the point.

He acted like a likeable bro so far, that's enough.

I think he did just fine but disagree with your analysis. After all, he guesses that she was a Counter type because of her provocation and the use of Zetsu.

I think he just shot her because he imagined that if she was indeed a Nen user and of Counter-type, trying to detain her or shoot non-lethally could be worse. For example, against a Counter-type like Feitan who explodes if damaged, a shot in the arm/leg would have been the mistake.

What do you think is the age of the princes? Note that most of them are from different mothers so several siblings could be the same age

Halkenburg is probably 23 or so? He is very accomplished but the next two after him are Kaccho and Fugetsu who are teenagers. Maybe the king just took a break.
Benjamin is probably ~30 which makes me wonder why he (probably) doesn't have any children. Cammie looks good for her age, maybe a year younger than Ben. Zhang Lei... Didn't win the genetic lottery but he HAS to be 20 something, right?
Not sure about princes 4-8. They all look weird.

Live action when?

Bateman looks like he could be late 20s. 28 or so

Hopefully never

>Maybe the king just took a break.
The King has other, unrecognized children besides the ones in the Succession War. Presumably with concubines.

I imagine Benji is 35 or so.

Did the king not find it weird to fuck Oito, who is probably around Camillia's age?

What is everyone's favourite part of the Hunter Exam?

Trick Tower was pretty fun.

Hanzo vs Gon or the tower

Definitely the Gon stalking Hisoka parts, that shit put me on edge

Yeah, this one.

Gon fishing Hisoka's badge is one of my favourite parts of the series

Does Cammy know that nen can be caught on tape? Cause she's in trouble if they bring up security footage in court.

Zhang has alot of fodder, bet he'll be wiped out in the banquet

>ability is to have a his dogs do everything for him from cooking to getting groceries
>restriction is to just take care of cute doggies
Squala had life figured out.

Who recorded her? There aren't any cameras in the hallway

On retrospect, this.

If you listen to Hip To Be Square with him and he hits you with an axe you are deleted from the universe and peoples memories.

Or maybe he is going to be a nen sealer and maybe a nen exorcist too, there hasn't been that many of those.

Porn when?

Around Hisoka's age seems about right.

Luzurus and Tsubeppa are like 26-27.

Cammy and Benjiman are 30-37

So if nen gets stronger after death does that mean ben is getting an amped version of his soldiers abilities