What's Freeza fate after the ToP?

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Don't be so mean, lord Beerus


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>Lord Beerus
Not canon

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user, his name is Beerus-sama.

greetings from wanpiss threads

Wait is Luffy getting a Gear Fifth already?

Hi user

Legit question.

How can U7 be the second-weakest when it's already clearly established that they beat U6?
>Toei in charge of continuity



Only cool thing about Super was hit

Toeishills can't defend against this

lots of hands slipping


/smoothhitto/ was based

Reminder that broly is beautiful.

They could have just had Vegeta collapse of exhaustion after beating Toppo with Final Explosion and then cut to Goku fighting Jiren. But no, they had to make sure Vegeta jobs one last time.

Here's every Saiyan transformation (65):
>False SS
>SS Power
>Super Saiyan
>SS Grade 2
>SS Grade 3
>Full Power SS/ Grade 4
>Spirit Bomb SS
>Super Kaioken
>Restricted SS
>Ultra SS (Broly and Kale)
>Berserker Legendary SS
>True Legendary SS
>Full Power SS2 (Vegeta and Manga Trunks)
>Spirit Bomb SS2 (Budokai)
>Berserker LSS2
>Spirit Bomb SS3 (Budokai)
>Berserker LSS3
>Super Oozaru
>Legendary Oozaru
>Spirit Bomb SS4 (Budokai)
>Berserker LSS4
>Full Power SS4
>Full Power BLSS4
>Golden SS4 (Saiyan Ultra-Fusion)
>SS God
>Godly SS
>Godly SS3 (Heroes: Goku)
>Godly SS4 (Heroes: GT Goku)
>Saiyan Beyond God
>SSGSS/ Blue
>Berserker Legendary SSGSS (Broly God)
>SS Rose
>SS Rage
>Spirit Bomb SSRage
>Full Power SSB
>Blue Kaioken
>BKK x10
>BKK x20
>Shenron Mode SSB (Heroes: Goku and Vegeta)
>Tuffle SS
>Tuffle SS2
>Tuffle SS3
>Tuffle Super Oozaru
>Majin SS2
>Majin SS3
>Majin BLSS
>Majin BLSS3
>Villainous SS
>Villainous SS2
>Villainous SS3
>Villainous BLSS
>Supervillain BLSS
>Super Mira
>SS5 Mira
>Time Breaker Oozaru (Kid Gohan and Bardock)
>Berserker DDB (Turles)
>FPBLSS4DDBBM (Broly Dark)
>SS3BM (Time Patrol Bardock)
>Whatever the hell Time Breaker King Vegeta has

Also, here's every non-Saiyan form Saiyans have (21):
>KKx5 (Budokai)
>Unlock Potential
>Potential Unleashed
>Ultra Instinct Omen
>Ultra Instinct Complete
>Majin (base)
>Dark Dragonball (base)
>Masked Time Breaker (base)
>Broken Mask Time Breaker (base)
>Unmasked Time Breaker (base)
>Super Giant Human (Saiyans in Human Ultra-Fusion)
>Great Namek (Saiyans in Namek Ultra-Fusion)
>Giant Alien (Saiyans in Alien Ultra-Fusion)
>Giant Kai (Saiyans in Otherworlder Ultra-Fusion)

Would you be okay with Cuckdroid 17 outlasting Vegeta?

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

He'd have just collapsed but still be in the ring.

They said that the average power level of universe 7 was low.

Earthlings and other shitty kai creations are driving it down.

Reminder that if you write "Kale" instead "Kele", you are supposed to write "Kafla", not "Kefla".
And Goku and Vegeta's fusion is named "Vegetto", no discussion

Then what? Jiren eliminates an unconscious Vegeta?


someone screenshot this plz I'm on mobile rn






Reminder that the anime is better than the manga. The manga is good though


>gohan stop being a faggot and start jobbing

uh no he'd be fighting goku.

>Please work together as a team
How disappointed was Beerus when the fight actually started and everyone left the cuck circle?

Fuckin' stop me baldy

>I'm ready for jobbing dad!

>confirmed coming back

feels good to support the chad

Chadbba always wins

So basically you're just bitching that Vegeta won't win the tournament.


The only reason why he's getting brought back is cause bulma died and vegeta needs a new onahole.

Kishio has multiple roles though.


Friendly reminder that SSJ is fundamentally incorrect on all conceivable levels.

>English: Super Saiyan (no J to be found)
>Japanese: Super Saiyajin (Saiyajin is not Saiya Jin, therefore SS is accurate even in nippon)

The Japanese people don't even use SSJ, and by the way jin is a suffix that basically means "race or group of people." "Romunjin" means that you're referring to someone who is a "Roman," for example. It's not some kind of special or unique phrase. There are also Shinjin (Kai), Namekuseijin (Namekians), and even Majin (Mao being related to the Japanese word for evil, demons, devils, or malevolence; i.e., "Maou the Demon King"). Jin is not a seperate entity worthy of adding an entirely new letter to the name. Only people who don't know any better do this.

Men like Goku
Women like Vegeta
Faggots like Trunks
No one likes Gohan

did I miss something?

Hey thanks!


Who's the guy between Cabba and Caulifla?


Spic fanfiction, like SSB Caulifla


He calls it gear 4 still

don't know anything about it until next week... unless it's on break again

It's full power mastered ultra instinct god ki absorbed time stopper goku.

Remember Caulifriends, it's your civic duty to post all of your lewds

I hope they actually show us Frieza from time to time and not simply make him appear in the last minute of the ToP

have they beaten la grande madre already?



He is gonna

First, try and steal a wish from the Super Dragon Balls

Second, yell out his wish to control the gods

Third, have his wish not be granted because you need to speak the language of the gods to use em

Fourth, Get erased

Alt fourth, Gets cucked anyway cuz Shenron cant bring him back so he goes right back to hell

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As long as you don't do it in this thread I'm fine with it.

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OP of that thread here, already posted all my favourite lewds but please, share yours aswell dear caulifriends!

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>wojak posting
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Only 2 more hours, boys
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>Women like Vegeta

Women like Trunks. Men like Vegeta because he actually has insane willpower to keep training himself the way he does despite being up against Goku, that gets everything handed to him on a silver platter due to being a Mary Sue. Vegeta is basically Gaston. Cocky but he has a right to be cocky because everything he is, he achieved with his own two hands.

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King Salada

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confirmed where?

Women love Vegeta and/or Trunks. They are by far the characters with the biggest female fanbases.

Stop avatarfagging.


Be a cocky loser

are you retarded? I said he'd be collapsed on the ground while goku is fighting jiren.

I assume mortal level isn't just about power level.

By fapping to Gohan everyday for 1 hour

contributed. cutegang for life!

What did you expect, women love actual well-written characters.

Reminder that Trunks a shit.

leatherface :DDD

And because they are hot. Especially Trunks.

Remember the hype about this arc?
People actually thought it would be great letalone good, but instead we get the most predictable shit ever with it being 90% filler. It's a motherfucking shame.

No ur mom is tho XD get rekt anti-trunks FAG

>kefla and brapan r34

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hey buddy I think you got the wrong board, the waifu thread is two blocks down

I have always expected it to be shit to it was funny to see people's hopes getting crushed.

>hating on Mirai Torankusu

It was funny to see retarded predictions like the U4 bugs beating Jiren and Kefla going SS3 and unironic Gohan Blanco predictions go horribly wrong. Also to see the faggots that wanted even more predictable endings than the one we're getting now crying about the arc being predictable.

Pray tell, friend. Who is he?

What did they mean by this?

Major Bills to you, faggot

Lime monkeys are cute.

>like the U4 bugs beating Jiren
Malditos insectos del universo 4 was fun.