Hyper Sexualized Lolita Anime

What are some good Lolita hentai/ecchi titles? Im looking for 5-10 years old. There was one with a 6 year old looking robot girl called something chan. If the sex scenes are long enough that I can use it to masturbate to the imagery that would be a real plus.

Lets discuss.

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Boku no Pico

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Kodomo kinjan? i dont know what are you talking about.

Jikan? With the twin tailed girl with balls on the end? Eh... They never fucked and they never got naked. Waste of time. Also they were ugly.

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I like ramune. Yeah there is one called that. I remember seeing it. Fairly recent. It was ok. You can just say thing here without being cryptic.

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Shoyodoi mako chan