Madchen Maerchen

I've never seen a girl as popular on Sup Forums as Hazuki is. Maybe she keeps her distance from people because she's just as popular in-universe, and she's tired of having everyone, best friends and unknown strangers alike, fall in love with her and having to break their heart?

Häzuki is my friend and sometimes we Eskimo kiss

Sounds like she's playing around with your feelings, user.

It's just a forced meme by the eight of us who watch the show.

Wait, so ler /u/, it seems like after episode 6, the show is basically going to become original, it seems like anime only audiences will miss out a lot?

Nonsense, my friend Häzuki's feelings are sincere!

She will never reach meme girl status, mostly because everyone dropped this show and she's not a meme potential character. Seasonal waifufaggots forcing her is not enough.


What will she without her magic?

She should be naked most of the time.


They should all be naked all the time.

No. Hazuki should be the only one, maybe the American loli, but no one else.

Yes, all of them. Including her new family and the school leader.

dropped the show after 2 episode , the designs were good but everything else was boring , did it get any better ?

It'd be less erotic that way.


Why are her breasts so small?

That scene was nice.

Because she's perfect.

She just turned 15, user. She'll be like pic related by 17.

She's one year too old.

ACE is more popular.

>Reading novel
It seems like Hazuki is on the way to become Origin-slut?

last chapter was so boring, i coudnt finish it.
So I dont know why but this chapter made me feel bad for her and i watched all the last chapter again.
Shes a cute dork :_;

bullshit nobody even talks about the series

The correct answer is to read the novel. Detaild exists in the anime but they are not described

is translated?

Translated into Chinese (for 1 volume) if you can read that

Why is this anime so unpopular, even in Japan? I thought the Nips would love it considering the studio and the character designer.


I want to rescue Hazuki from her slutty family.

Is this literally your first season on Sup Forums?
It's rare for there not to be some girl far more popular than Hazuki in any given season.

Um. Wrong.

Stop trying to be old.

Being here long enough to remember, say, Chaika does not count as being "old" and I never claimed as much.

Chaika was just memed, not loved.


Literally who? Hazuki is way more popular.

>everyone dropped this show

I like my sister Häzuki.

"I like my sister." - Häzuki.

Hazuki I'm pregnant.

I like my sister, Häzuki.

Häzuki is



I äm Häzuki's boyfriend. Pleäse stäy äwäy from her.

I want to FUCK Hazuki's slutty sister.

Oh, so that mean you're imaginary

I was on the verge of dropping this but eased off pulling that trigger since MC stopped mopping around. But goddamn if she doesn't stop being useless soon this series is going in the recycle bin.


I love Häzuki very much.

I love Häzuki a lot.

Häzuki is very useful for my dick

Literally me.

>forgets the shoes
what could she mean by this?

Onee-chan is gonna go after Hazuki to give them back to her.

She's the best waifu in a shit series ever.

I wanna hug hazuki

I wanna hüg häzuki

Lack of budget, so they left that out in adaption

One of the American team member's origin is Santa Claus?

So is this show gay?

Everyone is gay for Häzuki

It's Hazuki

I prefer the new japanese girl over Hädzuki.

That's fine as long as you still like Häzuki.


>Shizuka riding Hazuki and say I love you

Hazuki doesn't know any boys.

How does Hazuki react to dick?

Häzuki tops Shizuka.

I wish Hazuki was a loli.


Hazuki is LITERALLY flawless.

She'd be sexier if she was 12 or 14.

*8 or 10.

Hazuki is perfect exactly as she is.

That's too young. No one wants to see a girl that young streaking.

>too young
>No one wants to see a girl that young streaking.

List of Freedom characters


Mörchen Mödchen

Wanna bet?

marchen threads are barely even populated you must be new if you really think shes even remotely popular

We're talking about Häzuki, not the threads.

Häzuki may be the most popular girl of the entire decade. Where have you been?

I want to be Hazuki.

Never heard of that fairy tale. Lucy is still cute though.

Yes. No one wants little girls naked in public.

Why is the American loli a loli in the anime but Hazuki is a sex goddess in the anime?

Angelina is cute.

No one liked this scene.

I sure as fuck do. JC too.

No one likes JC public nudity.

Apparently "no one" is code for "me".

What are their origins?

And me.

Top right is Santa Claus, bottom left is "zombie" whatever that is.
Can't read the rest because kanji is 2hard.