Netflix is not saviour

Where were you when Netflix got exposed by anime creators?
>When asked if there was any difference between Netflix anime and standard TV series, as fans were curious if the recent partnership between the company and studios BONES & Production I.G was a game-changer, Shibata bluntly denied an improvement. He noted that working with them meant there’s no restrictions regarding the depiction of sex and violence, but at the end of the day the schedule was hellish, and that fundamental improvements regarding the treatment of the creative team are still down to the production committees – which Netflix can’t be bothered to change at all
>He reiterated that he’s seen no change in remuneration and that even if those titles were to perform well, there would still be no incentives for the people who made them, as the system in place is still the same; barely any studio keeps a significant number of staff as well-remunerated full-time employees, and freelancing at poor rates is still the norm, so the actual hands-on crews will never see an improvement without structural reform. And again, that is something that Netflix doesn’t even attempt to do, no matter what PR words you hear.

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Waiting for Russian trolls to spam the thread with the usual bait.
Netflix threads were a mistake.

I can't believe people were actually expecting a filthy western company to save the industry. Laughable.

Are normalfags finally waking up?

those are naive underage normalfags

b-but muh Netflix bucks saving VEG...

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So Netflix is literally just throwing money at the creators and leave them to their old ways?
Sounds pretty fine to me.

Water is wet.

>He noted that working with them meant there’s no restrictions regarding the depiction of sex and violence
So it is saved after all. Why did you lie to me OP.

>but at the end of the day the schedule was hellish

>You are still treated like an slave
>But now you get to draw as many tits and gore as you want

>Netflix is bad
Wow what a fucking revelation!
What a scandal!
I never ever saw this coming.

I wonder if netflix gives special deals to some studios.
I mean, why would Kyoto Animation pick them over everyone else?

Last resort probably.


Netflix is just another licensor at the end of day. So they're not saving/improving the industry as some faggots tried to say. Schedule is the thing to improve in order to have better looking show and Netflix should be focusing on that when you consider their policy to drop a show all at once giving plenty of time to make a properly healthy production.
Basically .

But Netflix finally made Kyoani worldwide famous and literally new Ghibli with their current masterpiece.

Hardly, VEG was being shilled to hell long before netflix stepped in.
Everybody wanted a piece of that fat pie but in the end it was netflix that got it.

$$$ + subbed and dubbed in 20 languages or so is too much exposition to refuse.

Yeah I don't see the problem. Doesn't look like they are in worse hands, just the same kind of situation as before but with the prospect of more financial gain.

Doesn't this means that VEG is completely fucked? I thought that VEG would get Netflix bucks to save anime.

Hero Academia + Netflix = The horror.

Kyoto Animation is very different from the norm. They are highly independent, train their own animators, and have a stable group of salaried in-house animators.

Bones does not own MHA.

They and most western companies were never really going to try to change Anime made for Japanese People
They would just censor them at home like everyone does

At most certain political "incorrect" stuff like the Bin Laden manga where he was portrayed sympathetically would be pressured

Well why would Netflix change ease the burden on animators?

They're just gonna chuck money at you and demand you work faster or they'll give it to some other studio, It can only be changed if it's done by the government not some sort of outcry on twitter.

>Netflix just provides the bare minimum involvement so they can still claim it as their property at the end of the day.

Disappointing, but I guess that's their usual method of business.

Meanwhile Crunchryolll is funding whole shows and actually giving the studios good money and freedom.

And your sources for this are...?

Yes, and? Literally the only ones who thought otherwise were MAL and Sup Forums normalfags who though they would usher in a new age of dark brooding manime cuz Devilman.

It is the same shit, the only difference is that normalfags are comfortable with their bullshit whereas they are mad netflix is hoarding their anime.

Devilman was good, it didn't have the restrictions of Japanese TV broadcasts so Yuasa added as much degeneracy as he could that probably pleased Go Nagai a lot.

I don't care, if everything will be really ruined, I'll just stop watching anime and kill myself.

They're not making things worse at least. No censor is already a great bonus.

If you really think netflix is a good thing you are either a shill, a two digits iq holder,or both considering these two groups have a pretty big common ground.

It says a lot about current society when normies are actually watching a Go Nagai's sexploitation series and enjoying it for the first time. I thought the rape and the other sexy stuff was gonna turn normies away, but apparently not.

Highly stylized violence is not gore. Fucking Killing Bites is a better gore anime than Devilman.

This is wrong.
CR are a part of production committee, they don't fund the whole show by themselves.

>paying a subscription to watch Cambodian finger puppet shows and western (((media)))

Normalfags always love rape and sex. What they don't like is things like beach episodes and locker room scenes. That's too degenerate for them.

Doesn't seem worse than the trash that is crunchyroll.

Devilman is just the first chapter of the Go Nagai canon. He will slowly introduce you to his world bit by bit.

The next step is Violence Jack, its sequel. No fucks are given this time.

Being a part of it doesn't mean you fund it, every studio is listed in the committee since they animate it but we know they have no rights.
Same goes for music and TV stations, they pay a licencing fee for their shit and that's it.

Yuasa pleases old men for money.

They are CR but with exclusive contract.

You are fucking delusional, kill yourself. Crunchyroll is probably harming anime more by showing how retarded the fanbase is that they are willing to spend 7 bucks on something they can pirate for free.

Yes and? Anime doesn't need gore to be shocking and degenerate.

>He noted that working with them meant there’s no restrictions regarding the depiction of sex and violence

So start expecting more Devilman Crybaby crap with a bunch of unnecessary nudity and sex because a bunch of pervert Asian people have free reign?

How is people paying for anime harming anime?

Don't you see Game of Thrones? Normies love degeneracy, being counterculture is having standards nowadays. You are just supposed to swallow whatever shit is popular.

Normalfags are incapable of having opinions. They like it because it is in a mainstream platform and it is weird looking enough to be considered artsy.

Fuck off, retard. Netflix anime is the future.

>Reeeee sex in my animus

Triggered much? Go back to moeshit, shiteater.

Moeshit doesn't exist.

CR users are mostly mobile users who want something that is convenient to use on iPhones and iPads.

>every studio is listed in the committee
And CR don't just license, they directly fund some of the shows, like Citrus this season

Just have faith in Go Nagai's Devilman please. He's the normie repellent. Devilman Crybaby was meant for the most degenerates among us, but that plan kinda backfired. I blame Netflix.

I can't wait for someone else to adapt Devilman Lady next. I can confidently say, Sup Forums, that if it does get adapted, normalfags will be nowhere to be seen.

I won't go into detail, but they are overall a shit service that receives most of its money due to the brainwashing the anime community does of paying money and supporting the industry. Crunchyroll demands more shows, more shows are produced lowering average quality of the shows, and taking funds away from good anime. On top of that, also turning people off the medium when they realize that over 80% of it is harem fanpandering shit and discouraging other better methods from being implemented (like paying to a studio or to the producers through a service like patreon) because they hold such power in the market. Netflix at least is providing them a little bit of competition, but they are a bad service that is happy brainwashing more and more kids to spend their money.

If you are saying that because Devilman Lady has rape and shit, normalfags are totally into that.

Fuck off to Sup Forums and Sup Forums faggot.

>They would just censor them at home like everyone does
Why in the ever loving fuck would they even do that?

Their entire business model is predicated on finding unique and different things to justify the subscription cost. They've purposely gone out of their way to get these shows just so they could bring them, as is, to their audience.

Too bad all they fund is either shit or bland.

But Go Nagai was never popular in the west. Most normie anime critics wrote him as a sexist psychopathic pig a long time ago. He was literally /ourguy/.

Now he's just a normie symbol no thanks to Crybaby.

Why is that? I haven't read devilman lady, is it actually good?

>over 80% of it is harem fanpandering shit
Ok so you have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you are talking about and don't even watch anime.

You have no clue what you're talking about. Crunchyroll has been funding anime for a while now. At least 2015 likely earlier.

>shit or bland

If you enjoy demon rape every chapter, sure it's good. Femnazis can't stand it though.

It's bland and generic as fuck.

I knew this since i saw black L, black rappers in Devilman and Bright which is 50% of talking about racism.

Of ourse not. There are people that find moe sol shocking and degenerate.
The thing is if you are not a casual you probably want a little more than pastel yoghurt and abstract shapes to be satisfied.

Not when the MC gets raped every episode.

Devilman was always counter culture even for the 70s.

They just changed school delinquents to rappers in this version.

Go Nagai's works are old and normies don't like anything that is old. If Go Nagai had released his works in this age, then I guarantee you they would've been popular.

You fucking disgusting amerimutt need to fuck off from the anime industry

It's both. Checkmate.

Yeah there are just so many camping anime out there that Yuru Camp fails to stand out.

I see, so devilman lady gets raped multiple times, might be time to check it out.

He was popular in Italy since forever.

>actually believing shitposters
OP's faggotry only seems to grow day by day. Do you even lurk moar?

>But Go Nagai was never popular in the west

Adding a twist doesn't make it any less bland and generic. It's another CGDCT for fucks sake.


>black rappers
Fucking retard. Bother to watch the show for once. They were all Japanese working class kids.

There is no twist. It's just an anime about camping. CGDCT doesn't exist and generic, as shown once again, is not a real word.

This. They even like obvious fucking on screen including rape of minors, but if it's anime girls playing on a beach they will cry something about pedos.

>like paying to a studio or to the producers through a service like patreon
Digibro shills are as bad as crunchyroll shills. The patreon thing is an utterly stupid idea. An anime studio is not a fucking youtube channel.

Crunchyroll are in the production committee for:
A Place Further Than The Universe
Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles
Laid-Back Camp
Katana Maidens
Junji Ito Collection

Why do we hate them again?
5 of those 6 shows are all girls

>There are people that find moe sol shocking and degenerate.
Are you implying it generally isn't? Shows with little girls more often than not have lesbian jokes and undertones because that's what otaku dig.

Keit-Ai by Netflix when?

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Nice argument, just because what you watch is only Boku no hero and DBS doesn't mean I'm not right, kill yourself, I'm serious. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Anime died, according to this picture.

>nu normalfags Sup Forums is shilling for CR

What the fuck happened to this place?

Well they should go back to tumblr along with the other casuals

Save the industry from what? Overwhelming success?

Typical Devilman Crababy fan. Disgusting.

They are going to ruin Witcher, aren't they?