Opening by Asian Kung-Fu generation

Opening by Asian Kung-Fu generation

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>Opening by Home Made Kazoku

>OP by AKINO with bless4

>OP by ChouCho

Op by bump of chicken

>OST by taisei iwasaki


>Opening by Man With A Mission

>OP by Crossboarders

>ED by Aimer



Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子


Es Shaggy Ultra Instinto!

ED by Suneohair.

My nigga.

>opening by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Always finds a way.

my nigga

>opening by Fear And Loathing In My Ears


12000* fuck

>ED starts transitioning in

>Opening by Nump Trump

>Opening by Boom Boom Satellites

>OP by fhana
I find it amazing that almost all of their songs are top tier.

Cool group. Good taste.

>OST by Hideki Taniuchi

>OP1 plays during the very last episode


>OP by Sumire Uesaka

>Opening by JAM Project

Why does no one care about KOTOKO anymore?

>OP/ED by Shiena Nishizawa

>OP by Nana Mizuki
>OP by Ichiro Mizuki

>S1 opening awesome
>All other openings awful

>OP by Ali Project
>show is not Gothic themed or in similar vein

>no OP at all

>OP in episode 1
>all the other episodes have so much shit to cover that they all skip it

this picture' art style looks similar to the guy who draws freezing

>OP/ED tricks you into watching a shitty show
Fucking Mahou Sensou.

>OP by Ali Project
>Show has a gothic lolita aesthetic

What's the reason for this pattern? Why even bother making a bunch of subpar OP's if you got it right the first time? Or do they just pick whatever sounds best to be the first one?

>OP is made by FLOW

>OP has a preview of the upcoming episode

>OP by nano

>ED by nano


Rumba > Bure Rap > Rumba Rap > Ringo > Bure

>tfw I get called or compared to Shaggy at least once a week

I don't even really see it. I'm lanky and have a scruffy beard, that's it. I wear glasses for fuck's sake

>ED by Hatsune Miku in vocaloid

>ED by VAs

>OP by Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP

I want to dip the Biscuits in my milk if you catch my sneefit

>ending by kukui

>ed by mariya takeuchi


It does exist though

>OP by Porno Graffitti

>OP/ED by Wake Up, Girls!
>For a show that isn't Wake Up Girls


>Opening by NICO Touches the Walls

>ED by Mitsunori Ikeda ft. Aimee-B

>OP is some random German orchestral song because the nips think it's "epic".

>op starts with a jazzy sax

I Nerd help guys. I'm at a party. Please advise.

I recommend suicide.

>ED by Myth&Roid



Speaking of, I'm legitimately surprised no anime's used PassCode yet. They''re already buddies with Fear and Loathing already and their music is tailor made for anime OPs. Gintama already opened the alt-idol can with Ayumikurikamaki anyway and I want more of those groups to get exposure.

>ED wants to tell you about the Human Touch

Don't they literally have 1 opening?

Has a OP ever happened?

I know a couple ED's are out there.

>OP by the cast of Yuru Yuri
>on a show that isn't Yuru Yuri

> OP by Animal Collective
> ED by of Montreal

>last episode uses the S1 OP in the finale

>Opening by Oasis.


>OP by Ali Project
>It's a cutesy magical girl anime

My man.

renai bokun