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The latest arc of RokuBlues has been awesome.



I can't wait for the 4th dude personally. I was looking forward to Onizuka but his character arc kinda disappointed me, hopefully when he shows up again he will be doing better. As for the dude on your pic, he's aight, not super interesting, he feels very similar to Maeda.

FA doing great work though, pumping out pretty big batches.

This might be the only time I like Genji more than Bouya. Although Bouya sort of did the same thing except Ryuushin fucked him.

Soon he'll return and then Bakuon Rettou will be done, soon I hope...

Doesn't he randomly go travelling sometimes (vaguely rememeber a short blog post about it), maybe that's what he's doing.

None of us are ready for Kasai. And he influenced the appearance for the best character in Rookies.

I'm ready user, I'm ready.

From what delinquentanon told me his debut is amazing.


This really was like Sakigake Otokojuku. Also the Sate Omito spin off is great and everybody should read it.


After DAIGOUIN JAKI, Date was the second baddest.

I'm still around but I've been way too busy lately and needed to step away for a bit. I'm gonna get the raws of the next volume of BR and start working on it soon.

Kasai's arc is extremely good and it has my personal favourite scene from Maeda in it but Kawashima's arc is the greatest one


Yeah. And I found it.

I don't care if it takes you 2 years to finish whatever, legit was getting worried you might have died or something user.

Any chance I can get a DL link for volume 16? I've been downloading all of it but never saw a link for 16 and I don't think it's been reuploaded on new batoto yet.

I've been trying to find this pic for ages.

Alright, I'll upload it and post it on my blog by tomorrow hopefully

Cleaned the line, how's it look? Such a cool pic, always bothered me having that line there. Only redrew it though, I don't know how to clean.



That's the shit.

Speaking of RokuBlues I'm surprised by how quickly the arcs for Onizuka and Yakushiji went and there's still so much left to go. I wonder what the rest of the manga is going to be about, apart from the Kasai arc obviously.

Alright, guess enough anons have gathered by now to give this chart thing a try.

Ocha Nigosu - Completed not long ago. I've heard a few comments putting it down and it's been too long since I read it to have any real heavy opinion on it. Should I lower it?

Rainbow - It's melodramatic a shit and edgy for sure, I initially put it there because I think it's commendable the stuff it deals with, it's unique and you don't see many delinquent manga set in that period, but I wouldn't mind demoting it.

17-Sai - I felt like it was delinquent enough to be there but I'm not really sure at this point, also I thought it was good but I've heard people think it's shit, I tend to value uniqueness more than I should, remove or lower? who has even read it?

Rookies - If shit goes down from UPPER, stuff from MID has to go up, Rookies would be a likely candidate.

Angel Densetsu - Same as above, also people love it for some reason. I should probably re-read it. (won't though)

Angel Voice - It's long as fuck but barely scanlated, is it delinquent enough is the question? Nobody has read it so nobody fucking knows.

Worst Gaiden - I had it there to fill in a space, might as well remove since it's just like 5 more chapters of Worst.

Meguraian no Kimi - It's some whatever one-shot, could remove, could demote, whatever. It'd be nice if someone else would read it.

Shonan Seven - Going down, what was I think putting it there?

Kanon is not Sweet - I'm uncertain if it's delinquent enough or if it's just like the million other romance manga with a hint of delinquents.

Yankano! - Same as above, could remove both, they're just there to fill space at this point.

Crows: Spin-Off - It's not THAT bad, but really pales in comparison with everything Crows (as far as I remember at least)

King Golf - Has someone read all of it? Uncertain if it's delinquent enough or not.

>NOT SCANLATED (Gotta change that title)
Crows Zero ll - Gotta read it first and put it up there somewhere.

Bad Boys & Nanba MG5 - Awesome series but don't really got enough chapters to be on the Tiers and the scans seem to have stalled so I'm uncertain if they should be up there if they might not get any more chapters in god knows how long.

>Any other suggestions or opinions let me know, including how shit the chart is.

Also gotta read Rokudou no Onna-tachi and see if it's delinquent enough.

>King Golf - Has someone read all of it? Uncertain if it's delinquent enough or not.
Nah, not really. There's a little fights in the beginning, but most of it is just golf.

Also this.

I would contribute but I'm 100 years too early to post in this thread

Prepare yourself for several opinions.

I'd put Ocha Nigosu down to mid tier, I thought it was alright but not amazing. I would move Angel Densetsu up to upper tier because I really think it's fucking great and a lot of people seem to agree.

I would probably get rid of 17-Sai from the list, it sort of features delinquency but not a massive amount and while I agree it was unique I found it a massive drag and really didn't like reading it because it bored me and the ending was fucking shit given the actual real life events. I would move Rookies to upper tier in it's place.

Regarding Angel Voice and King Golf, they are like Rookies in the sense that the story is initially about delinquents and then shifts to sports being more of a focus. It's obvious the characters are delinquents though, both should stay where they are.

I would put Crows X Zero II in mid or upper tier but I really like Crows so you might want to seek another opinion for that. It should at least be in mid tier, art is great, story is good,, everything about it is good desu.

You might want to add Rokudou no Onna-tachi to mid tier, scanlatations for it are up to date (or almost up to date) and it heavily features delinquent characters and tropes. I think it's pretty good as well.

You could remove the Crows Gaiden Spin Off in Bottom Tier and put Beelzebub in there. There is a lot of delinquent characters and shit in there and even when it goes into ful shounen battle manga mode they stick around. I wouldn't put it higher than bottom tier. It's also finished which is nice for the list. Related to that you could remove Worst Gaiden but nothing is immediately coming to mind for something to replace it on the scanlated section.

And add Nyankees to the non-scanlated section, everyone needs to rmember that it exists.

if you are gonna read it for the delinquent stuff don't bother, i dropped it for that same reason.

Toughest banchou in this whole thread...

It doesn't really feature delinquents as such, it's by the same guys as Shibatora and like that they make appearances everyone now and then but not regularly from what I've read. It's a good manga though and I've only read about 5 volumes so who knows.

Regarding Rokudou no Onna-tachi, I think there is enough delinquent shit in it to include it in the list.It is set in a shitty delinquent school and all the characters are delinquents apart from the MC and his two mate but it's not a traditional yankii manga in terms of constant fighting and gang warfare type stories. There is a romance element to it (obviously) but I think it's pretty funny and good throughout. I can't really compare it to anything else to give it a frame of reference.

don't think I see the korean "Nina Jalhae" on your list
middle to upper tier
7/50 volumes translated,
somewhat Kyou kara ore wa like.

Rokudou is pretty good if an unusual style, the amount of fighting and delinquent hijinks kind of justifies it

you best not forget that kuzo


good thread I'm saving it

Came here to post her. Best banchou.

>Ocha Nigosu down - Angel Densetsu up to upper tier
Alright I'd like to get some more opinions on this but if not I'll probably do it anyways.

>get rid of 17-Sai - move Rookies to upper tier
Could be, same as above, if someone else could chime in that'd be nice, if not I'll likely do it since I've had a little bit of doubt with 17-Sai.

>Crows X Zero
I'm very eager to read it, it's been a while since I've picked up a new delinquent manga and the art is awesome.

> Crows Gaiden Spin Off in Bottom Tier and put Beelzebub
Since it's a Spin-Off it's fine if I don't remove it unless something shows up, as for Beelzebub I've tried my hardest not to read it since I've read from a few anons that it really isn't all that delinquent related but I guess I'll just have to read it and see for myself.

>And add Nyankees

>Angel Voice
Since there are not many scans for Angel Voice I'm unsure about that, Rookies despite how long it is, the story takes place in a short amount of time so the delinquency feels very heavy till the end.

> add Rokudou no Onna-tachi to mid tier
Guess I'll have to read it and see since you both present conflicting opinions.

>t doesn't really feature delinquents as such
Unless someone else chime in on it I'll try reading a volume a see what's up with it. Thanks for the input, doubt many have read it.

Yeah user I remember you mentioned it before and I saved it on my list, forgot about it though, thanks for the reminder, I'll check it out.

If the thread dies I'll just make a new one tomorrow or the they after if necessary. I'll have to read some stuff this month and hopefully more people can give their opinions on what these other anons said as well.

Pyo pyo

Oh yeah and King Golf, unlike Angel Voice, KG is scanlated and I'm sure more people have read it so hopefully someone can chime in on that and see if it's worth keeping on the list or not.

Take your time user, I'll wait for you for as long as it takes.