Ranma 1/2

What do you think about this classic gem of Japanese manga?

I think it's a "must read" for everyone who likes fun. My childhood memory.

It introduced me to the wonderful world of genderswap. Regular porn is neat and all, but seeing a former male losing his pride and identity to the dick as his brand new pussy is pumped with semen makes my dick diamonds.

That's a nice kink, bro!

Way too long, to be desu. It really begins to drop around volume 25. However, it still manages to get 1 or 2 great stories per volumes after that, but in th end that only makes 50% of a volume, the rest being meh as fuck.
Before that, pretty much everything is great.

Biggest weak point is the almost total lack of evolution for the whole cast. In the end, only Ranma and Akane evolve just a bit, and even then it's barely noticeable. The rest of the characters are at the end pretty much the same as they were at the beginning.

I still don't regret buying it.

Ryoga goes through a lot of character development, you might have forgotten him.

Must read and a must watch

I mainly remember that shitty ending with the harpies.

Funny how the girl who is normally a boy was the sexiest of them, unintentionally or intentionally.

I'm actually trying to collect all the manga volumes now. I enjoy the series, I found it always good for a quick laugh especially after a bad day.

Is it gay to like Ranma?

Not gay so long you are attracted to his female version. Said that, while his highly competitive personality makes him annoying as a guy, it really makes her sexy as a woman as her competitiveness also translates wo wanting to be the sexiest, win feminine contest like femaly gymnastics, be the best at seducing people to gain something out of it and etc.

Never thought of it that way

Yeah. His personality flaws actually makes her attractive as a woman. It also helps that the other girls in the show either have serious personality flaws or are batshit insane, so in comparison she ends up looking good and well adjusted

Man, this is making me want to watch it


Akane is literally the worst girl ever. Every girl in the series would have made a better wife,

do you think akane and female ranma ever did it

it's sad that there is no ebook/pdf version of the manga. Most sites are garbage

About flipped out when I found out Hulu has all of Ranma.

Shampoo best girl

Damn, Ranma has no business being that sexy when s/he speaks so much about wanting to be manly.


Ranma > Everyone else

>will be the only one crazy enough to like Kodachi
>while there exists people who waifu Junko, it's me who gets lectures from people who somehow care that I'm alive on some Vietnamese Ricehat board but wouldn't give a damn about me in person

With all those revivals of old IP that happened and are happening during the last years, I wonder if there is any chance of Ranma getting a new anime that fully adapts the entire thing.

>Biggest weak point is the almost total lack of evolution for the whole cast. In the end, only Ranma and Akane evolve just a bit, and even then it's barely noticeable.
Basically this.
And nothing happens between Ranma and Akane.

Yeah but it was never really about character development. It was always Goofy Adventure of the Week.

If they make a remake they better show the tits and nippels. Don't do it in a sexual manner either. Just like the old series.

Killing bites had tits and nipples for one scene, so I guess it is okay if they do it in a network that offers uncensored content.

Women are bad at writing character development. Like how they're bad at it personally in real life.


Someone give me ukyo fan arts please




I never noticed until now, how fucked up that arm looks.



Ukyo is the best waifu ever. In one episode when Ranma becomes weak, she even thinks about working harder just to sustain him!


Last one

Only reverse trap for me.

I'm a ranma x ukyo shipper, but thanks!