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This is.. unique taste.

Is Lupin Part 4 worth watching?

Jibun Woo~

A few favorites:
Some good ones just this season:

Well it was AOTY in 2015. Lupin is the most consistent series to ever come out. It's a good show to relax and have good time

The music is shit.
You have odd taste.

If only the show was actually good.

were you born with shit taste

The concept is retarded and you fucking know it.

t. scared off by the first episode

There's nothing scary about it. It's more gross than it is scary.

All Lupin is worth watching.

That little witch academia has to be one of the most disapointing things i've ever seen.

Yes, all of them.

This is the epitome of generic J-rock anime music.

It's actually pretty catchy

All of Blue Exorcist's OPs and EDs are pretty great. Except for the third ED, its pretty mediocre at best.

Old school openings were the best.
Pretty great opening.

Shame its attached to such a shitty show. I'm half convinced the OP is a large part of why the show got popular. Made people think they were in for a deeper show than they were really getting.

>spanish dub of anything
not the worst thing ever.
not bad.
also not bad.

dude I'm so mad, I always loved the OP and hated the show. Worst parts its original music just for the anime so you can't even pretend to just like the band

how does Sup Forums feel about that the best opening of 2017 was a 3D show?

Paranoia Agent is amazing and peerless
never post again



I usually only watch endings once because narutard pleb, that one has been stuck in my head since it aired.

You're not even trying.

>Disliking Hirasawa
That's some pretty bad taste, user

He's trash. Deal with it.

Lupin has the greatest OST of all time. Champloo is a close second.

>that yuru camp op

picked up.