If you could learn one technique, move or otherwise gain a superpower from an anime IRL, what would it be?

if you could learn one technique, move or otherwise gain a superpower from an anime IRL, what would it be?


a stand

I would like my aura to have the properties of both rubber and gum.

GER or All Fiction

Either time travel or Rinne-sharingan



Reset & Restart from UQ Holder!

A Death Note, of course.

Teleport seems to be the handiest, you could probably make a lot of dough with instant delivery services.

Or you could just teleport into a bank vault, why bother with delivery?

Because I am not a criminal.

Stealing from criminals balances it out.

Immortality. Why is this even a question? Given an infinite amount of time you could just science your way to most other shit

>get buried in cement
>literally stuck there for the rest of eternity
Yeah have fun with immortality lad

He'd just turn in to garter belt. Every now and then he'd get buried or eaten or something and then a few thousand years later he'd be dug up by some unwitting archeologists

What if immortality is discovered by humans in the next 50 years? Gonna feel pretty bad for you then. For me I choose Kings ability from OPM.

Is that even a question? I'll fucking settle for one of the strongest ability imaginable.
God of Plot Manipulation

Personally Za Warudo would be really useful.

>Congratulations, you are now forever trapped in this electric tower, you can pretty much control everything there, but you cant get out
>Congratulations, your stand is an unstoppable killing machine, guess what, you need to die to activate
Or the one I read most recently
>Congratulations, you now can control peopleĀ“s lims if you damage them, but to do so you need to be at their same spot vertically, so it only works if you prepare the place with traps, know where they can be, and it needs to be in building with floors for your stand to be useful in some way.

This one.

Electro master level 5

But not ZaWarudo type time stop, but Stopman type, so i can bust nuts in hot babes all day

Spiral power




The power of romance MCs to be loved

infinite level cap

IMO the most useful IRL are Mirio's quirk/body, Pegasus' eye, Hisoka's Texture Surprise, Valentine's D4C and Ryu-kun's dick from Sei So Tsui Dan Sha

Instant Transmission would be really handy.

holopsicon, it is prestidigitation on a cosmic scale

But if you steal from them, you become just like them!

I have a soft spot for regeneration-based abilities, so boros' powers would be good enough for me, even if it didn't include the other weird shit he can do.

Stabbed in the heart? just remove the spear. A phantom limb? It'll grow back. Got charlottified? don't lose your head. Bullets? bombs? burnt to death? just regenerate all that shit back like nothing happened. As far as biological superpowers go, regeneration just seems like the most practical one.