ITT: forgotten anime

We discuss which shows have been forgotten, and why they've been forgotten. Let's start with this:

>Cute girls
>Interesting premise
>Fun interactions
>Likable characters
>Opening of the season
>The OP was also candidate for Opening Of The Year

>It's now almost completely forgotten in Japan or the West

Why did no one care? What went so wrong?

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>completely forgotten in Japan

The game is being ported to the Switch in March

Stop making this thread every day you obsessed tripshit. That overrated singer has reitred and never comes back.

Referring to the anime, not the game.

Kouya. I really don't know why it was forgotten

>Feels good man

I loved the threads, but it's probably better that this remains forgotten.

I liked it, though weren't there a few quality issues that turned most people off?
Genuine question.

>overrated singer


This slut house was comfy.

It's a shame I didn't save anything else other than Kagumi's face from this show.

Mami Kawada, she retired after singing the Aokana OP.


But why did the user say she's overrated?

I thought people didn't like it due to the forced drama throughout

This show really needed to be two cour. Instead it got noitamina'd and had only 11 eps.

Really weird considering this was a SHAFT show that was made around the time Madoka was still popular.

Can this really be called forgotten?

She did a few OPs for some other popular shows, notably Index and Shana.

Might have been it.

I know, her stuff's pretty good. It's just that I don't get why that user would say that she's an overrated singer when she's not bad.

Some people just hate things, I wouldn't waste your time trying to understand.

But she was at NBC Fes just last week. She even announced her marriage and that she had a child.

I'm not sure that would have been enough to save it.

There were a ton of shows that aired just last season but have already been forgotten. Like Ousama Game or Netjuu.

Isekai done right

So why did the show flop?

Best yuri show ever.

>Implying people will ever forgot Fractale when it tanked so hard that it ended up being an unit of measurement for BD/DVD sales

criminally underrated

I loved this one, and will never forget it.


may be the funniest of its season, but now forgotten completly

utterly forgotten too


Names plox

Like I will ever forget that that last episode clusterfuck.

It was FINE

Forgotten by its own production staff. it deserved second season at least

It has technology implication fail.
Flying shoes, what does this do to change the world? Nothing because they just gave them to high school kids and no one else.

Samurai Flamenco.

It started good. I really liked it and I wanted it to be the anime of the season.
But after a few episodes, the first plot twist and massive QUALITY problems, I dropped it

"Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru" and "MM"


May be it not was outstanding or memorable in any particular point, but it was well balanced and enjoyable overall

Would you like something to drink?

and I'm afraid to ask if anyone here watched Mayo Chiki

I liked "The third" which was kinda-sorta cute in a desert-punk-moe with mini-mecha kind of way.
Plus aliens.

Alos "Tokko" but that was like horror/action

Must have been from around 2006-2007 or earlier.

Gargantia. Literally ded

Not sure if Sup Forums forgot Sankarea too?

I remember checking this out and trying it for 2 episodes. I got really bored, though. Better things to watch like Mai-Otome.


forbidden love story fall into forgetfulness

This was good.
May be have to rewatch it again

zombie waifu wants meat


The world needs more undead moe.

Also I remember a choice imouto with... mommy issues?

I blame Show by Rock and stupid, sexy Cyan.

Never watched the serie, but still remember the opening.

How was it? Does it worth nowadays?

I watched this for ITW.

Manga is better.

Can't remember almost anything of the show. I liked very much the ending though

The AMAZING theme of the opening doesn't match with the SHITTY show

Might have to buy the DVDs for nostalgia purposes.

Dude looks like a lady

Season 2 never. Manga on permanent hiatus.


Not here at least

This was so boring. like all it was , was feels good bs with the MC.

I ended up watching the whole show. I enjoyed almost all the show except when Flamenco THOT showed up. Ending was also pretty underwhelming compared to the whole show. I'll probably watch it again soon.

>Flamenco THOT

School Rumble doesn't get the attention it deserves in my opinion. I'd rate it at least a 9/10

Never actually seen anyone here talk about it.

I'd say there is at least one thread every three days. It's certainly not forgotten. Great show.

Every thread.

ova yeah whatever this kind of aesthetic is due a revival

I guess it's just an OVA for a niche video game and that's why nobody remembers it, but it was kinda fun.

This one

>Not "desu" enough

Didnt the Production Commitee or someone important in the project threaten to pull the plug on this show entirely unless the broadcasters/distributers could guarantee that it wouldnt be pirated online?

I wouldn't know about that, but I know the manga adaptation got canceled because the mangaka ended up hating it too much to continue.

Found it. 7 years ago? wow time flies.



Already a thing.



>finally decide to watch it
>discussion suddenly dies after constant generals for months
Why does this always happen


That's how it goes user. The same thing happened to me with the first season of Yuuki Yuuna. You'll have to wait for a second season for things to start up again.

blame the author's death user.

Not 100% sure of my recollection, but it was one of the first shows Funimation streamed. The first episode was leaked pre-broadcast. They had an easy to guess URL with no access restriction on it. That delayed the second ep stream and other Funi streams from the same publisher were put on hold. Funi had to make a big public show of DMCA takedowns to torrent sites and even sued a bunch of people.
I always suspected the leak was a false flag by someone at Crunchyroll to make Funi look bad.

Why aren't you taking a hike yet?

Wonder if the anti-piracy thing backfired and made people hate the show more.

>false flag by someone at Crunchyroll

>Funimation needs help to look bad.

Misaki a best!



Who knows? The only thing I remember about Fractale is the low disk sales thing and the endless Yamakan posting.




user, we had shows like Shobitch that aired just last season but have already been forgotten.

Completely removing the romance from an eroge adaption was an... interesting choice, to say the least. I don't think it worked out.

cock goes here

At least the OP was great, right?

>removing the romance from an eroge adaption
But that's happened in other shows before. At least one eroge adaptation even erased the MC.

OP was fine, nothing special.

>At least one eroge adaptation even erased the MC
Koihime Musou went full ecchi, to my understanding. Never watched it. AoKana instead tried to be a sports anime, but the sport wasn't interesting enough to carry it.

It probably would have been forgotten even if it had kept the romance, but the lack of it was very noticeable.