Describe this girl

Describe this girl

unironically has down syndrome

Wow, I never thought I'd want to fuck a girl with down syndrome


honestly just give her tiny eyes and blamo, genuine downie



Best girl.

not as good as my wife, Mugi


mine as well

She's my girlfriend

So beautiful

holy shit user i didnt think someone would actually do it

good shit


Annoying but a cute. Mugi and Mio are better but Mugi is best.

not as good as my wife, Ritsu


She looks cuter as Yui.


This looks familiar, are there any anime that draw their faces like this?


my wife


lovely girl.

She's got a cute friend.

Stop posting lies about Ritsu, she's currently engaged with me.

Very pretty despite being a retard.

these are all more than one word

Please stop calling her that.

It doesn't have to be one word you fucking

OP didn't say I had to only use a single word.

Checkmate atheists.

As opposed to ironic down syndrome ?

When did I say it had to be? just letting yall know that they were more than one word

Rude, this is not accurate

Oooh, I see. Thanks then. (Nice save!!)

>bullying any of the keions
How to spot a worthless, terrible person

Usagi Drop?

That's a cute Yui you have there.

This user right here speaks the truth

It's one of my favorites