Which color would you color?

Which color would you color?

How can i color them if white isn't a color, user?

Semen demon in the middle.

Blue for femdom
Red for rape
Yellow for ryona

I was going to rotate all their hair colours round but I got bored and decided to just make red a racist and give yellow hairy pits.

The colors fight against evil, evil is not part of the colors! Impossible scenario.


>not which mitsu would you boshi


>those tummies and navels

Ready to be colored white.

loli triangle blowjob

patrician taste

>Yellow for ryona
For giving or receiving?

Whats that thing poking out of their shorts?

All of them.





Is this a good show?
Asking for a friend.


Tell your friend he is a pedophile.

Yes. I love it.

Tied drawstrings to hold the shorts up.

Delete this


It makes me sad knowing I'll never be able to lovingly punch any of those soft bellies

Same, but coloring those soft bellies white instead of punching them.

Fill their insides with white before punching it out of them. And then paint their bellies white.

Will the white splash out of their mouths when I punch their soft bellies though?

If you've filled them enough, yes

its a good OP. but no, the show is lackluster as hell.

Gayest post on Sup Forums right now.

Which holes would you fill user?

At least the mouth and the 3 down south

No. It's not even animated, it's slideshow tier like Junji Ito Collection.

Unironically one of the best shows this season.

It's pretty hot I would say.

Why are the colours so evil?

This show is a warning from a loli van survivor

Way too evil, they even steal my white every single Sunday!

Why are these sluts showing off their belly buttons?



Be honest do you guys not have family/kids are scared of you? 3DPD is sour grapes. Actually little girls are cuter and more lovable than these drawing made by old jap men.

I've taken care of a few nephews and nieces for years already. And no. They're all fucking little shits.

Get out.


Maybe you just have bad genes. My cousins are gods gift. Loving and protecting them has made these types of animes cringeworthy.

Not everyone is blessed like that user.

it really improves your self esteem

>Loving and protecting them has made these types of animes cringeworthy

On the contrary, watching shows like these and stuff like Barakamon or NNB makes me fondly remember when I used to take care and hang out with kids.
It enhances my appreciation for both the show's own fictional brats as well as the real brats that I have to deal with.

>used too

so it really is just sour grapes trying to replace the real thing.

If they were all black, Saito would have put them in prison long ago.

I don't see why you gotta nitpick. I still see my old friends' kids and my nieces/nephew from time to time. Just not as much as back then. Can't an user enjoy both facets of life?

I want Red to wear bikini!!!!!!

>enjoy life

doujins fucking when


I don't plan on failing. By the time my lolis are grown up I intend to have kids of my own.

Shouldn't there be animation in this anime?

Aren't you one week late? Joke is old lad.

Will you let me babysit you lolis?

No. I have 4 but one just turned 12 so I don't know if she counts. She still acts young when she's jealous of the attention her little sister gets though.

They are all mine and i don't share.


what did she mean by this?

>US version of Mitsuboshi Colors will be consists of Black, Brown, & White


What did she mean by this?

Last episode i saw was 5
Did you guys alrready saw episode 6 or when does it air?

Red was made for taking it in the pooper.

do red and yellow please

I would color with all of them, my skill with crayons and pencil crayons is unparalleled so I'd like to see them try against me

I want yellow to sit on my face.

Yellow. Her butt, specifically.

Nice to see that bench comes with a pillow.

Kotoha is cute

My girlfriend YUI is so cute and smart.

>so beta you pick worst girl

this is "i got fit and feel worthy to fap to more attractive characters" tier

When I see Yui-chan, I feel motivated to work out so I look good for her.

Your girlfriend is balding

She will soon grow more hair.

Would they die if you color them with different color? seriously.

She's the most mature one it has to be her.

I want to date Kotoha and be dumped by her.

How many of you are normalfags in here? Be honest also if your normalfag then you should

I agree, Nono is the best.

How big is Nono's Nono?

I want Kotoha to look at me like walking garbage


no we're socially inept

since when ledouche talks about lolis? Fuck off and die

why you retards replying to that thick fucker? Oh wait newfags

Silly user. White is all the colours.

If you had to add another color to Colors, what color and personality would you give her?

It's fun, but overall poor adaptation.

I would replace Yui with a loli that's actually red instead of brown.
And her personality would be slutty.