Fate Zero is the only Fate worth watching

Fate Zero is the only Fate worth watching

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Yeah, because you should read the rest.

>worth watching
pick one

it's certainly not worth reading


Obviously she wouldn't know how to swim if she can usually walk on water. What's your point OP?

>top with bitter old fucker she trying to impress to trust her.
>bottom with her husbando who she still feel shy holding onto in public due to decorum.

Context, fucker.

and stay night to know the background history, and carnival phantasm to have the happy route after of all that depressing.

More to the point: she can walk on water so she never bothered to learn to swim.

I bursted out laughing at most of the "serious" scenes in this anime

Or more like

>top, a interesting and strong willed woman with distinct flaws but incredible powers written by Urobuchi Gen
>bottom, a shy, meek waifu fantasy for Japanese virgins written by Kinoko Nasu

>bottom, a shy, meek waifu fantasy for Japanese virgins written by Kinoko Nasu
Its also for western virgins like me.
Fuck you zerofags, you don't deserve Saber.

Prety much agreed OP

>arthur pendragon king of england is a shy, meek waifu
fuck off

>arthur pendragon king of england is a shy, meek waifu
That's how it should be

I want to fuck Saber's ass.

weaver is too tsun-tsun and it's great

Even in the VN her character doesn't make sense. She can't be a shy, modest, and naive middle school waufu and a battle hardened war veteran and political leader at the same time. It's just dumb.

Where the fuck are the uncensored cgs? How's it possible that nobody has leaked them yet

Why would you want them? Genitals usually have little detail because artists know they'll be censored.


I was pretty depressed by how shit it was.

>It's just cute

If you liked Fate Zero also watch the Heaven's Feels movies, it's the proper F/Zero sequel, you'll enjoy it just as much as Zero. It has an even darker atmosphere, since despite Zero being dark as hell, the protagonists were also hardened warriors. HF gets even darker and the lack of experience from the main cast makes it even more frightening.

This is a strike against Zero since it's another thing Uro couldn't keep consistent with the original.

Saber in Zero
>Conflicts with Kerry
>Debates with two other kings
>Self reflection about her wish
>Guilt for Lancelot

Saber in Fate/Stay night
>Wheres the paltry Shiro
>You need to do X Shiro
>Please have sex with me Shiro
>Lets have fun in Avalon Shiro

She isn't even meek when being a waifu. She just has seams in her armor. The only meekness she really has to her is when she's a bit embarrassed after being rammed into under the looming threat of death in a shitty cabin in the woods, and even then she calms down enough to blow the ginger responsible in the bathroom a few days later.

where is the bottom image from? HA? that would explain why I always hear it called a dating sim

>Height: 154 cm
>Weight: 42 kg

>IMAGINE -- Merlin

At least read Fate route before shitposting

I see people bring up examples from HA for why the VN itself is just haremshit waifu bait. Even though most of that stuff is in HA, which is just somebody's coma dream anyway.

>Angra Mainyu gets the chance to form his perfect dream world
>turns it into a harem

>She can't be a shy, modest, and naive middle school waufu and a battle hardened war veteran and political leader at the same time
Why not?
She never even revealed her face to anyone except Merlin
Hell, her whole character arc is about how she wasn't a good leader because she didn't know shit about life other than battling


>What is gap moe
Normalfags must leave


For the love of fucking christ

>political leader
That's the point. She was a mediocre politician and was betrayed by her people as a result.

Then why doesn't she walk on water on the bottom pic?

>She can't be a shy, modest, and naive middle school waufu and a battle hardened war veteran and political leader at the same time. It's just dumb.
Oh, so you like flat characters with only one personality trait. Maybe try some harem anime instead.

Because she wants to have a fun time at the pool with her friends. Obviously she can choose to sink, since she bathes

This argument is balls on head retarded. She's supposed to be 30, not 13. You autists are impossible.

>it's another thing Uro improved from the original


What happens if you break a geas after your own death? What can the world possibly do to you at that point?

>RRRrrreeeeeeeee DX
I like characters who are marginally believable in conception and not ridiculously self contradictory for the transparent purpose of fulfilling moronic waifubait archetyping

Avalon kept her from aging, which would make her a hormonal teenager forever. When she’s summoned as a Lancer, she shows her real age

Extra is airing so no.

What the fuck is his problem?

Try actually reading the VN retard.


No because it doesn't have Shirou


stuck in a loop dying

>t. urobuchi brainlet
Saber is utilitarian autist who is supposed to be a foil to Shirou and his ideals. Her actual character arc only happens in the fate route where she learns to be more ''human'' alongside Shirou and accept her fate.

Why would anyone want to read a visual novel, they're the most boring medium of story telling I've ever seen

> Her actual character arc only happens in the fate route where she learns to be more ''human'' alongside Shirou and accept her fate.
which happens over the course of just 15 days. a cold veteran of so much bloody war, learning to love in barely more than two weeks, thanks to the power of a Japanese schoolboy. it must have been all of that cooking, his "nice" behavior, and that lion plushie. very believable, excellent writing Nasu.

Because it's a book with the added advantages of visual elements and sound design. If used properly it has more tools at it's disposal then a standard novel.

Why is umu so smug? Her whole life was getting btfo?

It's literally just an illustrated book with music, you utter brainlet.

this is true desu


Yup, the whole issue between Shirou and Saber in Fate is that Shirou see himself in Saber, realize how fucked up it is and want Saber to fight for herself.
>It's impossible to fall in love in 15 days.
You wot m8 ?

The medium has potential merit, they're just all shit, every single one.

>He reads bottom of the barrel otaku trash expecting good writing
Maybe anime isn't your medium, fagboy.

She gets on with Shiro, because his brand of unabashed optimism gels with her complete adherence to chivalry, which is why she only falls in love with him in the arc when he's the most idealized, Fate.
Kerry's a fucking dick, and she hates him.

Kerry did nothing wrong

Now i'm not gonna defend 100% shirou and saber considering nasu has said he would rewrite it given the chance, but seeing that Shirou is effectively the only person in the world with her brand of autism I can believe it.

I thought it more as a pity and frustration

The story telling of a real novel and a visual novel is completely different, focusing on different things. The quality of writing in a real novel is significantly higher, too.

Have you guys ever read real books in your life?

Except being a big fucking failure

He literally saved the whole world by rejecting Angra Mainyu. Six billion people.

>It's impossible to fall in love in 15 days.
It's not about possibility, it's about believability, stop moving goalposts. It's "possible" for someone to fall in love even instantly, but when that someone is a battle-hardened king and the love interest in question displays almost no outstanding qualities that she would not have seen before, then it just seems like the author is trying too hard to fit a square peg in a round hole. They barely even have any romantic bonding time, it's the sort of thing I expect from a kid's movie.

>no Shirou
That makes it all the better

At first, it's just that she doesn't appreciate being used such a pragmatic Master, but by the end, after dishonorably killing Lancer and his helpless masters before ultimately destroying the grail, she's completely emotionally destroyed.

>I have read Doki Doki Literature Club and I am now an expert on visual novels

Delet that image

>outstanding qualities that she would not have seen before
except they both have exactly the same ideals, ideals which no sane people would even think about?

He still spent most of his life being a miserable fuck that didn't know happiness because of chasing an impossible dream except for that one time he saved an autistic ginger boy

Yes, plenty. They vary in quality just as much as visual novels do.

If we're talking about Nasu in particular, then his writing style can be odd, but the emotional moments still land (aided quite nicely by the music), and his tone and themes come across well.

>Fate route: Shirou: Saber you have to give up your ideals and live for your own happiness.
Saber: Of course Shirou you're absolutely right
>UBW route: Rin: Shirou you have to give up your ideals and live for your own happiness.
Shirou: Fuck off bitch my ideals are great.

How can anyone like this ginger hypocritical piece of shit?

Do you sincerely think that Saber never met someone who wanted to save everyone? Not in all those years she spent as King Arthur? Never? Then the believability issue is moot, I suppose. I think it wouldn't be hard to convince you of anything.

I still find it funny how much Nasu's writing is discussed when FSN is actually horribly translated.

You forgot :
>HF Route : Rin : Shirou, you have to stay true to your ideals and slay that wormslut.
Shirou: Oh Im gonna slay her alright if you see what I mean :^p

How many people have you met IRL who want to save everyone?
Why do you think it would be any different then?

Six Billion people whose lives were only ever at risk, because he put them there. In addition, the only way he could "save" those people was by letting his wife and kid and gf die. Oh, and he hurt Seiba's feelings too.

Prillya shows that he could have just walked away, and everything would have been great, and also sexy.

> ideals which no sane people
or real people, which is part of the problem with the writing. people like to talk up how "broken" Shirou is, but to me he just comes across as a half-baked character, one who was pushed into his story as a thematic device with the human bits barely floating to the surface.

Have you, dipshit?
Books, exactly like picture books with musical accompaniment vary completely depending on the genre, intended message, writer, and audience. Or did you think that Silmarrion, Atlas Shrugged, Tempest, and Twilight all had similar tones?

Quit being a faggot and accept that you lost an argument and move on.

I want Saber to take a stroll around modern day London.

>Why do you think it would be any different then?
Because she was fighting in fucking wars?

>Shiro, why is this full of brown people?

Why would you want to show her how anglos ruined her lands ?

She would be absolutely shocked at the state of London that's now full of muslims and say to herself "I truly shouldn't have been King" and then proceed to genocide them.

Why? It'd be like taking your Jew friend to the Nazi Memorabilia collection.
I'd take Seiba to Cornwall or Wales or Brittany

Actually can I change that to a three day tour of Liverpool and Manchester? Might as well get the biggest scourge on England out of the way.

Fate route involves Shirou convincing Saber not to regret her past by connecting with her. She doesn't abandon her ideals and neither does he, but she does manage to come to terms with her past and find some happiness for herself.
UBW is about Shirou learning the true meaning of his ideals, and accepting and learning to live with that.
They aren't contradictory, and even if they were it wouldn't matter because those Shirous are different people.

As I understand it, his prose is still goofy as fuck in Japanese, but people don;t read Nasu for his prose. Well, except for that certain subgroup of people that think that Shirou is a self insert character.

Nasu has good control of themes and character development, and that's where the strength of his writing is.

Prillya is nowhere close to being canon. Rather than an alternate continuity in a what-if scenario, it's more like an entirely separate universe with superficial similarities.

If any of the other masters had gotten the grail, they likely would've used it even knowing it was corrupted because magi are like that.

It is canon though, like everything in the Nasuverse.

this its not better than Harry Potter or any other work by mediocre writers. kinda puts me at ease that a lot of VNs aren't translated