Can someone elaborate on this?

Can someone elaborate on this?

He likes lolis

I like Miyazaki now.

People say stupid things when drunk. News at 11.

He was speaking platonically, ie with respect and pride. He is not a pervert, or something.

I would by that but the Ghost in the Shell guy is claiming otherwise

The same guy who said this:
>Grave of the fireflies attracts my attention most. That's an immoral world, since it's a story of incest. And the image of death is lined up right behind it. In that sense, it was an erotic movie, and it gave me chills.

I don't speak Chinese

those are Miyazaki's true colours, those of both man of culture and a scholar

he likes lolis. that's why he said back then that anime is a mistake(due to lack of lolis)

then after prisma illya he'd have to commit sudoku as an apology


Reminder this is his best buddy in Hollywood

As long as he doesn't rape a 12 year old, I see no problem, granted it's a bit disgusting and weird but by no means illegal.

I really want to believe this. But the Hollywood connection scares me in a way, but Japan has a bit of a different way of handling pedophilia for better or worse. So him sticking to 2D isn't completely out of the question. This whole Hollywood Pedogate shit is making me paranoid and I can't tell if its right or not.

so...what's wrong with falling in love with a 12 year old girl again? someone explain to me

Are you sure this isn't mistranslated or being taken out of context? Judging by this quote he seems to be disgusted by fake cp so I doubt he he is a pedophile.

After that Himura Kenshin guy got busted for cp, I'm wondering if any other prominent guy in the anime/manga business is a pedophile. I read the guy who created One Piece was his assistant when was making Himura Kenshin and that he's friends with the guy who created Toriko who got busted for sleeping with a 16 year old prostitute. I don't want to say someone is guilty of sexual misconduct by association with other people who are, but it doesn't look good for him either.

It's pretty hard to misinterpret 恋愛.

So, he was a closet lolicon after all.

everybody knew that

Kill yourself.

>sleeping with a 16 year old prostitute
Where was that?

I get what you are saying, but thats not enough for me to think about that on Oda. But I am worried about Anno because of this.

There was one manga artist who got arrested for hooking up with an underage prostitute. He was suppose to serve 2 years, but got off with nothing and still worked in the industry. Oda gave him a 2nd chance recently. I don't know why he didn't serve time, maybe it had something to do with AoC or something.

Why because I didn't say mangaka? Because I don't know their names? I know Miyazaki's name. Or was it because I insinuated something?

If you go on Sup Forums or Sup Forums you will literally see everyone be accused of being a pedophile, it's just speculation because of all the sex scandals that have been happening.

He's /ourguy/

go back there

What did Anno do? I know that Evangelion has some underage nude scenes, but I think context is important. Was it fanservice or was it to further the story? I haven't watched the or or the films so I wouldn't know but I really enjoyed Shin Godzilla so I'm interested.

Anno is close friends with Miyazaki. He even voiced the protagonist on The Wind Rises

He didn't do anything. Just associated with Miyazaki

>Judging by this quote he seems to be disgusted by fake cp so I doubt he he is a pedophile.
He never actually said that. Those gifs have made up subtitles.
>Because I don't know their names?
Your post does reek of newfag, so yes.

He said he hates lolicon doujins of his characters. Its on the lolicon page of wikipedia.

I don't think Miyazaki is a pedophile, he probably meant he loved them like his daughters and it was taken out of context.

I would love him to be outed as a pedo just to enjoy the normalfag tears

Enkou is completely different from being a pedo.
Take your moralfagging and get out

I have been on Sup Forums since I was 15. I'm 21 now. I just don't really care about anime in general.


Do you have an actual source?

I remember about 9 years ago on Sup Forums that people were posting old Miyazaki quotes, where he said he initially wanted to add a scene in Kiki's Delivery Service where she discovers that sitting on the broom makes her feel good. But I've never been able to find documentation on that, and Ghibli normalfags have accused me of making it up. Does anyone else remember this?

It's pretty pedo dude. I always have to filter that shit out on Sup Forums.

Ain't gonna happen buddy.

And George Lucas wanted Indiana Jones to fuck a 12 year old. Dumb ideas doesn't = pedophile.

wtf i wanna fall in love with a 12 year old now

and how are you so sure of that

Theres some rumors going around on Spielberg on the Crazy Days and Night site. And they had stuff on people getting revealed.

CDAN copies every blind item from other websites and LARPS for the others. Sup Forums was memeing Spielberg because he is a famous kike with a good reputation and made the most popular holocaust film in the world, then afterwards CDAN starts posting about Spielberg. They copied Sup Forums, same with Dan Schneider.

>what's wrong with liking 12 year olds?

Absolutely nothing, it is wrong if someone sexualized her.

I'm not following what Sup Forums says
But there is some legitimacy to Dan Schneider. Thats not a meme. Theres atleast 7 sex offenders who worked on Nick, and 2 of them had some pretty big connections. There was also a documentary on child abuse in the industry, and Dan Schneider was going to be a target, but settled for Bryan Singer's friends instead. So there are some truth to it.

He likes tomboys judging from most of his films.

Even so CDAN still makes up a lot of shit, just look at any of their murder conspiracy blinds.


>George Lucas wanted Indiana Jones to fuck a 12 year old
When did this happen?

I think the original backstory with Marion Ravenwood was that Indie deflowered her when she was only 12-years-old or something. But I think that got retconned to her being 15 or even older.

That's hot. A shame they changed it.