Fate Extra Last Encore

Episode 3 in approximately 15 hours.
Will subs be a problem again?

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It's going to be interesting to see how Hakuno deals with Shinji and his servant. Stabbed and separated from Nero, his rage will hopefully have some impact against the sexy policewomen.
Speedsubs are a thing of the past so the wait for subs will happen again like always.

Anons are enjoying the show, it's rare to see that with Fate series.

Chyuu apparently had a holdup last week, so this week might be a bit faster.

Are there any old fag anons here who were on old Fate/Zero thread? How do they compare and are Last Encore threads fun?

has it been 15 hours yet?

not on your life

No still about 13 hours left


Last Encore threads are good like CCC and Zero threads

Are there any Nero stitches? I've been checking the archive but haven't come across any.

>Nero sttiches
Don't you mean sketches?

Does this even count as an adaptation?
I mean, I'm not complaining, the story seems pretty interesting but aside from the characters and some basic concepts it barely has shit to do with Extra.
Might as well call it a spin-off (of a spin-off).

I think it depends on how far your willing to stretch the definition of an adaptation.

Is there a subbed netflix rip yet? Chyuu only has a V0 copy out.

Her mannerisms are very cute.

It's an adaptation of an unreleased novel. So, until they start selling that novel, you can treat it as original.

Are you still memeng Extella/Zero?

bad thread

I'm talking about the Last Encore novel that Nasu supposedly wrote for this anime.

Wasn't it a book or something?

No, I mean panning shots that have been put together(stitched) to create larger shots. There's a lot of Nero shots that can be stitched and I don't know if I should do them or not because I can't find them in the archives.

Do em please

>novel that Nasu supposedly wrote for this anime
>Wasn't it a book or something?
Are you high?


>start up a new game of Fate/Extra
>try to name MC "Hakuno Kishinami"
>not enough space
Hakuno Kisinami it is then.

Not sure what I'm looking at here for wait time, but do I typically want to wait for Chyuu subs jammed into the Netflix rip? I only see it up for episode 01 at the moment.

nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=fate extra last encore

I played Extra years ago but never finished it. Anime has me back playing it as well.

prepare for disappointment

>a virtual place where people who once had dreams and ambition give it all up to wallow in self-indulgence
So basically Sup Forums.

F/a/te is telling us something.

Play Caster first.

We get subs very early all weeks?

Well fuck me

How will Nikuiman handle this situation?

He will avenge everyone once he uses his hateboner to fuck up the Moon Cell.

tell her that he hates her.
He is NUKUI after all. he doesn't care about some dumb loli.

Well fuck me again

If you're on emulator grab this

Yeah does anybody want to tell me why the anime is 100% different than the game?



Because the game is repetitive as fuck and barely anything happens outside of the fights and the once-per-week event.

Because a straight adaption of the game wouldn't work animated and Nasu went wild with the rewriting.

3. Bring Illya back

Rani a best, Rin a shit.

So what will DEADFACE turn out to be?

Rani if you want to fight Arcueid

The living incarnation of every dead Master's butthurt.

Reminder that Nero is easy mode, Emiya is normal, and Tamamo is hard mode.

Hakuno will goes full Mob Physco mode next ep,and he will rape the fuck out of Shinji.

Thanks user. I guess I'll have to go through the first round again with Casko so that I can fix my name.
Pick whichever one you like more.

Anyone else prefer the Extraverse to FSN/FZ?


After HA, I've definitely started to prefer the Extra world over the original one. Shirou's story was done with those two installments and I liked the ideas that Extra and CCC presented.
I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing this screenshot.

Makes sense that having the best servant makes the game easy and having the worst makes the game hard.

>plebs replaying Extra and not CCC because they can't understand moonrunes

ayy lmao.

This part made me certain the one who got Emiya killed was Shinji and not Issei.

I'm pretty sure everyone he knew died in the HGW in Archer's timeline.

Why would you play the sequel first?

Don't worry she gets her happy ending in FGO. Not Alice though.

When was that stated?

>tfw Gawain will BTFO Whore of Babylon

>tfw EMIYA saves the world
I actually like it. Stayed true to what he can only do. No sudden powers. No Imperial Privileges. No treasure of NP. Just a nameless servant doing his meager best for his master

It's a reinterpretation

CCC is more fun than the first game.more costume, more combat,more silly dialogue and whatnot,not to mention you got Gil.

Zero threads were a shitfest of people calling everything boring as fuck and spamming frodos whenever someone made a mistake or hard decision. Extra has been magnitudes better. Don't let old memes make you think otherwise

To be fair, fuckall could happen for episodes at a time and it had too much drama fuelled by characters being retarded for something trying so hard to look "mature."

Do any of the shadows in the OP belong to an indentifiable Servant?
Will they change it later as Servants are revealed or something?

I recognize Darius but who are these two supposed to be?
Leonidas and some Guts-looking dude?

Spear guy is Leonidas and the other guy is Fergus Mac Roich

THAT is motherfucking Fergus? That has to be the laziest Servant design I have ever seen.


>stops the HGW autism
>prevents people from killing each other
>creates a perfect virtual world
>allows everyone to live a comfy life as NEETs
>uses force to stop anyone who might try to threaten this paradise
>has sword-wielding qts as law enforcement
If there is one Shinji who did nothing wrong, it's this one.


She makes up for it things will be daijobu

Do they kill people who try to threaten this paradise though?

Well, they certainly weren't trying to tickle Hakuno when they shoved their swords into his torso.

>we thought HF was going to be 2 garbage yawnfest cooking movies and one good movie
>secondary critics are praising one of the assumed boring movies as the best Fate ever, a return to form after the misstep of the cringy toxic harem self insert shounen fantasy UBW and even surpassing the deep dark mature and intelligent masterpiece that is Zero

How did Sudo do it lads? And what will happen when we get to the actually good part?

He got a funny shirt and does weird jump movements. He is interesting.

I didn't realize this until I rewatched the episode, but Shinji has already used up two command seals. What caused the wait for Nero and Hakuno to be so long? Was it the fact that he fell into limbo?

>a return to form after the misstep of the cringy toxic harem self insert shounen fantasy UBW and even surpassing the deep dark mature and intelligent masterpiece that is Zero
Something tells me the opinion of those """critics""" is worthless.

>Year of Sakura
>Sudo turns down all of Nasu's ideas for the movie and tells him to fuck off
>Fans start laughing about this and saying UBW anime was shit because Nasu's ideas to change things
>Nasu botches Sakura's inclusion into FGO either to get back at Sudo for ignoring him, or just because he's a shit writer who has no understanding of proper build up
>Movie is a hit, people like Sakura in it and liked her in Prisma movie. No one has complaints about the movie so far
>FGO Sakura is nothing but complaints lately.

Starting to wonder if Nasu was actually the reason the last three orders of P1 were that good. If he didn't realize ahead of time why any of the shit going on at the moment is a fuck up, then I don't know.

>Sudo turns down all of Nasu's ideas for the movie and tells him to fuck off
I wouldn't expect Nasu to get the shit treatment as anyone else who gets an anime/movie adaptation considering he is a fucking money machine.

time is probably different inside the moon mile ladder

Is this still accurate for neo-Type-Moon?

Solomon/Goetia would probably pretty high up there for sure.

Powerlevels wanking went off the chart since the time this chart was made.

what the fuck even is fate

When will they kill off Nero? Last Encore has been a snoozefest so far.

Let's see.
DDD is not in the same setting.
>Counter Guardian in special tier
Counter Guardians are now known to basically just be Masterless Servants with an endless magical energy supply, but not really that amazing beyond that. They're janitors. The "Original Servants, Guardians" vaguely referred to in F/SN are meant to be the Grand Servants, not Counter Guardians.
Kurogiri should be in Special tier.
Kirei should generally be a little lower.
How Lugh Beowulf compares to servants is unknown.
The rest is mostly accurate with some shimmying up and down but there's a whole new top rung with Grand Servants and Beasts.

nerd sh*t

The second half of extra is unironically amazing though.

Grand and Beasts would be up there, but not necessarily better than Types. Just because Goetia has a move that can wipe out planets, doesn't mean he'd defeat every one of their strongest beings 1V1.
Tiamat is certainly not stronger than Archetype Earth.

>How to animate literal (you) character without any personality?
>make all of his replics just quotations with question marks?
I hate this meme.

Mumei was the best Gold Saint.

I know, it's unclear how their interactions work and we barely know the actual capabilities of Types to begin with. Nasu could place them above or below at his leisure, we haven't seen Types for awhile anyway.

He is asking about terms he doesn't know, idiot.
And the anime is actually trying to give Hakuno at least something closer to a personality through the whole "NIKUI" thing.

>mfw I cant remember that far

>TM powerlevel arguments