Who's more cute, Yamada or Taneshima?

Who's more cute, Yamada or Taneshima?


the midget

The oppai loli

Popura is the cutest and bestest.

I have a soft spot for Yamada,so her.

Yamada deserves to be spoiled

yamada deserved some gentle womb bapping from kirio

YAMADA. No contest.

She was best girl but she wasn't the cutest.

Poplar should have won instead of that cunt

Yamada's cute until she open her mouth, then that all goes down the drain.

Taneshima's voice can be pretty annoying though.

Poplar is for marriage
Yamada is for rape
Inami is for ryona

Yamada is cuter but Taneshima is hotter.


Rate girls by the length of their socks. The longer it is, the better of a girl they are

If she's poplar how comes she didn't have a boyfriend?


Trees don't have boyfriends, silly

Yamada is more cute, Taneshima is more adorable

Both are cute in their own way.
That's a good way to rate girls.

I want her to live in my attic


I want to rail Yamada against a wall from behind while not letting her feet touch the ground.

Damm, that was good


Yamada has a cuter personality while poplar has cuter looks

The milfs.

Yamada, Poplar is a little too uguu~ for me. She is still adorable when she gets frustrated