So what the hell comes after super?

So what the hell comes after super?

Like, when Goku is inevitably as powerful as the omniking, what kind of antagonists could possibly be left? Super Saiyan Rainbow Goku is able to defeat anyone in the multiverse, and then what?

maybe someone will finally put toriyama out of his misery

He’s going to turn so strong his next transformation is going to be goth vampire loli.

Dragon Ball Reverse. All the characters we have seen in the franchise get their power levels reversed, so now Goku and Vegeta are the weakest fighters and Pilaf rules the Galaxy.


Dragon Ball X of course.

Goku will no longer be the main protagonist, it's virtually inevitable if the series is going to continue to stay relevant.

GT kai

It’s already been confirmed Uub is taking over next season.


Goku wishes to remove everyone's ki, because there are no more strong fighters and he wants everyone to have even footing
loop back to Dragonball-esque power levels

I would watch it

>Goku wishes for all universes to be conjoined into a single one
>Super powerlevel bullshit resets and GT happens

Oh. You mean how Dragonball killed him and Gohan took over.

Hopefully nothing comes after super.

They could try to tone down the scale of the battles but have much more personal and emotional stakes involved

Supposedly these events are before Uub is old enough to train with Goku. Maybe they will have an arc about that next.

Then they reveal that 'the multiverse' was actually just one of MANY multiverses and the other ones are all stronger than the one we're familiar with because they're older (which is why Zeno is a kid, his is a young multiverse full of weaklings).

Ta Da! Problem solved, infinite new powerful opponents for Goku to fight!

A wish for a power nerf all around.

Or some big bad that implements a nerf like in the vidya.

Do you even powerfag?

It goes Omniverse > Multiverse > Universe > Multigalaxy > Galaxy > Solar System > Star > Planet etc

He’s still only universe level, so...

We're talking about Toriyama here.
He booked Gohan to not get over, was shocked he wasn't over so he said he wasn't over.
Toriyama was 2017 Vince Mcmahon in the 1980s, fucker can not understand writing characters for shit.


>So what the hell comes after super?



I want him to turn into a serial child rapist and the series to turn into a ecchi where he travels throughout the known universes and feeds on the cunnys of preteen girls.

Why are you like this

DB vs Tenchi Muyo: 90's wanking to the max

Goku and Vegeta make enemies out of the gods of destruction when they go hunting for super dragonballs for a big wish to put Xeno back together into one. New secrets of the dragonballs are revealed that they contain the history of all erased universes within them, including the souls of the strongest warriors ever to exist.

Exploring the other Universes and if a series has to rely on how strong the guy is that's bad writing.