Was trying to make Gohan the main character the biggest mistake in Dragon Ball history?

Was trying to make Gohan the main character the biggest mistake in Dragon Ball history?

no, milking Goku for 30 years was

More like not making Gohan the main character after Cell Saga was the biggest mistake

Tien should have been the main character

Your question makes no sense. Gohan never became the main character and he jobs constantly



>tried to make Gohan the main character but was too much off a pussy so he made Gohan act retarded at the last minute and make him fail to catch the earring
Yes it was but it was Toriyama's fault as well.

No, giving him a high school arc was.

Nope. Top 3 mistakes:

1) Power Levels
2) NOT making Gohan the main character
3) Characters being able to revive more than once.

Hors concours: Everything that isn't in the original manga (GT, Super, Fillers, Movies, etc.).

The high school stuff, at least in the manga, was one of the best parts of Buu Arc.

You know there was Dragon Ball before Z do you, this is Goku's show Gohan he was never meant to be the main character, Toriyama could have at least make him Vegeta tier the real mistake here was make him be so fucking pathetic after what we got from him in the Cell saga.


did you rike it when gohan beat up the bubbre gum? very funny! hahaha!

The biggest mistake was thinking Goku was popular because he was Goku.

Dragon Ball / Goku is popular because of the characters he meets and influences around him, and of course because he's stronk, but he'd be nothing if it wasn't for the characters that actually support his show.

DBS removes all of that, and just has the stronk, and inconsistent stronk at that. It's just a bunch of "Remember this character? Yeah so here have a really dumbed down version of them jobbing."

gohan has always been shit abd represents everything bad about dragon ball

who started the trend of characters getting insane power boosts for no reason and characters being predestined as strong? gohan. who started super sayian creep? gohan. who is the embodiment of le super serious asskicker without any personality that all the spic memes make fun of? gohan. who sers the trend that nozawa voices the entire son family? gohan who's always broken in every video game? gohan

on and on I could go

No, not actually following through with it was. Toriyama has a bigger hardon for Goku than Kishimoto did for Sasuke. At least other characters got SOME spotlight in Naruto

Should have kept Goku dead after Cell and had Gohan be the one to end Kid Buu

Obviously, yes. At least Toriyama realized that in time.

Yes...Focusing on the main character in a story was the wrong thing to do.

The position of his eyes in that image is driving me nuts.

You are going to love Super

Pretty much this. Toriyama never had the balls to make truly changes in the status quo after the first few arcs. Goku gots old and had a family but he never matured as a character which would have been fine if it was addressed. Keeping characters around even when they weren't important anymore was a dumb move: Tien and Chiaotzu got a good sent off in the saiyan saga just like Goku at the end of the Cell saga and Vegeta half way through the Buu saga, making them back just deminished those moments and made the characters stagnate by the end of the show.

milking the cow dry was

Watch more anime. In To Aru, it isn't the Kamijou Touma show. Sometimes other characters defeat the bad guy.

In DB, it always has be Goku. This is why this franchise is garbage.

The fact it wasn't followed through was the mistake, what a waste of character development and time.


Reminder that Gohanfags must respect Chadku bros. Gohan respectshis father and you should respect us, faggots.

>It always has to be Goku.
Goku is infamously never around. Sure he'll come up and he'll fight the STRONGEST guy, but that's not the same as fighting everyone.
Hell if we're only counting Z he's only defeated (Nappa, Burter and Recoome, Freeza, Yakon and Kid Buu)
I'd argue dragonball has the OPPOSITE problem. Goku is around so little, that by the time it's time for him to fight the villain, there's basically no connection between him and anything going on. He just feels like some strong guy who shows up to beat the final boss, rather than invested in what's actually happening.

I would have been ok if he had stayed at Vegeta's level, as it is now he at Piccolo's level, probably even lower the way he's been used is a disgrace.

>DB, it always has be Goku
>Pilaf saga: Oolong
>21st Martial Arts tournament: Roshi
>RR army saga: Goku
>22st Martial Arts tournament: Tien
>Demon King Picollo: Goku
>23st Martial Arts tournament: Goku
>Saiyan saga: Yajirobe, Krillin and Gohan
>Freiza saga: Goku
>Cell saga: Gohan
>Buu saga: Goku
He is the one who wins the most, which makes sense since he is the main character, but not always.

Yeah, that's a problem from Z onwards and only gets worse until the end of the show/manga

Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha got brought back so there's weaklings for the bad guys to crush and show how strong they are. Yamcha literally just got brought back so Gero could tear a hole in his chest.

I know that, but that's a shitty reason to bring a character back. Specially when Toriyama will later use other characters to job instead of them, so they weren't even good jobbers anymore.

>Was trying to make Gohan the main character the biggest mistake in Dragon Ball history?

honestly ultimate gohan was so cool and satifying while is lasted, then they fucked if up so vegito could happen which was also cool, but also didn't matter, so equally unsatisfying as well... I think the buu saga was a mistake...


also why in all the fan polls is vegeta now more popular than goku?

Goku never developed too much as a character while Vegeta is one of the characters that have changed the most in the franchise, people related to that because normal people change their views as the time pass.

>who started the trend of characters getting insane power boosts for no reason and characters being predestined as strong? gohan. who started super sayian creep? gohan.

Honestly the insane power boosts mostly happened witht he sayian healling in the frieza saga, but gohan's anger boosts I did like becasue whenever the fight was between the big guy and him, he was the wild card and your weren't sure if he would get beaten up with the rest or destroy them. as for super sayain creep, I believe he was the last to get super sayian in the cell saga, and everyone up to that point got to super sayian through some trauma. its not until buu when goten and trunks, get super sayian for free and are freiza level in base for that this started to get stupid.

keep goku dead, gohan new hero and dragon ball GT is jsut dumb adventures with goten. (if you really NEED goten, because he really only exists so that gotenks can happen)

The biggest mistake is that the Dragon Balls can revive the dead.

I'd argue that Vegeta would be a much stronger character if he died at the end of the Freeza saga. As someone who never really changes but accepts that Goku is the last hope of his race. After that arc Vegeta just acts much less smart or pragmatic, and lets his pride overtake him far more than it did in the saiyan or freeza arcs.

yeah, well at least vegita was allowed to arc. i would have liked gohan to arc more too rather than be discarded for goku. to be honest, beyond dragon ball and the sayian saga, I think I grew less invested in goku and more interested in vegita, krillan and gohan as characters. vegita is odvious, he is such a good character as a villain and converted good guy who is still and ass, krillan because the guy is hard not to like, and even when totally hou fo his league, he will still fight, and gohan, becasue he was the building wild card for every fight.

Krillan, for the most part I think got treated fairly, vegita was aloud to arc, which was great, and gohan, basically got thrown under the bus by toriyama.

goku honestly was not a character I was into for very long...

>Vegeta just acts much less smart or pragmatic, and lets his pride overtake him far more than it did in the saiyan or freeza arcs.
That's mostly because Toriyama made him the main jobber. So he needed reasons to make him job.

yeah the contrast between him going rogue in the freiza and garlic saga and then just having pride issues in the cell saga was kinda was a wierd contrast, plus he wasn't goku's rival at that goku was Vegita's rival...

The biggest mistake in Dragon Ball history is Dragon Ball Super. GT was the second biggest mistake.

yeah... super was worse than GT... won't lie...

Trying to make Gohan the main character and then not following through with it was the biggest mistake in dragon ball history.

That and the whole Buu arc. Should've ended after Cell.

It was different in classic DB, but DB super and GT it was Goku who had to win.


>DB super
There you are wrong. GT was indeed Goku Time though.
>Beerus arc: Beerus
>Freiza's Revenge: Goku
>Universe 6 tournament arc: Monaka (Hit left the battle)
>Black Goku arc: Future Trunks
>Tournament of Power: Probably Goku but we still don't know

the one user was right, after goku died vs cell, the show shouldve been gohans. it was the perfect timing. goku had his ground breaking moment of achieving ssj which shouldve been his peak. once cell defeated him, all this potential of gohan was finally unlocked and you got a 1/4 saga of him exclusively and then given him the full buu saga. the hype around gohan during the cell saga was unbelievable back then. but i guess this nigga tori does the opposite of what people want

Gohan should have beat Super Buu, but Goku and Vegeta still have to finish him in the Sacred World of The Kais

everyone wins, nobody jobs and looks like shit

I mean he had to replace yamcha with someone, vegeta was the only real choice other than piccolo

opposite of what made the most sense.

Can we talk about Tori making Yamcha a cheater, even though it makes zero sense for his character, just so Blooma doesn't look like a piece of shit for getting knocked up by the guy responsible for his death?

wait, when did that come out?

>he had to replace yamcha with someone
Then why he kept Yamcha around, should have let him die instead of becoming a sad joke.

Nozawa's good at voicing Goku's family because she has range though.

The Piccolo Daimao arc started power level nonsense.

>Red Ribbon Army arc
>You the sacred water doesn't do anything it the training that you did trying to catch
>Piccolo Daimao arc
>lol but I also have another kind of water that actually pulls strength from your ass

Even Saiyan arc is better because it had more asymmetrical fighting with strategy like Goku and Piccolo taking on Raditz at the same time and the whole Vegeta fight.

Yeah, power boost was a mistake

I think it's implied that Yamcha didn't actually cheat, it's just that Trunks thought he did because he only ever got Bulma's perspective, which obviously would glorify her.

the early arcs of the buu saga are some of my favorite parts of DB

Toriyama maybe a shitty writer, but you can't deny the brilliance of pic related. It's one of the few moments of good writing and KINO moment

High school Arc was best arc. I would happily read a spin off of that arc.

Gohan is a huge disappointment. He should have done more in the tournament.

He wasn't suppose to go on as the main character you turd! But it did because of turds like you.

Biggest mistake: giving in to turd fans like him and not going through with your original idea.


Considering the amount of character sabotage he received, he did as well as could be reasonable. For him to be stronger would require some dedicated writing.

It's weirder that 17 is still in rather.

I do like what they've done with 17 this arc. I would like to see more of him in the hopefully continued series rather it be Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball "?????" But unfortunately I know he has to go back to his duties protecting the animals.

Dragon Ball Super was the biggest mistake in Dragon Ball history

GT was better

No, everything after Freeza saga was the biggest mistake

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And that's why nobody cares about that trash while DB is the biggest anime franchise ever

Yes, emphasis on
If Toriyama had gone through with it it would have been fine. It's all that wasted time and build up that ends up being the problem. Dude should have committed.

It was stupid that he gave him another bullshit power-up out of nowhere in the first place

>who sers the trend that nozawa voices the entire son family? gohan
Of all the things to be mad about Dragon Ball I never got this retarded shit

Nothing wrong with Nozawa voicing Goku, Goten and Gohan. She doesn't voice the entire Son Family since anyway since she didn't voice Grandpa Gohan or Pan.

>People still complaining about the Sacred Water of Piccolo Daimao saga
GTFO with that shit. At least in that case Goku was in risk of dying if he drank it so it was a risk/reward thing. At the end it was through his harsh training with Kami and Popo that he was able to endure it.

DBZ on the other hand is all "muh rage power boosts", "muh zenkai boost", "muh secret potential", "muh getting SSJ transformation out of nowhere without training much(Gohan, Kid Goten/Trunks)", "Muh Z Sword giving Jobhan another undeserved power-up for no reason"

Vegeta should have stayed dead
His "character development" is cringe

He was much better as a villain/anti-hero

Vegeta is a character that is fun to root for and sometimes hate, because you can at least appreciate when someone has pride. Goku is just a cardboard cutout superhero when he wants to be good and insufferable when he's acting like an idiot.

No the whole Android/Cell saga was a mistake
Also fuck Gohan and his undeserved massive power-up's

It's disgusting that this little faggot gets SSJ and SSJ2 so easily while barely training while Goku, Vegeta, Trunks etc. train like crazy
Fuck him and his "potential". What a shit character.

Should have ended at Freeza and anyone who likes Cell Saga is a faggot and not a true Dragon Ball fan.

At least GT had some interesting (albeit kinda rehash) villains and some cool looking designs. I'd take SS4 over SSG/SSB/UU any day of the week.

It's shit
It also shows why DB sucks after Namek

After Namek/Freeza saga he had to tone down the destruction the fights caused by having them "control their power" since they were on Earth. This resulted in much less exciting fights.
No wonder Gohan thought the fight was underwhelming since it fucking was.

Gohan trained in increased gravity every day for a year to achieve SSJ, how is that undeserved?

>popular means good

I don't hate the idea of a Super 17 thing happening again.

Goku and Vegeta trained for fucking years
In the downtime between Freeza and when the Android showed up Gohan never fucking trained. He also never fucking trained in the 7 year timespan between Cell and Buu and then got another bullshit power boost(Z Sword) where it involved him sitting on his ass for like 3 days or whatever while an old geezer dances around him to be the most powerful character in the series.

Fuck Gohan and fuck everyone who keeps defending this faggot

Fuck off mexishit

Gohan though Goku wasn't trying because he thought Goku was supposed to be stronger than him. He gauged Goku strength with himself.

>control their power
Headcannon. Goku was going all out.

SSJ4 Gogeta will always remain the strongest DB character ever. I mean we didn't even get to see what the full capabilities were against Omega Shenron.

I know that

I was referring to the fact that that DBZ character start to concentrate their power to not damage the environment around them starting with the Android/Cell saga. In Namek they didn't give a fuck since it was a deserted planet for the most part so you had so much fucking destruction in every fight which made the fights much more exciting to watch.

It was stated that Gohan had huge potential. Even as a toddler, his peak power surpassed Goku. Hybrid having higher initial power and potential has been a plot point that even Vegeta acknowledge it.

>In the downtime between Freeze and when the Android showed up Gohan never fucking trained

He did trained with Goku before the android. See pic related.

Gohan being stronger than Goku and Vegeta in Cell games was not an asspull. Although the Kai ritual I admit it was an asspull.

If only.

I actually don't mind the aesthetic of SSG either, if they were remaking GT I think a SSJ4 toned down a little with the SSG aura and some reddish hair on top would be nice.

>It was stated that Gohan had huge potential.
Which is my whole point.
The whole writing for Gohan is shit. He's "muh potential" the character. Boring as fuck garbage character with no personality.

the biggest fucking problem was making a fucking entire series about gohan but then just forgetting about him at the end for goku fags

>Gohan being stronger than Goku and Vegeta in Cell games was not an asspull.
Yes it was.
The whole basis of him being stronger is his "potential"

He definitely didn't train as much as those 2. Gohan becoming the hero of that saga was forced as fuck.

>making a fucking entire series about gohan
>this is what Anime Only Toonamifags think

Yes. Gohan is a horrible, spineless and faggy character. No person on their right mind could like him.

>calling me mexishit when mexicans are the ones gobbling up cash cows like DB

That sounds gay af

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