Yuragi 98

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>Early raws and my internet's dying again.
Time for another wardrive.

[side] Kogarashi stood up... but does he have something up his sleeve!?
"You stood up already!"

"That's the three families for ya... or that's what I should say"

"Fuyuzora... is your wound okay>:
"If I put in some effort, I can fix a ruptured lung right away"
"Oh wow"

"Kogarashi-san... you're okay!"
"Impressive, Kogarashi...!"
"Go get him, Kogarashi-kun!!"


"Oh... sorry Oboro. I'm fine."
"I just took an unexpected blow, like before"

"It should be enough to just hold my breath...!"

>I can fixed a ruptured lung right away



"Your defensive barrier has gotten weaker, huh!?"
"You may have just been able to stand up, but your body is full of wounds!"

"True, if I can't make you breathe, then you can defend against your body getting penetrated!"

"How long can a human like you withstand this!?"

"Th-that's enough! Just ruuunn!"


"...what was that?"

"...I have no idea."

Komi is nice and all, but figuring out shogi problems makes my head hurt.

"Fuyuzora got wounded for my sake..."
"I can't stand that...!"

"I won't show any mercy to you if you're getting in my way!"

"...I don't know."
"What am I even doing!?"

"I should be alive only for the sake of the Ryuuga family"
"I should have been raised that way"
"That was what milord desired as well"

And yet why...
I am Genshirou-sama's sword, so why...
Am I fighting against him!?

And that tear awhile ago...!?
What am I...!?

"Oboro you ass!!"
"You're protecting my enemy here!!"
"Is the one who was surely supposed to be the holy sword of the Ryuuga family..."

"Actually bursting with emotion like a human!?"

...ahh, I see.

"This is unforgivable!"
"You should just disappear with the Yatahagane!"

Double spread


"What the!? I felt like I saw a huge fist there for a...!?"
"Liquefaction... no even vaporization..."

"Can't dodge...!?"


"A punch... from inside a giant crystal ball!?"
"A hole in space..."
"Y... you're too unbelievable, Kogarashi-kun...!"

"Eeergh... sorry Oboro!"
"I blasted your little brother into space..."
"Fuyuzora... was that..."
"A secret technique of the Yatahagane...?"

"No. Just fist pressure"
"Fist pressure...!?"
"Well, the con is that my guard gets weaker while I get my fist pumped up..."

"That's why you helped me a lot back there"

"...no, I'm sorry for getting you involved"
"And uh... Fuyuzora"

"Naive... how naive Yatahagane!!"

"I am still alive and well!!"

"...man, you turned cute"
"So you're okay, Genshirou-sama!"
"This is all that's left and it barely got by!"
"The rest of my body is pretty much in the sky with Yatahagane's fist pressure...!"

"...the retainers saw the fight just now"

"Now they should finally get it"
"I am still no match against the three families... right?"

"Therefore... there's nothing more I can do!"
"You can do whatever you want from here on... Oboro!"

"So like, when I came back to the Dragon Castle after I attained the Super Dragon Water Form"
"The retainers got super excited"
"Not even the three families can match you!"
"Get revenge against the Yatahagane for one year ago!... or something"

"And I was planning to do that in the beginning"
"But I heard about the Yatahagane's personality..."
"And about Oboro's lively lifestyle from the palace troops... and I changed my mind"

"So in order to make the retainers continue the enticement plan..."
"I had to put up a small act just now!"
"I also fought with all I had, so I could bring out your true merit, Yatahagane..."
"But the might of the three families is more than I ever imagined!"

"Well hey..."
"What would you have done if I lost?"

"Then I just fulfill the will of the retainers as the head of the Ryuuga household"
"If that's all you're worth as a man, then there's no worth in Oboro trying to entice you...!"
"You are so insanely arrogant...!"


"There was no way you'd be that weak!"
"You're the man my big sis accepted, right?"
"Fuyuzora Kogarashi!"

"Genshirou... sama...!"


"The Super Dragon Cave... is collapsing!?"
"It couldn't endure the power of Fuyuzora's attack...!"

"Uh... uhhhhh!"

"If you don't mind, could you come save us or something!?"
[SFX is winding]
"Ukyaah!? We're gonna end up naked agaaaiin!!"

"Yeah! I'm coming, my future brides!!"
"Hey... wait!"
"Don't come men!!"
"Oboro, please...!"
"Leave it to me"

"...so that's what happened"
"The Genshirou guy apologzized"
"And Oboro-san teleported us so everyone barely managed to make it to school in time..."

"But it was a huge mess!"
"Must've been hard"
"I never expected that to happen at all...!"

"So... where's Oboro-san now?"
"She said she had a number of things to settle..."

"And they're all done"

"I successfully managed to persuade the retainers, and everything's the same as before"
"They decided to continue the Fuyuzora enticement plan through using me"

"For the Ryuuga family..."
"For Genshirou-sama..."
"I will definitely succeed in this plan...!"

[See earlier chapters for dialogue]
"Since this enticement plan finally took a step in the right direction, after all"

"...I realized today that..."
"...you probably can't hear me if I say it due to my speed..."

"I have... most likely"
"Fallen in love with you"
"Beyond a doubt"


"Oboro! You're doing it again..."
"Aaghh! Nothing's changed!"

"Oh welcome back"
"Welcome back Oboro"

"Yeah... I'm home"

"...what's wrong?"

"Oboro-chan, you smiiiiled!!"
"What... really!?"
"One more time! Please show us your smile one more time!"
[side] Oboro has taken a step forward!! To a future of smiles.
[Bot right] Next issue, Kogarashi gets cursed!?

Colors: my.mixtape.moe/fidkza.rar
By the way, anime info is an interview with Yuuna VA and more RL photo shoots.

Probably not much new info until AnimeJapan then, there's a stage there on Mar 24th for the anime. There will be more VAs there as well it looks like

Is it just me or do the scans look better than usual?

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>Next time, Kogarashi gets cursed

Coooooome on genderswap chapter













Is this the one? Chapter 18 page 19

Final page.

Yeah that one.

Why are taimanins so fucking useless other than getting raped?

Because that's all Hibari is good for

So Hibari is one of their elites? Game when?

TS user around?

I'm here. I'll be starting on it shortly.

At least it's Friday, right?

Yeah, that's definitely a plus when getting started later in the evening.

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>harem has top tier girls
>i'll have to watch all of them get hurt so mc can pick the girl who's going to dissapear
Monogamy ends need to die.

He turned out to be a nice guy.

>"What the!? I felt like I saw a huge fist there for a...!?"
suddenly, Qi / spiritual power that looks like a giant fist is...?!

It’s 気が「する」unless I’m wrong.

This shit better ends up as a harem or i will be butthurt for years to come

Besides, the resemlance is translated into に見える, not が見える which we have here.
I agree with the TL user's version.

Incidentally, what's the chapter title?

I forgot the title whoops
>98: Kogarashi isn’t sweet/lenient/half hearted

>side text: Sweet feelings which can’t be expressed with just chocolate!

you're right
my bad~

>"Now they should finally get it"
>"I am still no match against the three families... right?"
Now they should finally get it,
that I am still no match against the three families...

There was a color page this week right?

the “that” at the beginning of the second line is unnecessary if speaking in casual

It was the Oboro Valentine page.

>Genderswap chapter before the 100 chapter celebration.
I guess that can work.

I sincerely hope so and Chisaki better be the harem member who guides Koga as a fellow gal, not Hibari or anyone else.

Okay, time to dump what I have so far for checking.






You know she would be pretty cute if she grew her hair out







Give me a few minutes, I'll start soon

pan 3 bub 4: That's amazing!

pan 5 bub 3: I won't get taken aback by surprise attacks like what happened before.




pan 4 bub 3: You may have been able to stand up just now, but your body is full of wounds!
pan 5 bub 1: True, you can defend against body penetration if you don't breathe.

pan 1 bub 3: And I can't stand that...!
pan 3 bub 1: I won't show any mercy if you're gonna get in my way!
pan 5 bub 1: I should be living only for the sake of the Ryuuga family.
pan 5 bub 2: That's the way I was raised.

pan 1 side 2: Why am I, Genshirou-sama's sword...
pan 1 side 3: Fighting against him!?
pan 2 bub 2: Why did I...!?
pan 3 bub 3: Are you, the supposed holy sword of the Ryuuga family...

pan 3 bub 3: What the!? I felt like I saw a huge fist for a moment...!?
pan 3 bub 4: Liquefication... no, even vaporization...

pan 3 bub 1: No, it's just fist pressure. [Maybe the text should be a little smaller]
pan 3 bub 3: Well, the con is that my guard gets weaker while I build up power in my fist...