One Piece

This is how Luffy got the idea for snakeman.

I hope this is the real reason.

Post Nami

Post Nami and Sanji please

That face says Robin.


like this?

Threadly reminder that

Anyone who complains and mocks about "running" is an ADHD-ridden "MUH FIGHTS" underage.
Anyone who says "nothing happens" lacks the intelligence to handle story progression.
Anyone who says "Oda is a hack" is a speedreader.
Hackposting is NOT criticism, it's just shitposting.
Calling out shitposting does not mean being an "Oda cocksucker/dickrider".
Anyone who replies to to this post negatively is just a butthurt hackposter.

Still cute

>Nami is cute when she doesn't act like Nami
I agree


Every user that posts in this thread knows that they'd fall for Bon Clay 10/10 times if he transforms into their ideal mate.

>juices the fuck out of your weak gf

I'm a rebel.

Robin chwaaan

This could've been Vegeta/Bulma if only Zoro didn't have Tashigi

Sanji certainly did

I thought only lunanigger was dumb enough to think of this. kek

Already 17 posts in and this thread immediately went to shit.

Do people unironically read One Piece? Serious question.

Oh it's a LuNa post? Nvm I take back what I said. I thought he was talking about Zoro Nami




Of course.


When will we see her again?

Will there ever be a time Luffy doesn't rely on his DF so much?

Vs Blackbeard.


I was expecting people to go full muh dick with smoothie but i see shipfags are too much of cancer everywhere

>Haha what if [characters] had sex?

Go away

Dump Smoothie fanart then. Oh wait that's right there's not much because she's doing fucking nothing

Nice try but thats Usopps job

Will she ever get Luffy to love her?

Read the manga and find out

But I'm caught up

Then wait

this thread fucking blows, someone make a new one without shipping faggot

Are you new? That's not how it works. Everyone will just go there


Hancuck is old and busted

Shipping faggotry started with this arc, and I REALLY hope it will end with this same arc too.

It started with Dressrosa, it was just incredibly minor back then.

It will. I doubt anyone cares who Zoro ends up with

>implying Zoro won't end up with Tashigi

I'm just waiting on dojins.

It's highly likely that it will calm down a lot once the narrative moves forward. But, ultimately, it's an inoperable cancer at this point.

She reminds me of my bunny, who also introduces herself to people tooth first.

Would you give her your carrot?

Wrong. It only escalated this arc.
>part of the main theme of the arc is a wedding
>oda is pairing sanji and nami
>nami is one half of the biggest ship of one piece
>luffy has the biggest fanbase so having the biggest shipping fanbase is a given
>the clamor for sanji and pudding to get together is bigger than sanji and viola's because of those

It started with Punk Hazard when Frobin became noticeable.

This arc was always gonna have shippers considering it was about Sanji getting married and Nami was involved. I think Oda also teased some things here and there so I find it understandable. Lets just hope Reverie and Wano doesnt have anything like this.

You know deep inside Wano will have shit like this.

Why would Wano have shit like this?

There's no need to repeat a shotgun wedding again, and it's not like there'll be a pink haired Nami clone or Smoker/Tashigi showing up.

LuNa shippers also ship Zoro x Robin so they will clash with the FranRo shippers

>and it's not like there'll be
>Tashigi showing up.
Do you really believe this? The shipping war will calm down somewhat because Luffy isn't involved. But romance being gone after being touched upon since Fishman Island straight to WCI? Fat chance.

Please introduce the next admiral.

I'm with you. The most shipping we'll get is Zoro and Tashigi. Yes I believe she'll be there with Smoker. She's too much of a sword freak to not be part of the sword party that the arc will be. They should have already dropped off the kids at Vegapunk's place anyways.

Wrong on all counts. Lunafags could care less who Zoro ends up with. It's the Zorobinfags who will bitch and moan. But there's too little of them, most Zorofags are powerlevel meatheads.

but Franky and Robin are the closest thing to a canon couple among the strawhats and Zoro and Robin almost never interact with each other

Might as well start shipping Robin and Bon clay

>took out an entire fleet of Yonkou pirates
>only had to nap for an hour
>no injuries whatsoever
she's useless

Franks gets disturbed every time she makes dark jokes.

But that would mean us as readers missed Vegapunk explaining Devil fruits

It's hard to imagine any future arc having the variables involved to cause a shipping uproar of the same capacity as WCI. The primary reasons being the ones you mentioned, particularly Sanji's central involvement in the arc as he's the only major male main character on the Straw Hats who every truly shows an interest in relationships.

That all being said, it's very unlikely that Sanji won't retain his woman-loving habits and jokes and I'm sure there will be female characters for him to fawn over in future arcs. However, it likely won't be nearly as prominent a narrative element as it has been during WCI. Ultimately I think it would only ever max out at Viola levels if it's going to happen in future arcs.

But even then, shippers will still ship. Even when characters have no interest in it, no screen time together, no chemistry and any other number of factors that should turn their attentions elsewhere.

at least they actually talk to each other

I'm assuming we get to Vegapunk after Wano. I don't think they would reveal him before the SH get to meet him.

When the hell was it touched upon in Fishman Island or Punk Hazard for that matter? Shirahoshi's type potentially being Luffy is romance? Sanji being creepy in Nami's body is romance?

Dressrosa had Senor Pink and Kyros, that's about it. Sanji's "fling" with Viola can't be taken seriously.

Roastie fucking detected

Imagine being so lonely and sad you treat a children’s comic book as a soap opera

This picture is very old

>not being creeped out by someone you see as family touching your body like that

Are you a shipper?

I don't have to

Oda made the name Nami-Sanji and Sanji-Nami canon in punk hazard.
It's also a subtle hint how they both ended up in each others bodies

I know you're replying to my post >Vanderdecken and Shirahoshi's ordeal
>Luffy taking out Shirahoshi on a date because let's be honest, that's what it was
>promising another one
>Robin saying Jinbe is a handsome man
>Neptune mistaking Robin as coming onto him
>Caimie and Hachi for the nth time
Shit was already there nigga.

>or Punk Hazard for that matter
See Tashigi's crush on Zoro was also confirmed by Oda in this arc
>Sanji being creepy in Nami's body is romance
It certainly helped. We saw that not all the time Sanji was being creepy in Nami's body while Nami gained a deeper understanding of Sanji because of the kids and the swap.

You're in Sup Forums you idiot.

Sweetie doesnt use the word creepy. You just out yourself as a roastie.
And no Nami never charged him so she really didn't mind HER boyfriend touching what is his

This shit really presses people's buttons, doesn't it?

>subtle hint

>Dressrosa had Senor Pink and Kyros
Leo and Mansherry
Sai and Baby 5
Luffy once again stealing a princess' heart

Everything triggers everyone here. Are you a newfag?

Just like the narusakufags and the ichirukifags, the lunafags have put too much emotional investment in their ship since arlong park's hat moment to back down now.

>sai and baby 5
why even make baby 5 in the first place if no robin, zoro, nami or sanji fight?

shut the fuck up

>actually proportional to op standards

This is true. I dont even get the hat thing desu. Its just friendship on par with Luffy and Sanjis interaction this arc. People are retarded.

Her powers are Pacifista bait, that's the only thing that comes to mind. If Oda has a long-drawn joke for that arc only, chances are that it's something relevant for the future.


I've ascended and only ship Bon Clay x Everyone now

I just like it, stop projecting. People who get too invested in shonen romance are retarded anyways, especially in the case of a series that only uses romance for gags.

Has Nami ever denied or turned down(verbally not when she punches him) Sanji whenever he makes claims like " do you love" "did you propose to me" etc etc.

Please give a real answer. I am just curious because I don't think she has ever denied anything of his crazy thoughts

Did you mean to reply to me???

I like to imagine he's on Whole Cake and he just happens to be facing the direction of Amazon Lily

>Vanderdecken stalking and threatening Shirahoshi since he touched her at SIX is romance
>it being a date when Luffy doesn't even know what a date is
>everyone in the crew promised her
>Robin finding Jinbei attractive is romance
>Neptune being cautious when dealing with an attractive Pirate is romance
>Camie and Hachi is romance when she implied she had a crush on him and hadn't made a move while Hachi probably still wants to marry that cunt he was into in the cover story they met in

>Robin telling Franky to shut the fuck up in Chopper's body is romance
>Tashigi getting pissed at Zoro being sexist instead of not wanting to fight because of Kuina is having a crush on him

I'll give you that they understood each other better and tried to accommodate the situation by letting Sanji smoke in her body and vice versa. But planning to use her body for ero shit kills any serious chance at the moment for him.

>Fat, short tempered, and selfish
>Call her soul objects "Homies"

Is Big Mom supposed to be black?

Wow, this thread needs to be nuked. Where are the mods?

No, I meant to reply to I don't even remember saving this one, or why I would.

She didn't charge him. Don't ignore me sweetie. Nami letting him smoke is what a true girlfriend would do. Sanji didn't even want to but she said it was okay. It's also not how smoking works since Sanji's body would be the one who needs to smoke not Nami's

>using this art instead of Oda's

>haha I don't really care about shipping.
Is this the new version of "I'm not a shipper btw"?

>Nami offered Luffy her jacked on Drum Island
>Nami offered Luffy meat in Punk Hazard
>Nami asked Luffy if they should go see Ace right after Thriller Bark
>Nami offered Luffy hat repairs
What does this mean bros?