Lolibitch says he has to see the king

>Lolibitch says he has to see the king
>King grants the title of Baron and gives you the shittiest plot of land, that you just nuked with meteors
>If you fail to pay 50 gold in taxes at the end of the month you become a slave.
>tell lolibitch that if you become a Slave she can just buy you.
>lolibitch pussy overflowing like an Okamoto Lynn girl.
>go to the land granted by the king.
>Its a battlezone filled with dead bodys and craters from your meteor storm.
>use a giant fireball to burn up all the dead bodies and terraform the place into a nice plain.
>invest in civil engineer magic
>Build a fucking Hotsprings resort with working pluming
>Make loads of cash since its the most popular resort in both the Penny Empire and the Republic of Pussy.
>Go to the magic academy conference
>tell everyone you just built a fortress town resort overnight, that has magical hot springs that heal all injuries, regrows limbs and cures diseases.
>Get accoolades and women lusting for your dick
>Cunt Block Lolibitch for the 10th time.

How does he keep getting away with this?

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Why did that loli steal the other loli's towel?

Cause Dragons are dicks

let me guess tanaka is still a virgin even after that.


Is that a slave? where can i find the that part of the manga?

thats an autistic mind reading demon

That's just a one-off doujin by the official artist and not actually canon to the story.

>official doujin

This doesn't happen as much as it should.

Porn artists dont usually get cockblocked by the author they are working with.

is not on the panda, is it?

You're retarded for asking, and not looking for yourself.

i did look, but the blackrock shooter tag confused me there i just posted the link.

This artist is wasted on such a crappy LN.

Fuck off, tanaka is pretty .. i dont know is neither entertaining or fun but somehow is not boring.

I just want to know what happens next, I want to learn if all the BS that we have been getting fed for the past few months is real, i want to see how many more times Ester gets BTFO, I want laugh at the character interactions.
And I want to see Tanaka play Cities:Skylines some more.

How do anons feel about VN reincarnation where you try to avoid a certain route?

the same way I feel about VN Reincarnation where the MC has been kept in a circle of reincarnations over and over again between earth and the fantasy world.

>VN reincarnation

What are you on about? Are you talking about visual novels or light novels? I can't understand broken English.

She is a massive THOT no sane reader likes.

Anyone who have read this knows the best girls are chocololi demon, loligon and elf loli who are aknowledged by the artist himself as top tier waifu.

It's no wonder why he never draws Fritzclarence ever.

I'd say it's relatively unique. Or rather Tanaka is. It's rare to see a protagonist who is treated like a piece of shit and actually has to earn the respect he gets rather than doing 1 single thing and instantly going from "weakest" to "panty dropping strongest" and I find that neat. I also like that it has real bro characters. That said I fucking hate the actual novel so that's the weird part.

Are you talking about shit like Little Busters having the protagonist instinctually avoid the route choices because he vaguely remembers what he'll feel? It's just a gimmick.

Wait, is this a doujin or the real LN?

I like to know, too

It's a doujin but it's made by the actual artist.

It's a doujin by the artist of the LN.

Tanakas cheey will beeaten by mercedes

>Doing porn of your work
Based artist

Artist needs to teach others how it can be done.


Man I wish the author make it canon

It'd kind of ruin 98% of his jokes

If the author keep repeating the joke, it will become stale

Welcome to Japanese humor.

today (The LN)

I hope the LN end has Tanaka fucking the lolis except the bitch one. She should fuck off.

It won't. There is basically less than a 2% chance this ends with Tanaka getting laid. Considering the author it'll probably end with him dying for real.

I'm talking about LN which has gone through notable changes. Improvements IMO.

And I'll tell you again. There is less than 2% chance in EITHER of the writing forms of this ending with Tanaka getting laid.

Whoops replied to myself.

So are we posting lolis now or what?

So there is this slow ass manga, with barely any chapters, which just got picked up again, the WN which according to you is shit, and the improved LN, which is the one getting translated and worth reading yes?

And as someone said, is not really good, but not bad either, might be because of the MC not looking all that attractive and not everyone sucking his dick day one.

i hope you are ready for some bro sex.


Don't think this as wish fulfillment

What's the difference between Rocoroco and Gogol/Goggle/Google? Is it some kind of multiple personality thing?

Mogudan -> Rei -> Scrapped Princess
M-da -> Strength -> ????

Dudem it is, just not super blatant like most isekais, but donĀ“t be deluded.

Fuck you all, I thought you said this would be fun.

you only think it's ntr because you think every single female character should want to fuck the mc

Are you new to isekai drivel?

>not super blatant
That's why I said don't think it as wish fulfillment, You'd better off think this as isekai comedy take the wish fulfillment part as an extra

>Baiting with those heroines on the front cover
Surprised the nips didnt get angry


People knew from WN those 2 bitches weren't the main heroines and that the first book had to put cute girls on it.

Nobody said it was NTR, the fuck are you on about? But it ain't very entertaining to watch the protagonist listen in to his bro scoring while he runs around trying to score himself with no success. That's not really fun. That's just depressing.

look at the fucking filename faggot

Oh touche. You're still an angry cunt though.

Allen is too bro who gets lost between those two bitches

Bakarina is the only example I know off the top of my head and it's tip-top tier.

I feel bad for him too.
But at the same time, fuck him. He got plenty of pussy and anal.

At least I can't get mad because Tanaka got 3 god tier lolis.

You really must feel bad for Allen.
Basically allen was the one who should be a noble instead of a tanaka, in order to be recognized by Esther's father. For that, he had been a prominent knight for years, climbing positions, making efforts and meeting influential people only to be able to marry the loli bitch. Tanaka unintentionally took away all the years of recognition and efforts with the death of the dragon and the subsequent test to be baron. Tanaka tried to re-establish his destroyed position and rescue Allen's relationship with the bitches.

Honestly I don't get why people feel so bad for Allen. I mean yeah he's a cool guy and all but I never particularly "cared" for him. Nor did I feel sorry for the guy.

Same reason why people sympathise with the IG when marines drop in and steal their thunder.

>People feel bad of Allen
Dude was fuck mad bitches and we are introduced to him fucking two at the same time, one of who only lets him fuck her mouth and ass.

this artist makes fake lolis, just look how fat they are

the elf and the dragon are lolibabas, but the choco is the same?

you sure?

The thing with Allen is really complicated, on the one hand he was willing to do all that shit to be with Ester, on the other hand, he didnt stop womanizing until he actually lost her.

He was in a very enviable position where the daughter of one of the highest ranking nobles in the country, was actively seeking ways to raise his status, and was willingly allowing him to have 3somes with the Captain of the Mage knights.

He fucked it all up because he couldnt stop himself from having sex when his fiancee wasnt there, and from Esters words and the way he easily convinced her, it wasnt the first time she caught him having sex with other women. Hell right after making up with Ester, he went on to flirt with Sophia.

So yeah, the dude is a bro at times, but he is bro you would never leave with your GF, cause he would actively THOT test her for you.

The most used of goods.

Tanaka deserves an anime

mda should create more doujin from this

Hymen still intact.

Someone post Tanaka telling the thot off, you know the pic

which time?

From the LN, not gookrune

you mean this one?

With translated text

>With translated text
Ok, i have no idea which one you mean.

send loli pics

Where do you read/download LN? I really want to try it out.

>salty soup
Tanaka no

Thank you.

Which is honestly why I'll feel pretty bitter about the story if Ester actually ends up with him. Not that she should specifically end up with Tanaka or anything but still.

This looks interesting, really interesting
The thing is that the manga is missing translated chapters, and I'm just waiting here.


It isn't NTR. NTR is when the male lead has his girl stolen from him by another character or something along those lines. Tanaka doesn't get NTRd because the girls weren't interested in him at the time. You know who gets NTRd? Allen. BY TANAKA.

It has it's moments but in the end it's another generic as shit isekai.

yuck! i totally wouldnt fuck these girls until i pass out or straight up die !

I think my problem is that the world and setup is identical. And no matter how much praise the cast gets I honestly think they're still generic as shit even if they are thots and dick thirsty. But it does have a pretty interesting MC at least.

>Side character getting more pussy than MC

Dumping newest chapter






Just started reading, when does he tame ghost loli?