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97: No matter how many times I'm born again (Part 2)
If there's
[side] Always and forever two siblings
One regret I do have

[side] Dismissed as a human...
It's that you and I
Were pretty different.

If we were in another store, you would've been a proper Oiran

If we had normal parents, you'd be a normal girl.

If we were born into a good family, you'd be an elegant woman.

Or maybe you would've been.
You had an honest personalty that's easy to influence.
You turned out the way you did because I raised you.

Take before you're taken, and collect. That's what I taught you.
You may have poked a samurai's eye out,
But if you had stayed obedient, there might've been a different path for you.

My only regret,
is you, girl.

"What is this place?"


"Eww! I hate this place"
"Where are we?"
"I wanna leave. Do something"

"That's how you..."

"Is that the exit?"

"Don't follow me anymore"

"Wait, I..."

"Don't follow me!!"

"Are you mad about before?"
"I'm sorry, so forgive me!"

"I don't think you're ugly, onii-chan!!"
"It just sucked! I just hate losing"
"I didn't wanna accept that it's my fault we lost!"

"I'm sorry! For not being very usefull"
"If I had been more useful, we wouldn't have lost"
"I'm sorry for always holding you back!"

"Hey onii-chan"

"I'm no longer siblings with you in any way"
"I'm heading this way, so you head the opposite direction, where the light's brighter"


"I won't let go!! I won't ever let go"
"We're gonna be together forever!!"
"No matter how many times I'm born again, I'll always be your little sister! For sure, onii-chan!!"

"Don't hate me!! Don't rebuke me!! Don't leave me alone!!"
"I won't forgive you if you abandon me!"

"Waaahhhh! We're always together"
"Meanie meanie"
'Don't you remember our promise!?"

This manga does great deaths

"You forgot!!"

If we're together, we are the strongest.
Whether we're cold or we're hungry, we'll be alright.
I promise. We'll always be together. I won't ever leave you.
Look. There's nothing to be afraid of, right?




"I wonder if they made up."

"It's over huh..."
"I'm tired..."

"Hmmm, I see"
"Six. The weakest upper moon"
"The six thing aside, you beat an upper moon"
"This is actually pretty joyous"
"Six aside"

I hope those two get some nice fanart

"I should praise you or something"

"No, I don't really need your praise..."
"That's right!!"
"You're pretty late"
"Y-y-you're so late! Were you actually coming!! You're so late!!"


[side] Oh shiiiit

RIP ;_;

"What were you thinking, losing your left arm and left eye?"
"This is just a fight against upper moon six, at best" [Emphasize 'at best']
"How long will it take for you to recover? Who'll take your place while you're doing that?"

"I'm retiring man."
"As you can see, I can't fight anymore"
"Oyakata-sama will probably allow me to do so as well."

"Well screw that. I won't allow you."
"Right now, too many youngsters are dying off without showing signs of growth."
"And there're vacant pillar spots thanks to Rengoku dying."
"Having you in the shape you're in is a lot better than losing you. Fight to the death."

"Oh no, the young ones are definitely growing"

"At least, the one you absolutely despise is [growing]"
"Hinatsuru-hyan my neg... twisting my neck"

"You're kidding"
"He survived? This fight?"

"Kamado Tanjirou"

"Waaahhhhh thank the gooodss"
"We're aliiiiive"

"I see. They beat an upper moon..."
"Amazing job, Tengen"
"Tanjirou, Nezuko"

"Cough cough"


"A hundred years!!"
"A situation which hasn't changed for a hundred years has changed now"

"You get it? This is an "omen""
"Fate is starting to change in a big way"

"The ripple are probably spreading"
"It's swallowing up the surroundings and causing a huge jolt."

"And it'll finally reach the feet of that man"

"Kibutsuji Muzan"
"We will definitely beat you in our generation."
"You are the single blemish in our entire family...!!" [emphasize everything]

"Cough cough"
"Kids, go heat up some water"
"Then bring the cloth and medicine"


The Dimensional Infinity Fortress
If I got called here, then that means...

An upper moon was killed by the demon hunters.
[Side] The gears of the humans and demons are moving...

Sounds quite different than what the Korean scan + translation gave us earlier:

Whoops syntax
>"The ripple is probably spreading."

>The ripple
>Ripple = Hamon
>Demons = vampires
>Sun breath users = Hamon users

This really makes me think

I just took the nip raws and translated what was written. Korean user took the korean raws (JP -> KR) and translated what was written. There's bound to be differences, and that's not including translator interpretations.
Having said that, be free to prune this thing for errors.

Like: and

Most of it is honestly pretty close, the biggest differences are my fault, they're always on the bubbles that I have trouble working out

Eh, don't worry about it too much. You're doing a great job giving the gist of things. I'm just here to help clear some hard parts out.
Now we just wait for TS user.

Stuff with multiple meanings, multiple interpretations, and that can probably be changed by contexts, yeah, those must be pain in the ass I admit.

missing bubbles last panel

Thanks OP

Thank yoj OP, now we wait for TS-kun to appear.

Let's see if Akaza will be Muzan's punching back for his fit of rage again, or if we'll get to see the rest of the Upper Moons in that meeting

rip in pieces

Thank you TL user, would you be willing to translate the extra giga special chapter?

>tfw no imouto to follow you to hell.

After a nap maybe.

Two weeks later, how do we feel about pig being alive? Still "irredeemable garbage, wasted potential of a series" tier or are we chill now?

Him dying would have been stupid, he's barely even done anything yet

Fuck, besides the big bad, I love every god damn characte we've met so far. RIP brother and sister demons

That's him being surprised that she has her past human form, right? Something like "That form of yours..."

That’s a bit too literal, but yeah something like that.

It's "wounds are a joke unless a limb is off" tier now, which is a shame. But I forgive it.

Still should have never made it a chest stab.

No such thing as gook raws just scanlation

I don't think he should have died but I kind of want a time skip now, not just for him but for the others. They shouldn't be able to recoup so fast. Not really a big one but at least a couple months.

I'm pretty sure those will be the standard after major arcs from now on. We may actually have a couple more in-universe years pass during the series at this rate

I think I used more fonts in this chapter than I have over the past 20 chapters.

I wouldn't mind it, the cast takes a ridiculous beating every fight and we just spent like a 3rd of the manga chapters out on that last arc.

I'm a bit confused by the verbs, it goes
>you would've been
>you'd be
>you'd be
>you would've been
Are the first 3 supposed to be the same, like parallel? And then the last is saying, well you could've been?

I removed the 'girl' because it sounded a little weird, but I can add it back if it makes more sense that way.

I thought "your appearance..." might get the meaning across while being more casual





Let's go with
>You would've been
For all three.

Anyways, I'll take a look at it now.

;_; I love this page

p. 10

Would the last one be the same as those 3 then?


So, is new pillar a douchebag? Jerk with a heart of gold? New mentor? All 3?

pan 1 bub 2: You poked a samurai's eye out before,
pan 2 bub 2: [I forced that part in, so be free to remove it]
pan 2 bub 3: But if you had stayed obedient, you might've gone down a different path.

Yeah the same. I'll look at the page again when you're done.



He's undoubtedly a jerk, but I don't think it's possible to be in the demon hunters and be a bad person. The job is about as thankless as it gets, and you'd only do it if you were committed to protecting people that can't protect themselves at extreme personal risk


pan 6 bub 1: Are you mad about awhile ago?

pan 1 bub 3: I just didn't wanna accept that it's my fault we lost!
pan 2 bub 1: I'm sorry for not being very capable!

pan 1 bub 1: You and I are no longer siblings, or anything for that matter.

pan 1 bub 1: You forgot, didn't you!!
pan 2 side 2: Whether we're cold or we're hungry, we'll be perfectly fine.

Fun fact: If you look really closely, Gyuutarou's clothes changed back to pre-demon form.

I was checking his eye to see if the symbol would disappear, but i didn't notice his clothes. nice.



pan 6 bub 3: Six. The weakest upper moon.
pan 6 bub 5: We should actually be celebrating.
pan 6 bub 6: The six thing aside.

pan 2 bub 4: Y-y-you're so late! Were you actually coming!? You're so late!!

pan 1 bub 2: Even if this is just a fight against upper moon six, at best. [Still emphasize "At Best"]
pan 2 bub 2: I just can't fight anymore.
pan 3 bub 3: And there are already vacant pillar spots thanks to Rengoku dying.

If you want, you can make a note on that.

pan 1 bub 1: Well, the boy you absolutely despise is growing.

pan 1 bub 1: [This one is an iffy situation. If Uzui is speaking, leave it as a period. If Snake pillar is speaking, it's better as a question mark. I'll let you make the call]
pan 2 bub 1: [The Waahh might be too long. Try reducing a line off it.]

pan 1 bub 2: A situation which hasn't changed for a hundred years has now changed!
pan 2 (non sfx) bub 3: You understand? This is an 'omen'.
pan 3 bub 2: It's swallowing up its surroundings and causing huge jolts.

pan 2 bub 6: Then bring the towel and the medicine.

pan 2 bub 2: If I got summoned here, then that means...

I find it a bit endearing how they're both blaming themselves for holding back each other

It was never garbage. His ability to shift his body was hinted for some time already. People just want to hate.

Whatever, I've read enough shit to know it's an empty threat.

> s new pillar a douchebag?
Arent all pillars like that at their introduction? Each one seemed quite like a asshole the first time they appeared. Only in their own arcs we start to love them because they are just done in such a perfect way!

Love this chapter. Really made me give a fuck for the demon-siblings. And they still went to hell, not get some nice afterlife. HEAR THAT KISHI? MURDERERS DONT GET A HAPPY ENDING!!! #FuckObito.

Anyway, im hyped to see what Muzan will do. He is a coward, and having his upper-moon brigade weakened will mess with him A LOT.

"Our Family". Does this mean the head of the Demon Hunters is actually related to Muzan? Interesting!






I think panels 2-4 should start with "If you were/had..."

He's an asshole all right, but he's a bit right.
Losing ANOTHER pillar is a heavy blow to the demon hunters, even more when the demons only lost their weakest UM.
But I do hope ninja is allowed to retire, he deserves to live a happy life with his wives now.




This, Rengoku and Tengen were dicks when they were first introduced



What the fuck. This is just a chinese cartoon for little boys. Why the fuck am I crying? ;_;

Hmm, I'm gonna say it's snake guy speaking cause it transitions better, plus Uzui's font changed in the previous page so I think it should follow snake guy's normal font.

oops, forgot the waaah



> "Hack!!"
Muzan is a hack


pan 1 bub 2: We will definitely defeat you during our generation.