"The gang get a part-time job"
Where have I seen this before?

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I missed Carol

Oh great here comes Carol to enrich the manga with stupid tropes, boring cliches, and arc killing filler.

Title: I wonder if I can reign her in...
Panel 1
Misuzu: I worry about letting you work by yourself, so I'll go along with you.
Tomo: Wow, really?!
Panel 2
Tomo: Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better!
Misuzu: To be honest, I'm not really sure about it myself...
Carol: I wanna join too!
Panel 4
Tomo: Hey! Are you gonna get a job with us?
Carol: Yeah!
Misuzu: (Here it is...the part that horrifies me even more than Tomo...)

I guess she wants to see how the serfs live before she rules them.

I haven't read since the start of the flashback arc after the carol and senpai arc. What happened?

>all 3 get a job
>carol does something stupid which shocks the customer
>tomo slaps her head
>misuzu looks angry
Couldn't be any more predictable.

I don't remember.
It doesn't matter.


Turns out Jun knocked up Misuzu and she had an abortion against his wishes back in middle school

Jun's a gameboy again, and tomo's about to work for some money to buy him a birthday present.

that was a fast translation
>new outfits for everyone
my dick will be pleased

soon anons, soon

Misuzu looks weird here.

for the new anons

This shit is still going?


She always looks weird.

Oh good. I thought the author might be stretching this out with bullshit. I'm glad it ended before it devolved into shit.

This is zombie Tomo-chan. The series should've ended ages ago, now it's just getting milked for volumes.

I know right? Now you can stop coming here.

How well does this series even sell?

No idea, but even the author hadn't intended in having the series going past 100. It's no coincidence why early Tomo-chan is seen as a 10/10 manga but has sharply dropped in quality since then.

every fucking thread you faggots bitch about this series that releases one page a night and takes 5 seconds to read

I can't, i'm already in too deep. I just want to see where the series goes and how it ends.

then leave it and read it in full chapter-sized pieces later

>please don't say mean things about my favorite garbage.
Maybe you should go to reddit where you can downvote everything you don't like.


maid cafe

maybe you should go to literally any other thread about something that actually appeals to you instead of saying the same exact shit night after night

No thanks.

manual labor.

On how many pages do you think Fumita is sitting in advance?

Enough for his inevitable hiatus a month from now.


week, week and a half.

Why are these threads ghost towns here while this series is really popular elsewhere?

'ghost town' is a relative term here


People forgetting this is out of hiatus.

I thought about this last night, her friends could expect tomo to be working in some cafe or something but then out of the blue they run into a construction site and see her there busting her ass, dumbfounded they ask why and she says this one paid better, and how she can't wait to show Jun how much stronger she's gotten.

Doing my part.

It's a page a day, unless something big it's happening or a really nice page comes along, there's not that much to say, where is there more daily tomo conversation than here?

Shrine Maidens

So, what part time job will they get...

Hang out with delinquents?

host cafe... the gyarus will be number one customers.

or in the kitchen?

Nah, forget that, Tomo may be lucky to not detonate pots.

crossover pls

Here we go!

>All three just getting a job together just like that

Ferris, could just build them a brand new cafe just to keep Carol happy.

>he's never had a job

Tomo is going to punch out the customers at the soapland when they keep picking Carol over her.



>royalty free music plays in the distance

>Tomo, Misuzu, and Carol are going to get a job together

god help their fellow employees

The pay is shit,tho and the job is boring. Source: My sister worked that job in high school, they'll be better off being waitresses plus wouldn't you like to see Tomo get fired for punching a drunk and handsy customer like this predicable koma usually does?

I've never had a job where I and two other friends all got hired on the spot together, no.

you're right, we're going to need at least a week.

I want them to get in PG versions of their doujin counterparts. Misuzu tries to boss over their other fellow employees, they get fed up and start bulling her, Some clients try to convince Carol to audition for a project they're producing and it turns out is for real and in Tomo's runs into the delinquents, pretends not to know them so she doesn't have to explain how she does to the manager and the decide to be assholes to her while she waits on them.
Well, you're not a trio of cute girls are you?

>Tomo saves up enough money to book a whole night at a love hotel
>they end up doing nothing

this isn't ippo user

Ew, why the hell would you color it?

>booking a love hotel when either set of parents would disappear at a moment's notice so they can have either house all for themselves if they just have a sleepover

Why wouldn't he?

Ok, that was a little mean. I apologize.

I don't mean to belittle your work if you actually took the time to color shit. But still, why did you? Do you think it this looks better this way?

Honestly, I don't know, I just do.

Ippo booked a night at a love hotel with Kumi? Shit.

Too dark. Looks like shit desu.

well not that i know of, but i mean, that's what he'd do.
shit, he's retired and he still won't fuck her.

Feminist edit when?

Black and white is superior

Fair enough. Sorry to belittle your work. It was kind of a gut reaction.

>Sorry to belittle your work. It was kind of a gut reaction.
I post in this site and not others so I got thick skin shit just brushes off. I color because I feel like it, post anonymously so who ever likes it likes it and whoever hates it hates it. So don't worry.

unless someone takes spite on me.

This is like warm tomato soup for my soul. A night just isn't complete until Misuzu gives me that smug look.


so this happened? lol

Wow, the Japanese economy must be booming if 3 girls with no experience can just expect to all walk into the same job.

The McDonald's has now-hiring signs plastered up all over the place in there.

This going to do a three stooges sort of thing for awhile?


>WcRonalds once again hires a fluffy rich airhead who wants to play-pretend a working class life.

This better not end up being one of those situations where they go work at a Maid Cafe where they're horrible at their jobs, but the customers love them because of their wacky personalities. Please, just not that shit again.

is this blend s season 2?

Of course they will end up working at maid cafe. And jun will accidentally show up there with senpai or tanabe to push that tanabe x misuzu ship a little bit.

Compensated dating.

New plan, all three of them sign up for the JSDF.

Wish the author went back to porn at this point, Tomo became a really boring mess.

I can't think of a single thing that would suit all three of them, they are all too different. But Fumita generally avoid cliches, so hopefully he will avoid obvious jobs like maid.

>so hopefully he will avoid obvious jobs like maid.

Yep, hopefully he will go for them whoring themselves out.

just like refugees enrich germany, right :^)

So, what will happen?

- Misuzu exhausted after 10 minutes
- Tomo breaking plates and scaring customers with her IRRASHAI!
- Carol laying out tableware for a formal dinner.

carol is shit

Why is anyone attracted to this stick girl?

You can't Imagine a single reason?

Her body isn't the unattractive part.

I would pay to read this.

>Undies and her sneakers
God, I knew she was the best girl for a reason. Only the best of men would be a misuzu fan.

Sorry to shatter your dreams, but that's an edit.


sadly, no new pics