Are there any other good high fantasy animes like Record of Lodoss War?

are there any other good high fantasy animes like Record of Lodoss War?

I really enjoyed The Weathering Continent and The Legend of Lemnear, but they aren't quite on the same level as Lodoss.

not exactly high fantasy but Escaflowne might work for you

Ruin Explorers is a fun, if short, little adventure

Totally worth

Both Rune Soldier and Legend of Crystania are set in the Lodoss universe.

Berserk, Twelve Kingdoms

I actually just remembered I had this thing

Theres a short 4 episode Hentai called Dragon Knight Wheel of Time. Reminds me a lot of Record of Lodoss War but with sex. Not just in style, it has an actual plot.

DKWoT actually got a heavily edited non hentai release too. It's not very good. Either version really, but at least the hentai had tits.

Ooh never heard of this, thanks user.

Holy shit I forgot bout this.

Does Atelier count as high fantasy? It's got magic and dragons and shit in it.

Slayers is more comedic, but a good fantasy series.and generally seen as a counterpoint to lodoss war
Lodoss War is the d&d campaign you want, Slayers is the one you get

it's to this day one of my favorites. It never really got the popularity that Slayers or Lodoss did and I suspect that;s to due with only being 4 episodes long so there's not really a lot of material beyond the manga, which is about as equally short, though still a good read.

Despite it's short length though I still think it's probably one of the best paced OVAs Ive seen and gives plenty of time for all it's characters to endear themselves. Saying that though Id be lying if I said I wouldn't LOVE to see the cast get into more adventures. It leaves you wanting more, but in a good way.

There's a hentai version too but I can't find it.

Why don't they make anime like they used to?

that's a boatload

It's really expensive

Good list. I forgot about Mozaika, but that was a really good one. The final battle was phenomenal, very cool to see the Votoms director try his hand at straight fantasy.

They do. You just have to dig a lot now, because there's a ton of garbage too

Mahoujin Guruguru is fantasy but comedy/parody to rpgs same for Fortune Quest. Kemono no Souja Erin is another little gem.
Just look anime from 80/90s, there are so many of then there.

Seisen Cerberus was a recent one that was good retarded fun. And I mean that in the best way.

The big plot twist is that the hero is an idiot, whom they trained wrong on purpose. And Im being serious. It's hilarious.