WTF I love Netjuu no Susume now?

"Recovery of an MMO Junkie director Kazuyoshi Yaginuma has been tweeting, retweeting, and liking anti-Semitism content on Twitter since soon after he joined the social media service in 2011. He recently began to engage with Twitter users posting in English after his activity related to anti-Semitic posts caused a stir online."

"Yaginuma's likes and posts related to anti-Semitic content gained attention from English-speaking Twitter users last week. Initially, some Twitter users questioned whether Yaginuma fully understands the English posts he has liked and retweeted. He revealed on Monday that he used Google Translate to assist him in posting at least some of his English tweets. However, Yaginuma's tweets in Japanese continue to mirror the anti-Semitic content of his English posts."

"Yaginuma posted a string of tweets on Tuesday related to Nazi use of gas chambers and supposed links between Jews and financial conspiracies. Yaginuma attempted to cast doubt on the Nazis' use of gas chambers for mass execution during World War II because "no one has ever drawn what they look like" or how they work."

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I think I'm actually going to watch this show now

who cares

the thought police has no power in Japan so who cares

>WTF I love
Fuck off.

I liked the first few episodes but just happened to not finish it. But I'm going to pick it back up now.

Yeah, I know. Let's all do what we can to keep it that way.

He used to draw child porn a lot.

Rebecca Silvaman or whatever her name is doesn't understand. You can't fix something by making it go away, Nazi shit DID happen and it will be portrayed in media whether she likes it or not. Weren't they the villain in Dies Irae? God she's so fucking stupid.

I hope you're not implying that Japan does not have instances of people being persuaded to shut up due to having an out of the norm opinion on something

Good director, hopefully they hire him to do a military anime.
Link me to the gas chamber pics, there has to be atleast one right?

My love for this man is growing by the minute.

They are definitely freer then us at least. SJW's are absolute cancer and so will this thread once Sup Forumstards find it.

(and that's a good thing)

Certainly Japan isn't a shining model of free speech and individualism. They have their own social taboos to deal with. But clearly on certain issues they are more free than us. As evidenced by the fact that this man can tweet these things and keep his job.

Don't like jews desu

Quick!! make image in that monitor Sup Forums related stuff!

>-Rebecca Silverman
Every time. Net Juu is actually a good show so I am glad that this filters plebs. Sage because you linked ANN.

>ANN taking the chance to post sob stories of their incompetent staff

This guy isn't going to lose his job.
This guy will not go to jail for this.
Nobody will give a shit in his country.

He's a talented individual

You can't draw child porn, user.

Do you mean he traced porn of actual children or something?

oy vey