Why is realistic military anime almost non-existent...

Why is realistic military anime almost non-existent? Why is there no comfy military SOL or anime about operators doing operator things?

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Guns are wrong

Realistic anime in general is almost non-existent.

Because Japan has no real army

Because Japan only has the JSDF, and is mostly anti-war now after WWII. They also they feel that regular shows are boring, so there always needs to be some element of "anime-ness", with something different.
Upotte and Gate are the closest you'll get to shows about operators, but those are some of the most over-the-top out there.

>doesn't mention GATE
What's wrong user, were you triggered by the realistic portrayal of your shitty country?

Because real war is depressing and doesn't sell BDs.

>no comfy JSDF version of Generation Kill
Good stories usually involve wrong things

Because it only appeals to military fetishists which isn't a large audience.

There's been 'cute girls doing X things' about every kind of hobby and job lately, you might get that

Because its either going to be JSDF wank or in the case of mecha shows, the regular military will be portrayed as incompetent so the MC can shine.


An anime adaptation of Catch-22 or Generation Kill with cute girls would be the stuff of dreams.

>no comfy Generation Kill version of GATE

Anime about operator girls doing realistic operator things when?

Being in the military is mostly boring and I imagine it's worse in Japan since theirs isn't even a military in the same sense as other countries. Not that they couldn't have a series about another country's military but then you lose the Japanese appeal of it. The second Patlabor movie is pretty grounded though and some parts of it were inspired by real events. It's not a sol military movie but part of it is conflict within the different branches of the JSDF and them actually being militarized within Japan to attempt to thwart terrorism.

GATE was a little bit unrealistic user.

Dear Sakura,
Thank you for your nice letter, but I am actually a JSDF soldier who was born to kill, where you have clearly mistaken me for some kind of dog eating Chinese dicksuck. And although peace probably appeals to peace loving moeblobs like you and your parents, I happen to be a death dealing honor-crazed samurai who wakes up every day just hoping for the chance to dismember my enemies, and defile their civilizations. Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Sakura, war is motherfucking answer.

Didnt kancolle start the sameway? Bait game for militaristic and history otakus?


No about girls, but read marginal operation

Boring is kind of what I want. I loved Sora no Woto.

Spending shit tons of time waiting and smoking isn’t fun.

>spending shit tons of time waiting isn't fun
We make it fun

>mfw we will never see Brad hunt dragons with his dress blues and a sword

>whole episode dedicated to ironing uniforms you don't wear during peacetime

Does Jin Roh hit close enough to the mark for you?

Who was best girl and why was it Rolling Stone?

>What is Gunslinger Girl

The absolute state of Sup Forums

>realistic military anime
>gunslinger girl
pick one

Ray and Iceman were best girls


Fruity Rudy would like to have a word with you.


>Why is realistic military anime almost non-existent?
Realism is not entertaining. If you want realism, you are in the wrong medium.

More importantly, you don't actually want realism anyway. You just want a fantasy that fits your personal preferences, nothing to do with what is actually real. You are just lying to yourself, claiming that your fantasies are actually realistic.

About as realistic as GATE.

>the other girls don't feel like ironing and would rather play video games
>they ask the girl from a poor family to do it for 100 yen each and she agrees
>she isn't good at ironing and accidentally gets burn marks on all the dress blues
>they panic and have to come up with a plan so they don't get extra duties during inspection tomorrow
>so they end up sneaking into another platoon's shack at night and swapping uniforms with them

>"I'll PT you all until you fucking die!"

Best bet would be a Marine Corp Yumi anime.

>Realism is not entertaining
*sniff* wrong
>If you want realism, you are in the wrong medium.
that much is certainly correct, though.

didn't the author of this died or something?

I thought it was the translator who died.

Real military is boring, you have to go the black ops assassin route to get something good.
Like jormungand but the gov hit squad is the main focus.

>*sniff* wrong
I am not sure you are making any kind of argument, when you are quoting an actual imbecile.

>he doesn't like military slice of life like Jarhead and Generation Kill
Shit taste

If you can make people watch K-On and NNB because it's "cute" and "comfy", they'll watch pretty much anything no matter how boring it is. How the girls would find fun within boredom and "embrace the suck" would be the big appeal.

>Patlabor 2
>Patlabor WXIII
>Ghost in the Shell
Just watch these and if you're not satisfied then fuck urself lol


Cat Shit One.

>comfy military

Unless you're airforce, but fuck those guys.

yeah. she died in 2015 due to cancer, but she gave out the plot to the illustrator before she passed.


It’s not very realistic but the psycho pass movie has a FID interagency cooperation kind of feel to it that you might find appealing. Also Sora no Woto is the closest to real military you will get.

Christ, I remember the threads like it was just yesterday. Truly some of the last few days of /k/ being """"good""""


>Two squads shooting each other at point blank with barely any cover
>Somehow the HCLI are always unscathed

>youjo senki?
I mean it has some magic and shit but it is still pretty good

They were mostly like Ex Delta operators and stuff showing them what to do all the time.

The one time they almost got whiped was against the Navy seals and were only saved Due to Koko hacks

>no Generation Kill anime adaptation
Probably for the best, since picking best girl would be physically impossible

Terminator lolis aside, the gunfights were pretty realistic.

3DCG done right.
Literally zero investors.
Even went to Kikestarter and got nothing.
The entire world confirmed for shit taste.

Chinese are making girl's frontline cartoon.

>realistic military anime
Watch Sora no Woto and you have a fairly accurate idea of what military life is like, but with cute girls and Noelle.

Too bad chinks can't put gays in their cartoons anymore.

>How the girls would find fun within boredom and "embrace the suck" would be the big appeal.
Performing corrosion prevention on old as shit equipment, field daying passageways, filling out paperwork, taping/welding other people's shit in various places for shits and giggles, and arguing about why they're wrong and how x is a fucking shit and worst girl everyday?

It's fine, the girls are cute. CUTE!

Why does China have an issue with that anyways? Wouldn't a Marxist country want to break down traditional cultural ideals like "no homosex allowed"? At the very least it doesn't seem like the two are in conflict, and China has an overpopulation problem as it is.

>ejection opening cover is open
>weapon slung without reason
0/10 would not operate with rookie mistake

>Wouldn't a Marxist country want to break down traditional cultural ideals like "no homosex allowed"?
What? No. Marx would want do die again if he saw how much of a big faggot the average western "commie" is.

As if China would be capable of doing a consistent looking anime.

Because no one who hasn't been in the military knows what 'realistic military' is even if they think they do (which is why so much shit is made). And people who have aren't likely to be the sort making animu.