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I liked how detailed her ass was on the movie adaptation of that scene

I thought that part is skipped ?

They kept it but without the sex, she just sucks Shirou's blood and then turns into Sakura

This scene is hot as shit in the official manga.

Wait, HF manga exists ?


Square pupils are weirdly erotic

Oh shit nigga literally buckets

Theres really no need for h doujins for this one

Wait, that's official?

Holy shit this is great

Its Rider (disguised as Rin) rapes Shiro in his dream to suck his magic

The UBW anime is up its own ass and changes things just for the sake of changing them (ridiculous filler like Shinji vs the maids, and the obnoxious Gilwanking in the final battle), while the HF anime can be argued to even be better than its source material despite its time limitations, staying faithful yet knowing just what to highlight and what to downplay. Miura just isn't a competent director, unlike Sudo.

>Miura wanted meme Shinji
>Sudo wanted original Shinji
Who is our guy, Sup Forums?

I fucking hope ufo gonna animate the part where Shinji rapes Sakura, its really important part of the turning point plot of Sakura.

>remove Ilya scenes
>replace Rin H-scene with Sakura
>Kotomine and Rider only have one major scene each so far
>added Sakura scenes and directing tailor-made to maximize her waifu appeal
There is no "good despite Sakura" in Sudo's HF. It's a full-on Sakura movie, and that's what became a major hit.

>that curtain rip

Is Medusa the only Fate character that used this kind of trick for some mana (dont remember if it was that)?
Isn't there another succubus-like character that molests people for semen and mana?

Theres 2 movie left, Illya appears on mid part on the novel & Sakura becomes pure evil on later part on the novel same with kotomine, rider, & rin. Just relax, user. the 1st movie is about Sakura & Saber

>we thought HF was going to be 2 garbage yawnfest cooking movies and one good movie
>secondary critics are praising one of the assumed boring movies as the best Fate ever, a return to form after the misstep of the cringy toxic harem self insert shounen fantasy UBW and even surpassing the deep dark mature and intelligent masterpiece that is Zero

How did Sudo do it, lads? And what will happen when we get to the actually good part?

>tfw read Fate and UBW but never got around to HF
>lost my save files

Should I just watch the movie?

Two Alpha males fighting each other in gates of hell

HF is the best part of Fate, just use the skip button on the VN

>tfw you will never be fucked literally dry by rin(rider)
why even live bros

Thank god for Seinen

Apparently Nasu wanted the Heaven's Feel movie to be different from the VN but the director decided to keep it as close as possible

Sudo changed things his way, rather than being like UBW director and just going with Nasu's whims. Nasu wants to rewrite his old shit too much, he can't look at it objectively anymore.

Sudo added some nice stuff, like that montage at the beginning that shows how Sakura and Shirou grew close over a years time. How she stopped being kuudere.

What did they even replace that scene with in the non-h version? I never played HF like that.

Theres no h-scene, it just strongly implied. Then Sakura kills Shinji

Don't crosspost.

dragons i think

That's hot.

>cringy toxic harem
> deep dark mature and intelligent masterpiece that is Zero
From what shithole did you come from

>evil Seiba dragon shows up, kills shinji and rapes Sakura
Fund it.

those eyes creeped me out

reminds me of my dreams where everything seems normal then that one thing sticks that makes you think the rest of the day when you wake up

You have to go back

Given his use of "lads", I'd say Sup Forums.

>Year of Sakura
>Sudo turns down all of Nasu's ideas for the movie and tells him to fuck off
>Fans start laughing about this and saying UBW anime was shit because Nasu's ideas to change things
>Nasu botches Sakura's inclusion into FGO either to get back at Sudo for ignoring him, or just because he's a shit writer who has no understanding of proper build up
>Movie is a hit, people like Sakura in it and liked her in Prisma movie. No one has complaints about the movie so far
>FGO Sakura is nothing but complaints lately.

Starting to wonder if Nasu was actually the reason the last three orders of P1 were that good. If he didn't realize ahead of time why any of the shit going on at the moment is a fuck up, then I don't know.

What? i don't remember any ass, she just jumps over Shirou and cut. wher?


manchildren BTFO

I just wanna say that I searched youtube for "tohsaka's anus" because why not and there were quite the amount of shota's buttholes for some reason.

I only ever watched F/Z but all the other shit look stupid as fuck. Where is my Kiritsugu and Kirei?

F/Z is the story of how Zouken, Kirei and Archer become the final bosses of Fate/stay night

Are the others worth a watch if I preferred the more "mature" characters of F/Z? This is just me being mostly ignorant, but I see the series/movies with Shirou and it looks like haremshit and DUDE SEX LMAO.

>Are the others worth a watch if I preferred the more "mature" characters of F/Z?

Fate/Zero is a prequel to the visual novels.

>Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]

Fate/hollow ataraxia


Fate/strange Fake

Fate Franchise Loseless Soundtracks

>Stay Night universe
Stay Night
Hollow Ataraxia
Strange Fake

>Nasu botches Sakura's inclusion into FGO either to get back at Sudo for ignoring him, or just because he's a shit writer who has no understanding of proper build up
This is some next level delusion.

Kotomine is much better in the VN than he is in Zero.

>user watches FSN UBW and complains that Kotomine does nothing

>so I was like "I made this many great characters and now they're all gonna die!". [Laughs.]

Akane dies ?

Kiritsugu dead 5 years after F/Z
Kirei is only relevant in Fate Route & even more in Heavens Feel





Shinji tries to rape Sakura for the first time there.

I'll cum, whew boy

Do Japanese actually call each other by last/family name during sex?