Wait, what?

Wait, what?


Play our game please

Thank you.

Oh man, I didn't even read it the first time I just block it, that shit is hilarious, fuck this jew

I guess there's no harm in trying it out.
You don't want real paper money™ issued by our supreme overlord Hiro?

I would try it but
>share it on facebook
Made me close the tab, are there really retards sharing this on facebook to win a pass?

Now 4chanX no longer redirects you to the archive which is bullshit.

m00t did something wrong.
He didn't fucking delete this site before he left.

What are you talking about?


>not saving all your Sup Forums dollars to spend them on buying rolls in F/GO

Whenever I clicked links that would show the 404 screen for a second and then would redirect me to the archived thread. Now it doesn't redirect me anymore.

>yfw Sup Forums paper money ends up being worth more than bitcoin

Better than ukranian adblock bypassing malware installing ads

so jannies get paid after all?



hit em with dat WHO?

>sold us for google
Deserves to get who'd

Is Grand Summoner better than FGO?