Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Chapter 33








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What a creep.

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they'll get it together never



Other than some nitpicks, I almost like it better than batoto.








Oh yeah, TL Note on the credits for this joke.







Last page, with TL Note explaining the whole buoy thing.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you!

That was a fun chapter to read and thank you for uploading it user. Chio is a very ridiculous girl.

andou you magnificent bastard

I have completely forgotten about this series, but I remember reading it. Last time I read it, one of the girls did a panty less leg split or something like it. At 33 chapters, it isn't as far as I would have liked. Is this a monthly? I'll go put this down in my list before I forget again.

Andou is the fucking best. Literally the only reason to read this series

It's a monthly and we're a few chapters behind. I think Vol 8 is releasing soon too.

Someone explain to me why you would use kanji for "Su"? Why not just use the hiragana?

Chio is the cutest

Thanks for the dump, I'll go read it online right now and get caught up. It's a odd time of the night to be dumping though, the thread might 404 and others may not be aware.

Thanks user.

>It's a odd time of the night to be dumping
Finished this right after Tomo, and I hate holding on unreleased stuff for too long.

>yfw it's an Andou episode

I'll go find that thread right NOW. I need to see if Jun finally fucks misuzu.

holy shit!!!!

he's hitting her weak point. she told her bitch friend that she wanted a man to propose to her while standing on that pipe, because it would be "cool"

The fucking madman!

The balls on this man

Night? It's morning you nimrod.

Super cute chapter, thanks for the dump.

Oh shit he actually did it!

Thanks for this, bud. Looking forward to the animation.

Damn, I vaguely remember that.

This chapter was great, thanks!

wow, didn't expect that.

>Andou confesses to Chio
>Nagatoro kisses Senpai
Goddamn its been a good week

don't forget
>Miku tells sensei she loves him (ignore the fact he was drunk)

Is Manana eventually going to part ways with Chio-chan, or is she eventually just going to begrudgingly accept Chio for all that she is? Seems like she's been kind of annoying lately.

Marina Inoue for Manana or we riot

Isn't manana just as fucking weird as Chio is?

she has a few of her own quirks but other than that she's basically just a failed normie, very quick to try and win the affection of strangers and generally tries to follow whatever trends she sees

They really are perfect for each other

>I finally confessed to a girl and all I've got was these shitty plastic bottles

imagine the offspring.....

parental neglect is not funny user

>mfw yurifag
>mfw I like Andou

He's a good match for Chiyo I guess, it's not like Manana is even trying

so she didn't actually hear him and that bit at the end is her mishearingagain and getting shy?

>Manana is the cutest

>Is Manana eventually going to part ways with Chio-chan
Nah, the entire point is that they are best friends despite how shitty they are to each other.

what does being a yurifag have to do with andou

also the series has 1 lesbo character and they only showed her twice
youre just hungry for intimacy

Best ship.

Damn, pure-hearth delinquents are he best.

I just wanted Manana and Chiyo to clash clams but I'm okay with Andou

why them tho?

you already have a nudist freak and a lesbo who likes to molest girls

>pure heart
>trying to seduce a high-school girl

ThereĀ“s is nothing wrong in that user.

hes trying to woo her

its not like he wanted her to eat the cake off his sexy abs

Andou fucking did it in 20 chapters!
OVA when?
Anime when???

I just think they are perfect together

>OVA when?
>Anime when???
Isn't it like April?
Just wait for all those doujins about Kabadi senpai losing to the dick

You cold always look at the mangaka's H-work with loli chio and titty monster Manana.

maybe one day user

Same reason you use the kanji for anything.

The dream.

I wonder if he's sitting on a mountain of Chio-chan porn that he'll never release.


The artist used to draw doujins, so there is that.



These looks like Yuki's parents.


He should have made more vanilla like this. Stupid silly situations that force people to become a couple, that was his thing and I'm sad he didn't recognize it or capitalize on it.

still one of the best hentai comedy romance I've ever read

really regret not buying his project h translated tank when I had the chance.

>she's been kind of annoying

Toss glasses onto any of his characters and all his porn becomes Chio chan porn since most of his characters look the same.

>Toss glasses

>I hope you're ready for plastic bottles!
>I thought you said "I like you"
>No, no, I said life buoy. That's what I call plastic bottles
>You call plastic bottles life buoys?
>Yeees. It's a regional dialect.