God tier Harem anime

I'll start

Is there really no picture of them all together in the visual novel becauee this if so this picture was unnecessary and poorly photoshopped

There's only one scene with 4 girls together, I think, but none with Yuuji apart from CGs.
They definitely could have just found a rip instead of shopping out the sprites though.

>ywn have a cute blunette tsundere loli angel ask if it's ok to cuddle next to you


I've only watched the anime, and supposedly the manga has an actual canon harem ending, but I wouldn't have minded if he ended up with just Mushi


4got pic

So kill yourself, filthy BR.

THIS series single handedly changed the game of harem series and buried all the cliches.

>titties make noise like a sack full of liquid every time they move

this annoyed the everloving fuck out of me

Color Wars.



>High School DXD
>god tier harem anime

The cockblocking antic ruins it

But there is only single girl in the running.


S2 when

Not an anime, but this is pinnacle harem right here.

Forefather and reigning king.



Mio is the head wife of the harem.

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