Tokyo Ghoul:re 160

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Havent seen spoilers this early and unceremoniously ignored since.. ever.

i've read all of this manga and i cant tell who the characters are

Looks like Talker finally found Kaneki

We've officially entered Bleach-tiers of fuck-this-shit creepy weird shit.

poor talker-chang

what are the worms underground called? that are apparently still active? it felt like the plot really glossed over them and i think theyre important

They're not active, they're all dead.

That's Ui finding Arima.

No one cares anymore.

i thought the native ghouls were talking about fighting them though? like in present tense

No, there's only one Naga and that's the UK. The ghouls he spawned and where they went? Fuck knows. Ask Kaneki once he comes to.

>After months of bullshit we got Spoilers at their normal time

I guess with the manga/part 2 ending soon everyone’s just all “fuck it” and not holding back on leaks.

Cuckneki is Fucking dead! Lol

Winter Olympics, user.

If there was ever any doubt that Kaneki is literally a god right now.

this shit is from Naruto

Naruto doesn't have SHIT on the mindfuckery that was Pernida

Remember Danzo?

We're getting them early because of some double issue shit, a lot of things are getting early spoilers.

Holiday in Nipland tomorrow + Valentine closing in.

I haven't been here in these threads for very long time and I can say this manga is real crap. Also why people still giving a fuck to this shit? Are they narutards?

Here’s your (You)

>threads barely existing outside of spoiler day
>when there is a thread, everyone shitposts and spams aaaaaaa memes and pastas
>reply count might go over 200-400 but there are barely any posters asides from samefags who keep dragging thread with their shitposting
You have funny definition of people caring for this on this site.

well some actually care

feeling violated huh?

Oh so the eye covered hand isnt Kaneki's real hand? Dammit that wouldve been pretty cool


666 on his fingers

F-Femtoneki soon g-guys...

Even though we all knew Ishida is hack among hacks, even though we all called that this is gonna happen it still makes me want to neck myself upon SEEING IT HAPPENED!!

Good news I guess is that this garbage is in its final arc.


AnToukafags and trannyfags will never recover

>Wtf I love Talker now

so all the shit mutsuki did is just swept under the rug

>the eye covered arm wasn't kaneki's real arm
Fucking disappointed.


And the story ends with Kaneki providing an unlimited food source for the ghouls who live side by side to face the new trouble, vampires

This is so stupid.


I wonder if Ishida thinks this is good?

Did Ishida really have to waste a whole chapter on just Touka digging up Kaneki? I mean this was even more boring than all the shit we‘ve got in the past couple weeks.

Why's urie have a manlet kagune?

He's worn out, he's gotten stabbed a lot today.

This manga is so fucking dead. I probably wouldn‘t even care anymore if Eto suddenly pops up out of nowhere.

If her comeback will be as disappointing as Hide's then yeah.

So kaneki is still a nugget? that arm looks like its not attached to body.

No, it's what Touka pulled Kaneki out after

The fact that Mutsuki won't die? Or the fact she is suddenly protecting Touka?

Vancouver is sleeping?
You lost your chance. No temple of Eto = No re-enactment of Talk It and not Eto comeback. She's worm food.

Well no more dying bull shit



Chapter has no text
Chapter is out and is textless
Literally could have been done in one (1) page but whatever ishida

>dat first page

We made it Toukabros. Touka is Batman now!

Those of you who say that Touka doesn't love Ken after all this can kindly fuck off

R.I.P. kaneki ben 2017-2018

Doesn't seem to be coming from her between her legs, or stomach. Ben is safe. Cry harder user.

Tired of this fuckin bitch

We had Rize and now this cunt ruined everything again
Fuck this garbage

shit character, not even a character, a plot device

Literally just Kaneki in a wig for 90% of her appearances.

literally the only relevant thing Rize has done was being the first ghoul Kaneki encounters, everything else happened in Kaneki's mind.

mutsuki somehow touching herself

Who cares stupid faggots still better than muh saint Talker

So what happens now that they've got Kaneki free? Just give him a slap on the wrist and let him be on their way? Surely the CCG should kill him and the ghouls will want him alive and make all sorts of conflict?

Chapter in a nutshell was pretty much this

Why are you expecting people to start acting rationally now? Hell they'll probably all throw him a parade.

Did anything really happen this chapter?

Kaneki is a cucklet again, Mutsuki got talk-no-jutsu'd, we had another bullshit Rize talk.

Jesus this manga has gone downhill.



Wait, Mutsuki isn't evil anymore?

Why does this stupid mangaka put in filler scenes that nobody gives a fuck, like do you seriously need a whole chapter on 1 scene about talker finding kanenkei. this is the Room all over again with shit like the moving showing what people buy instead of just flash forwarding to johnny's scene with mark.

Tokyo ghoul. Eh whatever

I remember the years when fans claimed Kaneki and Touka were better characters than Eren and Mikasa, oh how times have changed now

I remember how much Sup Forums loved this manga back in chapter 50ish of :re.
Now it's a fucking shit that I cant drop because I've already spent too much time on it.


Funny how the shift also happens at the same time

It's no coincidence the quality of the manga dropped as soon as Touka started getting more screen time and when Eto and Arima were removed from the story.

>all the shit mutsuki did
im pretty sure mutsuki going yandere has yet to accomplish anything

So Kaneki's arms dont have eyes on them? That's a shame

Post the most retarded panel Hackishida has ever drawn.

Those were the days. What happened Ishida?

you faggots are in an abusive relationship with this series, all you ever do is complain but refuse to stop and move on

This is true Stockholm Syndrome.

We are the cruel joke of this manga.

>not dropping it every week
what's wrong with you user

The blood is clearly dripping down her legs which means it came from her clit or her belly. Why would Ishida emphasize these panels so much? It only makes sense that she miscarries after all she went through.

This manga is still pretty alright if you read it in a long sitting.

It overshadows the asspulls and the cliffhangers.

gotta finish what you start mate

Also it's pretty alright in comparison with almost everything else.

True. Only good shit left is HxH and SNK

Did we really need a whole chapter of touka digging out kankei, this series died when arima did.

It dropped when Arima and Eto got the spotlight and Arima turned out to be Itachi and Eto a plain retard.


everyone can clearly see where it all went downhill


nice paint and 1 min delay

How can Mutsuki be in two places at once?

We really are.