Toji no Miko

Episode 6 is out!

Supai desu!

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Yomi ;_;

I was hoping they were going to take her with them to get healed or something.

What is this cake planning?

Bitch deserved it for hurting Nene and Ellen’s titties.

Don't do drugs kids.

Poor girl. It must suck to be a tool that isn't even valued.


Go, Hiyoyon, go!

Which toji is the sexiest?

How to steal Yukari-sama's harem for her own.





>Yukari is too busy trying to perfect her sauce recipe to notice how badly girls both young and old want to fuck her

art when


This is that anime with the pocky scene in the van right

Yomi ;_;


Fucking love Ga Rei Zero, sadly the manga sucked.


I didnt read the mango because ive heard it was shit and because I know that it didnt have a /u/ end

Oh god I feel old.


Mihono top miko.

Does the anime have one?

Now that the series established glowing red eyes = part Aradama doesn't this confirm Sayaka to be part Aradama in some way?

should I pick this one?

Yeah, it has very sexually attractive girls.

A girl this cute couldn't possibly be a monster.

Not part-Aradama, but rather injected with Noro. Maybe. In any case, we really haven't seen an explanation for the glowing eyes aside from a possible connection to Noro exposure or Aradama influence.

Probably. It's not much of a surprise, though. After we found out Sayaka was meant to be Yomi's replacement and Yomi had aradama powers...

The glowing eyes seem to be related to noro exposure -- note how Yomi's eyes don't glow until she overdoses on noro -- but there's clearly something else at work here, too.

Sayaka, Maki, and Suzuka seem to be able to control their glowy eyes, although it also seems to be related to emotions.

>ywn get pinned down by Yomi
Why live?

I think that's a bit different. Sayaka's seem like has to do w/ being controlled while the guards were still conscious when they showed off their eyes.

I don't think that's it. Sayaka stopped fighting as soon as she lost her sword. She activated it on her own before she jumped up the building, too.

I think she lets the sword fight for her using her body as a medium, a sort of maximum channeling w/ the Okatana. That's why she was able to use Jin'i continuously.

What if the Origami end game is pumping noro into students and letting them get possessed by Aradama, with only the elite guard and Yukari being sentient.

Maybe she's the new and improved model because she doesn't need noro injections and gets it all from her sword somehow.

We call that the Toji Instrumentality Project.

So Yukari just wants the TIP?

>anime end with Resident evil



What a pussy

YOMI ;---------;





Are they even cat ears?

Kaoru surely appreciates that.

All I the only one that hopes she's blind /eyepatch because for some reason that's attractive?.... Hope not


As you might know, the writer for Toji no Miko is Takahashi Tatsuya.

One of his famous works is Kizuato. One of the plot elements in that are oni. For a time there was a sequel planned with the main concept being natural oni vs. man-made oni.

Swap oni with Aradama and there you go.

Ellen is the first main character to get wounded

Well, Aradama is proven to be a blanket term for just about any supernatural being as shown with Nene being a youkai that's not an Aradama. Also, seeing Yomi's grotesque transformation leans really close to Oni.

I wouldn't call that a real wound.

Nene is an Aradama. He's benign because he's the guardian spirit of Kaoru's family.

A civil war is looking to be more and more possible.

She probably have some broken rib.


>tfw the token baka gaijin isn't actually a baka



The wording is wonky.


Hiyori was right. REMOVE ARADAMA.

Cyber-newtypes, not even once.

Will she be redeemed?

I wish they had taken her with them to the submarine to be un-aradama'd.

>implying Yukari-sama is he bad guy


Kaoru is such a little cunt dess.

How tight is she?

I'll let you know once I'm done with her.


I could see her doing it for the reason of growing stronger and being able to eventually defeat some bigger evil that's about to fuck shit up or something. The plot is progressing pretty quickly so I am not sure how they'd make two cours work with the same opponent that has been known since episode 1 or was it 2?

I want to dislocate Ellen's shoulders while fucking her too hard

Sometimes it just looks like hair, at other times it distinctively looks like ears. Not entirely sure yet

>guy next to her just decides to take a pic of those tiddies


Dumb and loud gaijin.

She's actually pretty clever.

Stop talking to yourself.

Man this Gif was misleading as fuck

Gokumi is such a shit studio.

Wait. Her name is Elisabeth? Then why the hell are we calling her Ellen and not Betty?

Betty ain't cute.

You ain't cute.

Okay, saving budget for the fights is good and all, but goddamn this episode was hard to put up with.

About to start watching this. What am I in for?

CG girls with swords.


6 episodes of lesbians running in the rain and shitty CG.

Literally nothing happens: The Animation.



Swordfights MOCAP'd by professional LARPers.
Seriously, this is the best shit I've ever seen.


If you can get past the CGI you'll find a show that has a decent plot and the rare case of actual sword fights using real life styles.