Was her dick fear justified or hamfisted?

Was her dick fear justified or hamfisted?

he was seriously packing, it was justified

I loved that dub. Why did the female lead have to croak?

hamfisted, after all the sex innuendo bullshit you're going catholic school girl on me? fuck off.

Look at the shadow, she might actually not afraid of dick, but in Takuni's case I think it's justified.

Complete whoops can't let characters have sex at any cost bullshit
Fisted right up the ham with two hands

That dick was pretty large though

He was like 10 inches, of course she was scared

What they said

Why is it so needlessly big

Is the anime or manga better when it comes to shimoneta?

I think it went LN straight to anime, no manga

Why is she so perfect?

Well you can make jokes about dicks but seeing an erect one in front of you is something completely different. So yeah, I say it is justified.

Because she knows what she wants

This, she's a pure girl who just likes lewd jokes.

There is literally nothing scary about a dick.


I am scared of my huge dick, i had to masturbate blindly. HELP

Holy shit you're more beta than the male MC of Shimoneta

I really like her design.
I've been planning on rewatching, how's the dub?

Please someone do a blacked edit of this where her face changes into something wilder.

The dub is pretty alright

Which show did the "deuteragonist sees protagonist's dick" scene best?

Hajime no Ippo

The dub gets more creative with the innuendos than the sub. It’s just as fun, so I say go for it.

Completely justified.