Masaaki Yuasa works that are better than Devilman Crybaby. I'll start

Masaaki Yuasa works that are better than Devilman Crybaby. I'll start.

>an 11/10 is better than a 9.5/10

Whats your point?

To get bandwagoners to watch Yuasa's other stuff

Nope, not this movie.

ping pong


Ping Pong>Devilman Crybaby>Kaiba=Kemonozume>>>>>>>Tatami Galaxy

Kemonozume and Mind Game are masterpieces, and the truest to Yuasa's philosophy and aesthetic.

His work on Shin-chan and Chibi Maruko-chan is classic, and show's a lot of clear development of his own style.

Kick-heart, Noiseman, and Cat Soup are great examples of his ability to add abtstraction and thematic depth through motion.

Kaiba, Ping Pong and the Tatami Galaxy are all great shows, but a bit watered down thematically compared to the broad scope of Kemonozume and Mind Game. The linework has started to clean up some as well, which I personally don't prefer. I would still consider these works of great quality and importance.

Lu and Yoru wa Mijikashi are heavily derivative of other works, and the flash animation is choppy at points. There isn't much in the way of a story for either film. Still nice movies overall, with moments of great animation.

Devilman is antithetic to Yuasa's personal philosophy and style. Aside from a few well animated action sequences, it has very little value. The anime original elements of the script felt like forced sentimentality, and the designs are outright bad, being both unlike Yuasa and Nagai's aesthetic.

Shit taste.

Nice, is Kemonozume that great? I'll thrust you because Mind Game is my favorite from him.

It's incredible, and easily one of my favorite anime of all time.

Don't fall for it kemonozume becomes a mess half way through.

Your opinion is shit.

Tatami Galaxy> The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl> Pingpong> Mind Game> Kaiba> Kemonozume> Devilman Crybaby> Lu Over the Wall> Kick Heart

Excuse me, Ping pong is in the wrong position.
Pin Pong > all

>Night is Short that high
Fuck no.

Why not

Is Kemonozume any good? I've been thinking of watching it.

Ping Pong's the only thing that I've seen of his that I enjoyed at all (I've seen it, Tatami Galaxy and Devilman Crybaby)

Ping Pong > Kaiba > Devilman Crybaby > Tatami Galaxy > The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl > Mind Game > Kick-Heart > Lu Over the Wall

This. True patrician taste, user.

Because it's the least innovative piece of work he has created. I enjoyed the movie aswell, but no way in hell can a light reskin of TTG be superior to Ping pong.

Easily his best TV show, in my opinion.

Your opinion is shit.

how the fuck is tatami galaxy any higher than kaiba

Tatami Galaxy = Ping Pong > Kaiba > Mind Game > Lu > Devilman > Kemonozume > Night is short

Anything is better than Devilman Crybaby

Devilman > All

I'm a Go Nagai fag so I don't give a shit about most of Yuasa's output works except for Kemonozume which is the closest to Nagai's vision.

From a purely technical perspective, Mind Game and some of the Shin-chan stuff is easily the strongest. His Science Saru works are the weakest by far.