Classroom of the Elite

Kei is the Alpha Waifu.

Don't fuck arround with Kei, she will Cock Block you!

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did someone say cockblock?

Horikita-chan is cute and best girl.

End game.

>A best.
>Best girl
>Best wife
>Best waifu

I agree .


She rose to the top just inline with the Age of Gyaru

I'm looking forward to Ryuuen/Kei interactions in the future. She'll probably first be pissed Kiyotaka is now cooperating with him and lay into both of them. Should spice up her interactions with Kiyo too

Their bickering will be gold to us. It'll be hilarious while 50% is watching them. Ryuuen is a tsundere character while Karuizawa is becoming a proper tsundere lead.

Hasebe is a bro, helping 50% to push Sakura to the side while at the same time lessen her pain just in case

rare kei with no ponytail in the back. we need more of those, preferably LN ones

I mean she even had a ponytail when nude in the shower. not that this bigass ponytail kept her hair dry while showering. Really hoping for an LN ponyless Kei soon

Alpha Waifu


Kei looks so cute with Hairs down...

Kei best girl

That's the same shit I said a few threads ago lol. We really need an illustration of Kei without her ponytail (make it happen Tomose!)

Sudo pls go.

Someone who still uses that meme huh.

Suzune is my Waifu!

I'm a Keifag but I have to agree, that meme is old as fuck, older even than the "Hirata fucks Kei meme" that some shittposters always post.....well, both are weak so we can always ignore them. Best thing to do is discuss about the novel and post pics of our favorite girls.

People will keep Sudoposting as long as Sudo's feelings for Horikita exist.

That's true.

Well, I don't disagree. The poster above you is probably the same person making a meme out of himself. It's just one would think to at least follow the current meme tread which, if I'm not mistaken, is yuri with Kushida. I don't follow Youkosozitsu threads as much anymore because they tend to be enervating and poisonous to be around, so it's ehh.

His feelings are irrelevant. Forcing roleplay onto people to discredit them is the main reason why a meme, and a poor one that knowing its associated history.

That is really hypocritical. If you call Sudoposting a meme. Why you Horiktafags keep posting on a dead ship HoriktaxAyanokoji. There are no feelings there for the both of them. Also the main character doesn't really care for Horikta.

>His feelings are irrelevant.
They're not irrelevant. Nobody shitposts Airi with t. Yamauchi because he already gave up, unlike Sudo in 7.5, who keeps chasing Suzune after getting rejected

You should re-read the post again. I didn't say shipping itself is a meme, but calling people "Sudo" is a meme.

That's not the point. You also need to re-read what I said.

>Nobody shitposts Airi with t. Yamauchi
>in other words Sudoposting is shitposting
Phew. A Keifag who doesn't deny this is rare.

I thought everyone was fine with calling other anons with names from the series. It wasn't that deep or serious really. Welp

>I don't follow Youkosozitsu threads
Fucking liar, I recognize your posting patterns, you are the one that shits the threads, akifag

Why do you always feel the need to reply twice to someone's post and acting as if there were 2 different people? It's always a long post that quotes multiple posts, followed by a clear shitpost using "keifags" or "keishitters" right after. Too much of a coincidence if you "two" just happen to post in the same hours

Phew, thread full of shitposting
Best thing to do is to ignore that retard. He thinks nobody would recognize him, but he never thought about the daily threads + low IP count

>conspiracy theories
We here fucking go.

Thanks for confirming your identity, shitposter-kun

Hi emilia

You too, Keifag. But too bad I'm not the other person you shitpost at.
>Keifags didn't deny his own logic about shitposting

Hi Cinnamon. Up for more shitposting, are you?

Seriously, both sides should just ignore everything and focus on discussing about the novel and posting favorite girls, or just wait for TL user to drop the last chapter of volume 7.5, that way we can have some comfy threads.

You just proved you were the two previous horikita shitposters I quoted with your posting pattern. Have my last (You)

Ignore them. It's the two Saekano autists. Nobody can stop them.

That's pretty much impossible since THAT guy never discusses about the novels and only attacks fanbases. He's more active during weekends and his only purpose is shitting the threads by shoehorning his headcannon with meta arguments and baits

I'd be surprised if you discussed about the translations at least once instead of doing what you always do, but I don't think you even read the novels

>a shitposter calling someone else a shitposter
>muh samefag and boogeyman
Thanks for confirming it's you. Reply twice to make it more obvious while you can't deny that Sudoposting is shitposting by your own logic.

Is there any chance of getting a season 2?

>getting so triggered by sudoposting
I didn't quote them because they are best left ignored. And for someone who said
>I don't follow Youkosozitsu threads as much anymore
you are pretty much in every thread and in every fight
No, director-kun killed all chances of a S2 by making the anime flop

that's pretty sad, I thought the anime was really good

Director-kun here.

>they are best left ignored
Nice shitty backpedal. Doesn't change the fact they shitposting. You can't even disagree
>you are pretty much inevery thread
Of course I am, I follow threads the same as you do, Kei shitposter-kun. I didn't say otherwise, moron. You quoted someone else
>in every fight
Nope. But you would love that, I bet

any recommendations (aside from Oregairu)?

It's not as though I'm unfamiliar with the state of affairs that surround these waifu/fanbase wars, but, geez, how do you go from discussion to DEFCON 1 escalation after a single civil argument? Irrational jumping-to-conclusion finger-pointing is one of the main reasons why I've been lurking less and less.

Ignoring what just happened, I'm pretty sure my argument was reasonable and sound. I don't feel like getting dragged into another battle as a bystander between bad seeds among Horikita and Kei's respective fanbase, so I'll just leave another Horikita-chan here and go.

Keifags are just cancer.

Every fanbase are cancer.

Some are worse than others, like looking for any angle to tilt and use for happy-triggering shitpost and war mongering self-satisfaction.


Emilia bingo


Real alpha coming through.

U mean stone

Obuki is Omega Waifu.

All of you are fucking retarded. i hope this series just goes to the gay route so that all of you can be blown the fuck off. fucking morons.

Editor would never allow that user but I agree that waifu wars are stupid.

Whorikitafags are the worst


I forget her Name, she isn't that importnant.

Kei is best girl and winner.

new thread to shitpost?

stone coming through

I have a thing with cute blonde

No TL today?

We don't know

I'm afraid not tonight. I've been busy today and I've just started the translation of the chapter. Part 1 is a pretty long one so I'll just dump it all in one go when I'm finished with it all. I think I'll likely be done with it by tomorrow evening so I'll be dumping translations then.

god speed user

thank you

Thank you user, take your time. We need a break from all this shitstorm going

For all you Whorikitafags, go read this and stop shitposting

Kei and Honami are both best Girls.

>triggered as fuck over this and even attacked the wrong person
Keifags are the worst fans isn't just a saying .

that's the V3 scene wherein Whorikita got toolzoned.

that was a bit different from anime. thanks

Gorikita getting toolzoned waas the best thing that happened this summer

Horikita is a great girl and has an admirable conviction. Hopefully Ayanokouji's current defrosting state will have him be tsundere to the idea of accepting Horikita as an ally sooner or later.

He is already supporting her to become a proper class leader. He just won't have any special feelings for her.

Careful, bro, you're gonna trigger Keishitters.

He'll accept Horikita as his partner soon at this rate. Then they'll be equals who will formulate keikaku after keikaku against the other classes. As far as being a partner goes, Horikita is better suited for Kiyotaka. She has the brains to back it up. Kei can be turned back into a pawn. She's better at moving on the front lines. Horikita and Kiyotaka to plan together in the back. Hirata and Kei to move on the front lines as pawns. This is the ideal combination for D class.

>Horikitafags never start shit they say

Worst fans still are the worst.

God Tier:
Karuizawa, Ichinose.

High Tier:
Sakayanagi, Haruka.

Mid Tier:
Sakura, Hiyori, Chabashira, Satou.

Low Tier:
Kushida, Ibuki.

Shit Tier:

>God Tier:
>High Tier:
Sakayanagi, Ichinose
>Mid Tier:
Sakura, Haruka, Hiyori, Chabashira, Satou
>Low Tier:
Kushida, Ibuki
>Shit Tier:

You Horikitafags never get tired of failing hard to predict shit.

Nice wishful thinking.

His support is still in the useful cover kind though. What what I hope for is actually accepting her in his mind as an ally. One of the issues that he has is trust, so perhaps that one thing that can be developed further beyond Kei by starting to trust Horikita more.

Put Sakayanagi in god tier, Sato and Hiyori in high tier and I'll agree.

Nice irony and hypocritical joke .

It'll be perfect if you swap Horikita and Karuizawa and move Sakayanagi up.

Looks like he woke up again. Just report and ignore, guys.

It's impossible for him to trust her, she's far too inpredictable, she can betray him when a time comes, heck, she even went to side with Kushida, so it's far non feasible to have him give her the same amount of trust he's giving to Kei.

>no new IP
>sperging out reaction

He will. There's still literally years left to go for them as high school students. Plenty of time for development. He will come to accept Horikita as his partner. This is only a matter of time. Not IF but WHEN. Because looking at it objectively, Horikita is a better partner for someone like Kiyotaka. Someone who can think on the same wavelength as him. Help him find flaws in his schemes and fix them as needed. Kei is more of a front line person. She's better off following orders and moving on the front lines while the brains like Kiyotaka and Horikita come up with the plans. Kei can have Hirata assist her in this regard since they are both considered social butterflies in the school. It really is the ideal combination if we're looking at this objectively without any rose-tinted glasses affecting our view.

>God Tier:
Sakayanagi, Ichinose.

>High Tier:
Karuizawa, Haruka.

>Mid Tier:
Horikita, Hiyori, Satou

>Low Tier:
Kushida, Ibuki, Chabashira, Sakura.

Put Horikita in high tier too and I'd agree.

Samefag-kun turns to be a horikitafag.

Post your best QTKitas. Starting with 50% tickling his SuzuSuzu.

Sakayagi and Ichinose better than Kei. Get the fuck out with that shit taste