ITT:Describe an anime badly, Others guess what it is

Boy who is a loner joins a small club.
At first it is only him and a quiet bookish girl but then a popular girl who doesn't quite feel she fits in with the "it" crowd joins.
shenanigans ensue.
During these shenanigans the meet: a trap, a yaoi fangirl and the boys little sister.
more shenanigans ensue.
The quiet bookish girl and the popular girl develop feelings for the boy.
Drama ensues.
The quiet bookish girl wins.
The End .


>described the entire plot
>describe an anime badly
you're not very good at this

Nope snafu
I did it good enough that someone got it wrong

Nah can't be cause yozora didn't win the trap did

I want to say my teen romance Snafu, but have only seen the start and don't know how it ends. But start matches

>Good isekai that we're waiting for a s3
>Actually discusses strategy properly in rpgs


Honestly this could be either Haganai or Snafu- the premise of those shows are exactly the same

Log Horizon

Man you're waiting early

A brain damaged alien journeys across the land with a girl who doesn't know if she wants endless strawberries or a boyfriend.

A teenage boy must deal with his changing body after going in his first date.
Later he joins a gang at the insistence of his new boss.

High School DxD?



Local man slowly realized his entire life since birth was just one massive Keikaku

Bizzarely proportioned Tokyo girl is banished to the countryside where she comes to enjoy time spent with the backwards natives

non non biyori


Dragon Ball

Desu I don't think eye gouging counts as a date.

Young shonen boy learns to run away less

Bleach? Somehow came to that conclusion without realizing the significance of keikaku.

maybe thats the joke nigboi


Long term partners 'White Man' and 'Black Man' eat the peppers of failure

Everyone's dead but not really that dead

A Japanese man gets put on a boat, he likes it so he stays on the boat

Black lagoon.

A guy meets a hot chick and then he is haunted by ghosts and weird shit while avoiding pedophilia charges.

A few manga ones.

1) Local messiah too angry to die.
2) Degenerate and his batshit insane girlfriend make a movie.
3) Degenerate gets his leg sawed off by his batshit insane little sister.
4) Frigid aspie becomes a lesbian in her struggle to not get overshadowed by other, best girl. Fails miserably.
5) Girl is joined by four magic and two non-magic bishies in her struggle to keep foreigners out of her country.
6) With the help of a pirate, a juvenile delinquent must defeat a skeleton, an ape and a Mexican.
7) A cockroach, an old fart and a slut must join forces to fight a child prostitute.
8) Four Kamen Riders unite to destroy humanity, through the help of a surgeon.
9) War veteran-turned-farmer might eventually fight sword autist.

Cowboy Bebop?

I have no fucking clue about any of these, but your descriptions made me laugh out loud.

Is it too early to ask for hints?

I know the second one, but can't remember the fucking name.


Also a manga one:
Bunch of people crash a plane through time on island where main cause of death is a Karmic Justice

Orphan boy thought he was a loser. Is actually a literal re incarnation of jesus.

Angel Beats?

A victim of a successful gene splicing experiment attempts to solve a murder by stripping with her sister and later, her mother.

1. Girls do sport that should realistically kill them
2. Person who cannot be killed tries to get money by unconventional means
3. Mecha named after high ranking aristocrat travels a long distance
4. Bunch of people cannot go home unless they see people naked
5. People always misunderstand the message as "why doesn't a cute girl save me"
6. Thinly veiled warring states featuring animal friends
7. Person with symmetrical hair decorations does work far from home
8. Local practitioner does literally nothing wrong
9. Anime hijacks a hashtag and leads to angry newspapers
10. Twist is that a girl is literally a house
11. Main character contains antagonist on her enormous tits
12. Person power-ups because carrots have vitamins
13. Local man is on fiery revenge
14. A girl is deceived to kill her father
15. Bad guys cannot enjoy bread

man realizes he is godzilla but continues getting raped by furry females

Don't forget unnecessary flashbacks!
Cage of Eden

and 13 are Shoryuken: The manga.

Not One Piece, that's for sure

Yeah, 13 was right.

1 is Girls Und Panzer
2 sounds like Mai-chan's Daily Life
4 is Those Who Hunt Elves
5 is Welcome to the NHK
8 might be Black Jack

Right except for 2 and 8.

>A man hangs himself, and a woman threatens to sue



tokyo ghoul?

was also meant for



cute girl does dumb, gross, and cringy things

8) Is Franken-Fran

Concrete Revolutio

A potato, a doll, a bird and a snake go on a journey to a harsh and unforgiving place.
Hint: in search of someone's lost mother

Watamote or Galko-chan.

Two sinners eat baguettes.

>The quiet bookish girl wins.
oh so this is a stealth bait thread

An autist is bullied because he cant move rocks.

Correct, one of the few decent isekai imo. Overlord is also good but not right re-bingeing overlord at moment

Anime becomes real.

I didn't know Guts was Japanese

8. Shiki?

Wait Yuckyno won?

anime about a girl growing up
the town where she lives thinks it's funny to give their children brain damage
her friends also find out, and 2 were like; ''yo fuck this shit, peace'' and run away
later she tries to find a nuke or some shit.
she also gets a child, and in the end scene tells her husband; ''let's not give our child brain damage, lol''

black clover?

Avatar the Last Airbender.

Right you are.

UN Diplomatic mission faffs around accomplishing little

This could be Shinsekai Yori described by a speedwatching retard as that's almost what happens in the series but not at all.

Young man gets scammed out of increasingly large amounts of money by a fortuneteller spouting Barnum statements.

(manga) Twisted old man repeatedly pounds billions of people many times over, while travelling backwards through time


girl forces guy at gunpoint to take over leadership role in order to save herself and her friends from death.

This post in hindsight is pretty hilarious as your notions of "brain damage" and main character supposedly not giving the child brain damage reveal you missed a lot of what the story was trying to convey.

Evangelion for kids, and with Mons instead of Mechas

Rick and Morty the manga

1. A girl pees herself and another girl butters up her pooper.
2. A bandmember flashes her panties to the MC. She later dies.
3. Monsters eat at a restaurant.
4. They fight on top of skyscrapers.
5. They go to a Southeast Asian country.
6. A cute girl got the mumps.
7. A girl has to leave for Italy so they go on adventures.
8. They win but their school closes down.

>Two dudes cramped up inside a face
>one chick joins them
>firing hot, presumably steamy charged projectiles around the desert
>eventually grind so hard one takes control