In about 14-16 days we’ll finally find out the fate of Casca. Will she be healed and will she be with Guts like old times? She better be, she better Miura.

More like in 14-16 days we'll find out if the the inevitable hiatus is starting in March

>the twist is nothing was wrong with her
>she gets healed and joins Griffith
which would be more suffering for Guts?

when is the next idol master game coming out?

>she somehow dies or fucks off from guts to pursuit griffith
>we get clangviction arc 2.0

>the twist is nothing was wrong with her

>>she gets healed and joins Griffith

Casca's asleep atm no? The last panel will be her opening her eyes, someone out of frame calling her name and in the bottom the declaration of a hiatus.

>and in the bottom the declaration of a hiatus.


>she doesn't wake up

Rather, are we going to see a massive timeskip after she wakes up? It's been implied that time inside the dream is elusive and that they've spent quite some time gathering the fragments of her mind.

I wouldn't be surprised if a number of years has passed in the outside world by the time they get off Elf Island

She dies.

Or she'll get the Hajime no Ippou treatment. And be another brain-dead character that never got better.

>It's impossible for her to still love Griffith
>It's also impossible to be with Guts, or Skully's prediction would've been meaningless
I think she'll remain on the island thus effectively remuving her from the manga.

So it gets good again? Great

The last time she saw Guts he was still in one piece, I wonder how she is going to react seeing how he lost an arm and an eye trying to save her.

Will Berserk ever end?

>save her
More like save himself from being cucked and kill Griffith in a fit of jealous rage.

i don't get why people like the lost children arc. it was the most boring arc subjectively speaking

When Miura dies or gives up and writes a shitty half-assed ending where Guts abruptly ends his berserking career.

Because it's the most visceral one. It's Guts with no gimmicks and at his edgiest. It's also placed right after the eclipse, so it's very easy to get into Guts' mindset. It's just a good payout for the audience.

Supposedly he already has the rest of the story fleshed out and written down. If he gives up he'll just get his understudies to finish it.

>I'm fine now guys, lets go find Griffith!

Back to the boat boys.

mfw another hiatus

>healing fails
>casca recovers her faculties, but is overcome with grief and kills herself
>casca joins guts to slay griffith
>casca would rather become griffiths meat toilet
Place your bet lads

there's gonna be another eclipse and all of guts new party is gonna be branded and guts is gonna half to fight all the demon niggers to make sure loliwizard doesn't get raped

>the loliwizard

Anyone who doesn't realise at this point that the life of Griffith is tied to the life of Casca's ghost child and that will be the ultimate dilemma facing Guts is a fucking retard.

last chapter ending showed all she cares about is her baby, griffith is a giant shadow that hurts and scares her, and guts is a fatefull mad dog that will do anything for her

read the details you niggers. there is no way for her to join griffth again

my bet is that berzerk dog Guts destroy that last piece of the puzzle, making Caska's healing impossible.

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