Ranma ½

>the best girl didn't win at the end

What was the point of this series?

Ukyo is the best girl not shitty written violent girl akane.

the best girl is ranma faggot

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Rumiko Takahashi wanted Shinobu to win Urusei Yatsura, but the fans and publishers pressured her into focusing on Lum. She wrote Ranma 1/2 to be the story she wanted UY to be.

Akane actually was cute and a good character until after the ice skating arc.

ranma has been the best girl way before tumblr even existed


>having shit taste


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She didn't? I could have sworn that Akane did win, or at least it was implied that way.

>or at least it was implied that way

I don't think Ranma ever cared about her. He was more worried about breaking the curse and not turning into a girl anymore.

you're delusional

Say what? The Shunmin Kou that's set after the OVA and manga end made it very clear he cares about her and is still tsundere towards her. It has always been like that with the two of them throughout the story.

>last arc has Ranma declare his love for Akane
>last chapter is their wedding
I wonder...

>ranma has been the best girl
He is 100% male and would probably kill himself if he knew about degenerates like you pretending otherwise.

>>last chapter is their wedding

There was nothing of this in the series just a Sopranos type ending.

Because the manga skyrocketed too hard in popularity, so they made a massive number of anime episodes in a just a couple years when there wasn't nearly enough manga content, so 90% of it is filler after a certain point and it was cancelled.

yes, it's sad that Shampoo didn't win

>that one guy who's been gradually producing that creepy Ranma impreg fetish episode on youtube for 10+ years
someone here knows what I'm talking about he always pops up on google searches etc

>Chinese girl
>was the most promiscuous girl in the show

I don't believe it. Maybe if she was Thai or Filipino

only until hes splashed with water becomes a 100% biological female

who wants to start the pregnancy argument?

she's not promiscuous, she only wants her Airen

t h i c c

A wedding that didn't happen, being held at gunpoint in exchange for a cure for the curse, ruined by Ranma's childhood friend being a bitch and his dad's pervert teacher being his usual self. That so-called declaration of love that he denied to her face only even happened because he thought she was dead and it wouldn't amount to anything anyway. There is no love between them, and you're an idiot for not grasping this.

Speaking about pregnancy argument, I've tried to find the source for that supposed Takahashi interview when she says one shouldn't think about it, and I haven't been able to find an original source for that interview at all.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the late 90s/early 00s internet fakes.

It wasn't an interview, it was a comment made to her at a 'con panel at Anime Expo back in, like, 1993 or some shit.

which i never got because she has a whole arc that explains how the process would work

He's also an ego maniac who would find plenty of satisfaction in knowing how many people think he makes a better girl than Akane.

Are you retarded?

Last chapter Ranma confessed his OBVIOUS love to her.
Akane was 100% OBVIOUSLY in love with him since SHE agreed to marry him.(+ the other 300 or so chapter indicating their love)

He literally says in the last chapter that he only cared about Akane and did not give a fuck anymore about curing his own girl side.

Both agreed to the marriage. He did not deny that he loved her only that he said it out loud.


The series ends with the words that "the marriage is only postponed for a short while"
"Asuka and Ranma love and destiny will be fulfilled"

You either are trolling, never read the manga or failed to understand a show aimed at children.

Ranma only agreed to the marriage after finding out the wedding gift was the cure. He was trying to back out all the way up to that point.

And whatever garbage translation you read lied to you about the words at the manga ending. Find a new translation and get a clue, kiddo.

I think OP forgot how the series ended and didn't watch Shunminko. Ranma and Akane are the official canon pairing in the literal sense in every possible way from being shipped the hardest to attraction that's filled with tension to having mutual tsundere-like feelings for each other. It makes Toradora's sort of obvious OTP look like child's play.