Darling in the ex-KyoAni

Episode 5 is directed by brilliant ex-KyoAni Noriko Takao (高雄統子).

原画:濱ロ明 ini moaang 砂小原巧 中村颯柴田勝紀 石田一将 高雄 統子
制作:A-1 Pictures

Basically this week is Yamada (VEG #05) vs Takao. Let's settle this once and for all bros!

3 hours til the stream!

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Virgin Yamada vs Chad Takao

What's brilliant about her? She didn't do a good job with Cinderella Girls

>Noriko Takao
ep5 confirmed shit

Don't see CG as a whole since the production is a bit messy. Instead look at her directing & storyboarding skill which is very much the foundation of what KyoAni works look like right now. I might argue she's one of the better talents that have left KyoAni to pursue their own style.

>This is the first time I heard that name.
>I'll just shitpost anyway! I can fit the neo-Sup Forums cultures that way!

CG was lackluster because of its shit cast and shit setting, she did a good job with what she was given.

>Basically this week is Yamada (VEG #05) vs Takao
This isn't fair because Yamada only did the storyboard and didn't direct the episode and it's in a shit show directed by Ishidate.

Her moody style is going contrast hard with Trigger's episode 4 and 6.

>Darling in the franxx a phoneposter
Who would have guessed?

Too poor to afford a phone?

? If anything I'm more sakugafag tho.

2 hours till the episode airs.

The role of director is very different from the roleof episode director and storyboarder. Also, Cinderella Girls is hampered by its content. Watch Saint Oniisan to see her full potential.



>Noriko Takao

prepare the tissues, guys

50 mins

30 mins

Why did Noriko quit kyoani tho? I thought being in kyoani is better than anywhere in the industry.

15 mins

>wake up
>eat breakfast
>Boku no Daring is about to start
T'is a good start to the day.

I remember when I thought the involvement of Noriko Takao was going to make Idolmaster Cinderella Girls a show worth watching.

I remember thinking that.

>e-celeb shit
This board is fucking dead.

7 mins
stream where?

Check the other thread retard

which one?

Three minutes lads!!!

Anibox or leopard raws

it's 23.30

OP obviously didn't know who is she until few minutes ago he made this thread.

People were saying that kind of thing back when Cinderella Girls was airing so he probably did know

Takao already won.

Stop bullying cuckona

A1 wins.
Lets go home

Holy shit... This is not anime...it's a film, too much kino.

You won this battle, Takao.

If last week convinced some people on the show due to Hiro & 02's vibrant dynamic and the little Gainax feeling dwelling up...

then this episode should do the same in terms of directing and story progress.

And next week should seal the deal in the blood pumping action department.

( Time for Tachibana to flex with her soundtrack finally, put that experience with Sawano and Hayashi to use )

Yamada BTFO. This episode was really good.

She deserves it.

Can we replace Ishidate with Takao in VEG please?

Who should I murder to make this happen?

Takao won.
Completely another level.

It was movie tier episode

We can't. Takao left KyoAni because KyoAni is stifling to creativity. She would never go back there.

>1 subscriber

I don't doubt Noriko Takao strong visual direction but isn't CG setting, cast and story were decided by her? I mean, of course she had to take the basic from the game, but I don't see how these girls were worse than animas, which were godly regardless of its setting and cast.

Yamadafags are silent kek

They're too busy shitposting in the stalker thread.

Waiting for webms and visual direction collage.

Episode should be out within the hour

HS is out!