>subs out for hours
>no threads
Hotaru only exists if you believe in her.
None of you is watching her anime and now Saya took over.
I hope you're sorry because you should be.

I didn't check for those. Time to download.

Oh by the way, this eyecatch is from chapter 138. They skipped a fuckton others for no reason.

Good, Saya is superior. I wish they'd leave Hotaru out and make her the main character.

why is saya such a slow bitch

No Hotaru no interest, she's carrying this otherwise trash franchise.

Maybe the manga will end with the anime.

Are you retarded?

I want Hotaru back. At least we're getting Beniyutaka next week.


Middle of nowhere.

The lack of Saya in S2 saddens me greatly. Need more loli Saya at least.



Not sorry, the art change and shorter episodes put me off so I'll just watch it when it's done.

Holocaust survivors meetup.

I want to impregnate the flat chested blonde


That's all for this episode, unless I missed something.


how is that haircut called?
I like her

It's just a messy bun.

Why is she always crosseyed?

Was she cosplaying KeiOn?

Cosplaying? That's her winter school uniform.

Ignore this one, I cropped it badly.

>None of you is watching her anime and now Saya took over.
I'm not watching the anime because of the visual downgrade. Saya is best girl, Hotaru is amazing now but she'll be 200 kg within 15 years.

>3dpd argument
Sayashits are pitiful.

Is she asking for a baby?

HS finally showed up.

Saya is best!

>the show has a story now
>it's only 12 mins long
For fuck's sake.



Cute dork

My heart

>how quickly she gets angry
Saya a fucking cute.

This is better without Hotaru.

Nope, it's fucking boring. They should've introduced Beniyutaka this week.

She's such a cunt. It's really no surprise that Coconuts loves Hotaru.

Hotaru is maybe good as a penis toilet not much more.
Can you imagine her as a mother? Those poor kids will be carbon-hydrate poisoned for their whole lives.

Probably fine since she's a really caring girl and really rich.

The one with the sharpest fangs wins. That's what Killing Bites is.

God I want to rub these twigs


what animal is saya

I fucking laughed at that. Coconuts's dad is amazing.

>and now Saya took over
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Blonde Badger

Sorry not everyone is a dagashi autist. Best girl is too busy with her studies and part-time job to know about every terrible snack on the planet.