It still hurts

it still hurts

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>you will never raise your own emotionless Russian loli

Hobo hei deserved better

season 2 when?

I feel your pain user. Why didn't she get more rule 34? She deserves so much more.

Season 2 was ok

No it wasn't reeeeeeeee

what are you talking about?
season 2 has yet to come out

Just stop watching half way through the OVA and you're set.

You think you're fucking funny aren't you.


Eight years
And retards still think this joke is funny

But it isn't a joke.

How did you manage to start a thread without posting an image?

Hey guys

I know we don't agree on things too often, but can we at least agree that Suou is the best DTB girl?


>not Misaki

C'mon, son, you cannot be serious.

The 2nd season was actually quite good. It just spontaneously decided to shit itself right before the finish.

You disgust me.
Crime that is s2 should not be forgotten or forgiven.

Well, it looked more like they only remembered about the script while sketching the final credits, because those contain more off-screen cliff-hangers than the whole season.

First season of this is overrated.


DtB was only good for Hei antics, OST and action scenes anyway

Heaven's gate movie when?

Nah, it was terrible all around. I didn't even make it to the end.

Season 2 fucking never


>I feel your pain user
Abdominal cramps?

I actually liked S2 except for the ending

I need some reminder
Which soundtrack is it that's used the most when hei goes batman mode?

It was out for a looong time. It only has 4 episodes, though.