Milky Holmes New Year Special Subs

Yesterday's thread didn't catch much attention, so I making this again, for those interested that missed it and didn't suicide yet (I will probably put it on nyaa tonight anyway). Special 2017.ass

The subs are timet to Ohys:

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Based user.

Fantastic! Thank you user!

Thank you user. It will be a bittersweet watch, though.

Have faith user. They still have until February next year. We may still get another special ;_;

I applaud you.


Not all heroes are damedame. Thank you OP.

Thanks user.

wow, I thought the "killed themselves" was a joke.

Muh nigga! Thanks!





I have several questions.

Is it just me or is the stuff the writers for this are smoking getting stronger?



Milky Holmes may die, but my Milky Bones will live on stronger than ever before.

>Or G4 for short! We are here to collect your annual contribution!

Nigger please.

I admit I struggled with this one (among others things, specially with Cordelia, but whatever). The issue is that it is clearly making a joke about it being a new year special. Kokoro just says the 2017, almost 2018 IQ thing too.

It wouldn't hurt so much if we'd get a worthy successor but so far nothing came close to Milky Holmes.

>nothing came close to Milky Holmes
I disagree ;_;

Is Milky Holmes the pinnacle of comedy?



Even the animators had fun making the show.
At least that's what I want to believe.

Are there plans for another episode?


Hopefully we'll get a new one before they disband next year.
Man, do you live under a rock or something? Being an skeleton is no excuse to read the news.

The series really does give that feeling, it's difficult to find something that does that.

RIP in peace, Milky Holmes. You might be gone but you will live on in our hearts. ;_;7

Where do I find a heart in my skeleton?

Are the Milkies dead now?


Not truly.

What is her I.Q level again?

I don't know, they look alive to me.

1.42 quadrillion or something.

A minimum of 190. You may want to add as much 0 as you wish too.

Thanks to whoever uploaded this to animebytes, would've missed it if my RSS didn't grab it.

Still a masterpiece.


Let Q(x) be the set of all IQ points of x
I.e. since Sheryl has 7 IQ, she has 7 distinct IQ points, so Q(Sheryl) is a set with 7 elements, namely all 7 of her IQ points.
In Kokoro's case, there exists an injective map from Q(Kokoro) to the real numbers.

I love Cordelia.

She is the best Milky and she got the weirdest Toy.

Thank you, user!


Kokoro-chan is so sexual.

But user she's dressed like a JS here.




I liked it. Maybe in the little time left we may get another real season. Otherwise I think that the series wrapped itself up nicely with the movie.

Is this thing still profitable if they keep making more specials? By the way S1 is amazing.

As long as it advertises the idol group it does its job, so yes. I feel like the movie and the two most recent OVAs at least are a return to form, but the spin offs that came in between were dire.

My wife Milky Holmes is so cute

Idol group announced that they are disbanding recently, RIP.

We still have a year left, don't give up hope!


Not silly enough.