Rokudou no Onnatachi 76

Best boy Iinuma chapter is out

Chapter was really cute.

wait what man i though after the last arc this manga was finished

Nah. Last three chapters have been comfy character focused chapters.

Latest raw has a new bad girl too.




Wonder if we'll ever get a girl who's irredeemably 'bad'.

Ironically the main girl is the closest we've had but she's getting increasingly (non-love spell) dere.

ahhh yeah

guy should get an artist to draw for him, the story is really fun

Art suits it pretty well to be honest. Art style is a light seinen fighting but he then tries to make the girls as cute as possible whilst maintaining that style.

Series wouldn't work with pretty boys and ultra hot, cute girls.

I just hope she has a magic talisman or something to block Rokudou's effect on her. That would be a good change.

At some point the manga's going to deal with the effects wearing off, despite it being lifelong for his grandfather.

Frankly he's gotten a lot better and is growing into his style
remember this?


How behind are we?

Wait, when the fuck did they start dating?

They've pretty much been boyfriend and girlfriend from the start, this is probably the first time I can remember it being confirmed though.

Iinuma and Tsubaki? Since the start of the series.

artists really shouldn't do perspective heavy shots unless they're really confident they can nail it.

he actually tried quite a few creative scenes early on, probably experimenting with ideas.

Latest is 79