Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?

>childhood friend
>tan lines
Never before has a girl been so best.

Translations when?

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Translations had been started on it, but I don't know what happened or why they stopped.

Apologies for Kissmanga, but I'm pretty sure it's been translated for a while now

Sounds good to me

>censored/removed pages
>chapters 2-4 missing
as expected of kissmanga

The first four chapters were released under a different name.

works for me :^)

Holy shit, what the fuck mods. Why is this allowed?

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By the way, 4th girl is school nurse

I meant translations of the gym teachers arc. I know someone was translating this at one point.

>Wet and Wonderful
P-picking up

it's still younger guy right?

why isn't it me!

How often are students older than their teachers?

Negima, Pani Poni dash

>all the teachers date their students
what a degenerate school.

>what a wonderful school

When it was in the magazine, it is called as "Golden Time". Later the manga tankoubon uses the the title "nande koko ni sensei ga?".
That explains the missing chapters issue.

The first pair time-skipped to uni-student + teacher and it lost a bit of its fun. There was an age gap but it wasn't important/notable any more.

It was called Golden Times before it was serialized.

>I meant translations of the gym teachers arc. I know someone was translating this at one point.

This needs to get picked back up by a translation team again.

That was just the end of their arc though. In all the other arcs he is still a high school student.

I probably would have cared about my grades if I had been dating my teacher.

Great ecchi series, and I like that it moves to other couples and sometimes revisits the old ones.
Such a shame it's not getting scanlated atm.

Only first sensei worths waifu material.
I cwn understand why translators dropped it

Characters getting each other off by accident is my fetish and this has a boat load of it. Wish there was a name for this fetish.

>once found a h-manga that was nothing but these scenarios
>lost it in a hdd failure
>never found it since

Window cleaner's platform collapses, girl holds onto guy with her legs, boxes collapse onto guy and girl forcing them together etc. shit was amazing.

I will be busy doing a serious curvature inegration calculus every night. If you know what I mean


Heavy breathing
It's artstyle is quite nice.

sweet jesus

for anal

Not slender enough.

I'm using Kakalot and this is coming out better than expected.

The things I would do to her.

And by far the worst. There's no chemistry between her and the student. Also the "accidents" they have are the same as the others, yet somehow worse and more preposterous.

>Wish there was a name for this fetish.
I know exactly how you feel. It sucks having to go through secondary tags to find it.

Too bad the boys rarely get a chance to get off.
>Characters getting each other off by accident is my fetish
Share some of your favorites before thread dies?

I want her to sit on my face.

>later chapters are new sensei student pairs
Dunno if want. I guess they can only keep doing the main pair so much.

I'd rather have that than 200 chapters of no progress.


What are names of third teacher and school nurse?

does fucking umaru have to be in every ecchi magazine cover, jesus.

it's the korean scan site watermark, user...

I really like Soborou's artwork

you should track down his dadmiral kankolle doujins...

I don't know whether to appreciate the fluffiness, or feel betrayed by lack of hunk-on-boat action...

cute >> sexy

Me too.

You had me sold at this.

so first couple was fully translated, a bit of second couple was translated but not fully, right? and third is a gym teacher or something, and fourth is apparently a school nurse?

god damn someone please pick this back up

The raws are all out there though. For a series like this you don't really need a translation, it's easy enough to follow along with just the drawings.

And there is probably only 4 chapters left of the nurse before we get the next couple.

I want a translation though.

i'd still love a TL.

Same. His girls look soft.

>4th girl

Suddenly i know what sort of manga this is and my interest wanes

It's an anthology about many student teacher relationships.

Inverted nipples are pretty hot though.

The first one.



And fourth.

>Romantic interest looks like a shota
My fucking dick

He's just a manlet.

Like what?

For starters cuddling

Do these two go to different schools than the first two? They have different uniforms.

They sure do.

First two couples belong to a West school. Other two got to East.

But the 3rd and 4th also have different uniforms from each other.

Glasses is 2nd years highschool so obviously shota is 3rd year middle school

>Glasses is 2nd years highschool so obviously shota is 3rd year middle school
That's wrong, it says shota is 1st year high school while glasses is 3rd year high school. Learn nip, EOP.

Why would I when there are idiots like you willing to do it for me

>TFW he took the bait and TL'd for me.

I want to pinch her cheeks.

I am going to find you and make you get raped in your ass.


Why do retards always try to play off their mistakes as an epic ruse?

These boys already look their teacher's age. Yawn.

>Doesn't get off to the simple status of being a teacher
What a pleb.

Damn she's tiny.

Short stacks are the best.

Translating something like this is like translating porn but without the benefits of there being no strings attached. Inverted nipples get old after a while.

Hamakaze sensei?

>Inverted nipples get old after a while


Holy fuck, this is all my fetishes wrapped up

>In school...where good grades earn you alone time with your hot teacher

I wish I went to this school.

Needs more armpit.

This artist doesn't do porn, do they?

First couple best couple.





Just picked this up without even realizing there was thread. So is this manga basically like Tsurezure but with teachers and students?

They're nothing alike other than the fact that they both have romance and couples in them.

I guess what I meant was that there's more than one couple that it focuses on. As opposed to either a harem like Bokuben or a singular romance with another rival like Gal Gohan.