Hunter X Hunter

When will he return lads?

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I expected him to be a big part of the story since he is in the front cover, but yet he hasn't seen done anything


Very soon leoriobro.

he already did he is on the boat

I'll just leave this here

Soon. Even Ging admits Leorio is the strongest.

wrong thread DBfag

>passed the Hunter exam only because he tagged along with the right people

>DBfag calling me DBfag
Unlike you, I never watched shit shonen, so I don't become a jaded hater who thinks good shonen must be the exact opposite of the bad shonen in every single way.

what about Meruemfag, does it suit you better?

I love bleach too. I love how they are able to nullify anything with big enough reiatsu, really makes for some exciting battles!

How hard is it for one guy to understand a simple concept?
>Be a manipulator
>have the that you can control the target if you fullfill [X] condition
>In this case [X] is you need to stick a needle into your opponents body
>Be contracted to Kill Mereum
>stealth in with help from chameleon
>approach Mereum from behind
>produce needle
>stab needle at mereum
>it breaks because of his insanely durable body and potent ten
>plan is ruined


>Be blaise
>same thing, have lizard get you close
>steal a kiss
>Mereum is now yours for the duration of the ability
>Hope the Guards don't sniff you out and rape your face

Further still

>Be Knov
>Don't get PTSD
>Work with Lizard
>Sneak up on King
>Use Scream
>Remove his head

It's that simple. If your ability lets you take control of a target you have a potential I win button. If you can sever space you also have a potential OHKO move. The conditons for the activation or execution of the ability however, must be fulfilled. And the mark of a good writer is not allowing an insta-win when it would be boring for the story. And Blaise is dead and Knov got mind-broken so they couldn't be used in that way.

Nen was never something where people are balanced against each other. Gon is strong but his Jajanken is all around inferior to Killua's lightning powers. Kurapika specced himself out to be amazing in a 1v1 but he'll fold in a team fight even now. The hunter's association is filled with scrubs like the guy who can control bugs. Not all nen users are created equal, and not all abilities are equal either.

Call me HxHfag, that's the most accurate description.

Well maybe you should go back there, because HxH isn't for you.

As you can see here, your favorite character can be killed by dozens of characters you don't like.

>How hard is it for one guy to understand a simple concept?
I don't know, I guess you're the biggest idiot in HxH threads. I don't remember anyone being this dense posting here before 2017.

Please stop shilling your delusions. Okay? You are a tiny vocal minority.

how did Hisoka lose if he is stronger than Chrollo?

I fucking hate Hisoka

t. Machi

>I know you are but what am I?
Do hisokafags really think that they can use the properties of rubber to avoid acknowledging their own autism?

Because Chrollo had help from Shalnark, Kortopi and thousands of audience members. Hisoka is just one man.

Keep dreaming Chrollofag.

Reminder that getting caught was part of her plan

Hmm, lemme think:
>Togashi clogs up the chapters with new characters and new plot-lines
>uses it as build-up for a battle-royal voyage heading to certain disaster
>plenty of carnage guaranteed
In this arc he'll need to use as many old and familiar characters as he can if he wants to have an emotional effect to his arc. Hisoka will probably not be in the main limelight because he's playing the role of the shadow monster. The Spiders also cannot be a among the relatable characters because they've always been detached weirdos. Bisky and Hanzo are likable but not normal enough and Kurapika is too edgy, so... our nigga Leorio has to appear to provide us with a sane and healthy perspective during this shitshow.

What's the edgiest thing Kurapika ever did aside from kill a mass murderer and give a few hard stares?

>it's another "this guy has stolen/taken/can use multiple abilities from other persons" ability
Well, at least something finally happened and Benjamin looks like the final boss of this boat arc

Be mean to cowman and telling him to chose his words carefully

Reminder that most Nen users still have to block or dodge bullets. But Uvogin doesn't have to because he's a well trained enhancer and he can also use Ko to block bazooka shots. And Meruem, who has insane Nen levels, can do all that without even Ko and despite the fact that as a specialist he only gets 40% of his Nen into his Enhancement based defenses. The thought that some Manipulation based hatsu or Conjuration could affect him is quintessentially out of touch.


You can be edgy your whole life without getting off the couch. His behavior is edgy: his reactions, manner of talking, the way he talks about himself, sperging here and there... that's edge user.


>Suddenly hits me rewatching Chimera Ants that Meruem had 5000 cocoons
>Wonder where he got them because it is never explicitly stated
>Remember that when he first enters the palace there is a dozen cat girls dancing for Kim Jong Un on stage
>Remember that it was mentioned Chimera Ants can breed with other species

Besides Knov ,factoring his whole moveset, outright said that Netero was still stronger than both him and Morel. That should have ended it right there.

"My only fear is that my rage may fade with time"

Pretty sure it was stated that they were other experiments, just like Pam, and that the Hunter Association took control and care of them and Pariston was interested in them somehow

Got his aura suppressed by a conjuration ability. So even though Uvogin had a far greater amount of aura he can bring to the fight due to his enhancement affinity, Chain jail can still affect him. There is no basis to believe that attacks that aren't solely physical (like inflicting a sword or gun wound) can be countered by sufficient ten/ren/gyo/etc.

>Suddenly hits me rewatching Chimera Ants that Meruem had 5000 cocoons
>Wonder where he got them because it is never explicitly stated.


I'm sure it was only stated that Palm was the first experiment, it wasn't mentioned how she was made.

Kurapika's 100% efficiency is actually pretty weak huh? He's still power capped so anyone could achieve that with enough training.

Nowere here is it mentioned how they were made.

>5000 nen soldiers
>defeat and enslave the entire mankind
Can they? I mean even Meruem, literally a nen god, got defeated by a pocket nuclear bomb

I don't get what that's supposed to prove. Of course Netero is stronger than both Knov and Morel. He trained a lifetime more than them and he used to be the strongest human on Earth once. Knov doesn't even have a Hatsu that could hurt him. If Silent Scream could teleport Netero, he would have used it to help him teleport in and out real fast on demand.

>Got his aura suppressed by a conjuration ability
A conjuration ability that had an ultra specific and complicated restriction that enhanced it's power from 40% of Uvogin to, maybe, 400% of Uvogin's power.

Reminder - you already got rekt on this point in the last thread, you yourself said that if Kurapika's condition was "only okay to use on men", it wouldn't work on Uvogin. So it's quite clear that there's a mathematical element that the more specific your restriction is the more it enhances your base Nen.

Don't try to bamboozle me.

Oh alright, edgy means nothing anymore.

Yeah, ET just allows him to access his peak potential as shown with the diagram without having to go through years of training. The downside , like Izu said, was that using abilities beyond your capacity with cause strain and could be fatal as you can see with the physical strain it has on his body.

> luck is not an integral of being a hunter

>lets turn a fun history into shit just because

you sound like really fun person. does your mother even love you?

>the "DBfag" spammer doesn't even know what 100% efficiency is

Efficiency is a complete separate thing from levels. No except him is going to have that. Even if you train five billion hours, you will still have 100% in your category, 80% in the closest ones, 60% after that and 40% in the opposite one.

It's actually a pretty weak ability, all in all, and Kurapika is overpaying for it.

By cocooning them? A process similar to how the queen birthed the soldiers?

It seems like now that he (and everyone else) is more of an established nen user, the biggest advantage of ET is it works as an additional restriction that lets him power up many abilities.

dumb speedreader

Uhh, duh? That's what I'm driving at.

it never did.

nenless meruem could break the chains easily

The Queen produced the soldiers by eating humans and birthing the cocoons retard.

Chimera Ants reproduce by phagogenesis.

Man, why didn't Killua get any stars for his work. While Gon was busy being egy Killua was saving like a million civillians.

That's why I said "similar", you speedreading twit.

In both cases, Pouf's methods were more refined compared how the queen created. soldiers

So you reckon when all the best Hunters are at DC, the ants will go nuts?

Nice, you're wrong and somehow i'm the speedreader.

I guess because the stars are awarded for outstanding contributions to your field, but from what I've seen Gon and Killua don't have a specialty.

Gon is basically a Ging hunter and Killua is a Gon hunter.

Was he talking about rape?

...well yes? He is a fucking beast even without Nen and those are just normal chains for him.

Did Neferpitou have more innate potential than the king?

>A conjuration ability that had an ultra specific and complicated restriction that enhanced it's power from 40% of Uvogin to, maybe, 400% of Uvogin's power.
That's not how that chain works. It has the condition of "puts the target in Zetsu" and the restrictions of "Can only be used on the Phantom Troupe, on penalty of death" Kurapika himself stated that he was happy to use Uvo as the first test since Uvo was the physically strongest member of the group. The chain is as strong as a normal chain would be, and Kurapika enhances them further with his aura. But if a nen-less Uvo could break the chain than it would be useless as a means of restricting the other members of the group.

The chain isn't 400% stronger than Uvo. It's stronger than he would be without any aura.

Yeah, Chimera ants are already stronger than humans and Mereum was the ubermench of his species. Even in Zetsu Mereum would break them easily.

He's probably a sadist who likes torturing people.

The chains paralyse as well though. Uvogin was probably strong enough to break the chains, but he was paralysed as well as nen deprived.

Didn't he break her arm when he restrained her

>The "Selection" is a new method for producing soldiers that the Royal Guards serving under Meruem developed after getting human intelligence and the knowledge of Nen. This method entails manipulating humans and have them control their own aura in order to strike other humans. Humans targeted this way either develop Nen abilities or die

>Zoldyck appears
>Zooooldyck zoldyck zoooooldyyyyck, zooooldyck zoldyck zoooooldyck

He's a misogynist

I haven't thought about that. You're probably right.
It can be both, though. She is still alive.

How so? The queen's method created the four most powerful characters of the manga. Unless you are saying that refined isn't necessarily better

Do you think Ikarugo or Meleoron will become hunters?

O __ _____ ___

O __ _____ ___O

You sperged about it not being stated where Meruem got the cocoons. I proved you wrong.

You sperg again about how they got the cocoons, and I shut you down again. Pouf, as he does with himself can create the cocoons and the chosen are surgically modified by Pitou and are later encapsulated for future use.

>Chrollofag implying Machi doesn't ovulate over Hisoka
I hope you won't be too mad when she gets gummed (and enjoys it).

It can't be used on them, but both Cammy and Benjamin potentially counteract the chain. Cammy's ability still triggers in Zetsu, and Benjamin might be strong enough to break them without nen.

>The chain isn't 400% stronger than Uvo. It's stronger than he would be without any aura.
I'm talking about the Zetsu forcing effect of the chain. The only reason it works on him is because it's 400% as powerful as Uvogin. There's no one who could make a Chain Jail for Meruem. No one.

You could make a Chain Jail for Chimera Ants and it would force anything up to a Squadron Leader into Zetsu but it would never work on Pitou/Pouf/Poopi.

You can make a Chain Jail just for Meruem and it would never work.

Maybe his ability works by someone hurting him.

>You sperged about it not being stated where Meruem got the cocoons
You posted an image that doesn't state anywhere where he got them.

Your entire post is basically fan fiction.outside of Palm.

>The chain isn't 400% stronger than Uvo. It's stronger than he would be without any aura.
No it fucking isn't, it is explicitly stated that the chain deprives them of their aura AND paralyses them.

It's putting 2 and 2 together by what we've already seen in the previous chapters. Maybe you need to read extra slow to get this.

>HxH weebs are predominately black because they love pointless muh powerlevel animu with no story just like DBZ

>The only reason it works on him is because it's 400% as powerful as Uvogin.
Need a source on that one because nen effects don't work like that. Otherwise Knuckle shouldn't be able to have put Potclean on Youpi because Youpi was unfathomably more powerful than Knuckles.

Again, the rules are simple and consistent. If you want to physically hurt a character that can use aura, you need to overpower both their aura-based, and physical defenses. If you want to inflict an effect that doesn't require damage, you can do that regardless of the difference in aura or physical strength.

Unless you have a page to disprove what has been shown repeatedly in this manga you're just blowing wind out your ass.

>You can make a Chain Jail just for Meruem and it would never work
Sure, because there isn't a chain on earth that could Hold Mereum even in Zetsu.

>It's putting two and two together
It's fan fiction.

You are both retarded, this is how they created the cocoons

Just stop giving attention to the dbfag.

Nothing wrong with black people.

Maybe extra, extra slow.

What the fuck is wrong with you? The selection was stopped at the last minute. The 5000 cocoons existed before the selection.

>im-fucking-plying that all of these abilities are even remotely as powerful as zero hand which did jack shit to meruem

>Nothing wrong with black people.

That tells you want the cocoons are made FOR and not how the cocoons themselves are made which can be easily surmised as Pouf's doing.

>Need a source on
The numbers were just metaphorical, you autistic cretin. Nen restirctions exist to make your Nen more powerful. Nen restrictions DON'T MAKE YOUR POWER JUMP FROM ARBITRARY 10 TO INFINITE.

Jesus fucking Christ. How can it be so hard to understand?

If "if I use it on a woman, I die" is a less powerful restriction than "if I use it on a non-PT member, I die" then it's objective proof that there's a clear multiplier of power associated with Nen restrictions.

So no matter what, Nen restrictions will never make your power infinite and will never make it "just work".

>hitting a guy with aura is the same as mind control or reality warping.
Stop thinking in terms of powerlevels DBfag.

Togashi cannot surpass CA arc, he was touched by the God when he made that.

Actually no

You're the only person saying that so drop the strawman.

>nd will never make it "just work".
Well we have a lot of abilities that "just work" so you're actually wrong on that.

>that pic
Is Sup Forums leaking for some reason?

That was the rounding up part, jesus christ.

They get as far as paralysing everyone before Meruem gets blown up.

There is no "mind control" or "reality warping" in HxH you braindead fucker.

Manipulation abilities only work when the user's Nen exists on the person or thing they wish to manipulate. Without Nen present, they can manipulate their own dick at best.

>You're the only person saying that so drop the strawman.
You're the one arguing that it "just works". I said that it works because the restriction makes Kurapika's power stronger, strong enough to force even someone who's way more powerful than him into Zetsu.

>Well we have a lot of abilities that "just work" so you're actually wrong on that.
You're such a fucking pathetic maggot. You say that "i'm the only person saying that' and then you say that in the very same post.

It's like you kids just look at the pictures without reading the wordsPalm was just Pouf's experiment, trying to make stronger humans with a different moethod:
>She committed suicide but was revived in time and transformed into a Chimera Ant soldier by Neferpitou and Shaiapouf as the first experimental soldier for the "selection".

I know? I'm the first person you linked, I've been arguing that Palm was unrelated to the cocoons.

There was a boa constrictor ant that was clearly a soldier from East Gorteau and the selection process never got further than the round up. Clearly Meruem was creating soldiers through reproduction as well.