Don't stick your dick in crazy

Are you ready for the 110 something Klaxosaurs assaulting the kissing plantations next week and Darling getting his blue horns?

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02 gets off riding, Hiro will probably get fucked up, like Guts-tier suffering, in this metaphor, 02 is the seal, and the robot is the berserker armor.

Honey really confused me this Ep. On the surface she's unmistakably cold and doesn't give two shits about whether Hiro snuffs it after the third ride, but in other ways she also looks like she genuinely cares and enjoys her time with Hiro.

For anyone here, did the other squad say she killed one of their friends because he rode with her or simply that they don't want to fight because she killed one of them after going berserk with Stampede Mode?

Maybe after the third ride, Hiro will ascend and fully grow a pair of blue horns. The rest of the anime is just cutesy flirting between the two oni pilots.

Since episode 7 is confirmed for a miku/zorome episode, Im actually hopeful theyll resolve this dinoaids plot point by the next episode

>the contamination is blue
Hiro will become the Blue Oni to 002's Red Oni.

He won't get his horns now. He'll go into some death-like coma and metamorphosis and come out with them.

She doesnt like weak people, so if he dies then he dies

How many hours left until the new episode?

She knows hat he will survive. It's literally the first scene in the show after Jian intro.

And everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen


this show just keeps on giving surprises, holy shit

>doesn't give two shits about whether Hiro snuffs it after the third ride
You misunderstood. She is simply joyful no matter what comes. She is happy that Hiro is willing to go that far for her sake.

He said she was too reckless and that got his partner killed. Collateral damage.

Fatbro is not even relevant and he is already getting cucked.

168. I hope Trigger fucking delivers, this episode's production was great.

If last week convinced some people on the show due to Hiro & 02's vibrant dynamic and the little Gainax feeling dwelling up...then this episode should do the same in terms of directing and story progress.

And next week should seal the deal in the blood pumping action department. ( Time for Tachibana to flex with her soundtrack finally, put that experience with Sawano and Hayashi to use )

She almost killed Ichigo right then and there.

The only thing that stopped her was that it started raining and she was reminded of him talking about the rain with her.



I fucking missed it.

167 hs and 28 minutes to next episode

167 hours

If I remember the guy just said "the way she fought resulted in the death of my partner".
So sort of ambiguous. Whether it was the result of carelessness or a Stampede who knows

02 is love
02 is life

Thanks, user.



I'm pretty sure saying that he's going to die was a "test" and she's just extremely happy with how he answered

This isn't going to end well.

I guess the parallel with the spider come in the equation in this, she just got a very different approach of the male-female relationship.

> miku/zorome episode
Is this the end for them?

Where the hell is Dr Franxx?

Anyone else thought when she was dancing she looked like a fucking Psycho?
Also why is she so happy knowing he might die


>she looked like a fucking Psycho
Yeah that was the point

I can hardly believe that Hiro dies and as conveniently they have not explained anything of their situation, they will take something out of the ass to make it an oni too. I wonder what kind of idiot writes this thing?

> Pilots are called parasites
> Hiro now pretty much has a parasite stuck to him

Oh, shit. I'm having Blood Sign flashback

Probably because Hiro is willing to die to pilot with her.


Ahahaha. Anons, you...

She afucking ONI


Because he's will to pilot with her knowing he might die.

>She is simply joyful no matter what comes. She is happy that Hiro is willing to go that far for her sake.
I can see that. I guess it's just cause of how abrasive she is to everyone else it feels sort of blurred. I haven't felt bad for Ichigo once until this episode. Seeing Goro in the state he was also felt pretty shitty.

what's a yellow blood cell

Because she's happy that Hiro is that devoted to her. She's not happy that he might die. She's happy that even though he might die, he chose to ride with her.

Do you even understand Japanese?

Hiro is still fully compatible with Strelitzia and now has an abnormal number of YELLOW! blood cells.
He's definitely another human-kyoryu hybrid, he simply keeps it under wraps much better than she does.

They're really playing up the succubus imagery with her. She'll give you the best sex of your life but you'll slowly be completely drained of your health and die painfully. worth it?

Hiro will need to change his mind from "Wanting to die while riding with Zero Two" to "Wanting to live so he wouldn't leave her alone".

Everyone knows Dino aids makes you stronger.

Next week Hiro will survive and maybe pop out a blue horn and Zero-Two will just say Sasuga Darling.

Something that probably only exists in kyoryu.

ploting. if its all still going "just as planned" hes gonna jump in at the last second at save Hiro

she's a psycho user, the other guy is completely deluded. did you miss the key visual from before the show aired that show her monstrous form looming ominously over hiro

now this is not to say she'll become a villain, but she's not some happy go lucky dino who merely goes through life carelessly

> He's definitely another human-kyoryu hybrid
I like that theory better than the idea that he is just transforming into an Oni from a normal human.

All the plantation kids are human-dino hybrids.

>his horn is in his pants

Episode 6 staff:
Storyboard: Akira Amemiya, Hiroyuki Imaishi
Animation Director: Mai Yoneyama
Key Animation: TAKAFUMI HORI, Yusuke Yoshigaki, Kenta Yokoya, and Kawakami Yusuke, Yuuto Kaneko, Shiori Miyazaki, Kai Ikarashi

Why didn't he touch her?

Teach her a little humility while he's at it if possible. As much as I love her, Oni could afford to tone down on her bullying of others just a tad.

What a slut

its action time darling!

too beta

Because she was sobbing while muttering about Hiro


Please stop the Goro suffering
He doesn’t deserve it also don’t kill him

Press F

He was flustered as fuck.
They are partners, but that doesn't make them intimate (viz. Zerome's reactions to bonding between Hiro and Oni).
Goro actually has a crush on her, he's desperately trying to reign it in for whatever reason.

Seriously, somebody console Ichigo please, I'm legit upset.

What happened? I missed the ep

>Hiroyuki Imaishi

Feeling jealous but not understanding the emotion

I hope Hiro kills 02.

I'm not deluded. You're falling for a red herring.

The virgin Mitsuru
>No skills, relied on his FranXX to do heavy lifting
>Bragging about killing mook bugs
>Traumatized after only one ride
>Afraid of dying to a girl
>Need drugs to keep sane
The chad Hiro
>Training everyday to further improve his skill
>Killing boss-tier Klaxosaurs only. Didn't give a shit about mooks
>Humble about his skill
>Keep living with demon-dino tumor without any need for drugs
>Willing to die to complete his mission. Did not faze even in the face of Death

Of course.


Imaishi is not in charge of writing, he is there for the action scenes.

Imaishi has storyboarded every episode since the beginning mate. He's the reason this show is a coproduction and not an A-1 anime with some episodes outsourced to Trigger.

He's a Nice Guy (TM)

I hope Hiro impregnates 02

Indomitable Hero

well prepare the kamina-hiro edits

>red eyes

What if Hiro dies, but is then replaced by a new Hiro?
Just like Rei.
>Hiro, we saw you die from blue dinoaids
>>I got better
>>woke up in a glass tank
>>when I woke up, I saw ten versions of me there
>>also, there were 10 versions of each of you there too
>>except you, Miku
>>there were 50 Mikus ready

He knows Ichigo has a crush on Hiro and he wants his childhood friends to be together to make Ichigo Happy since he loves her. An interview said that Goro is the type of person to put everybody else before himself. He's probably gonna snap at some later episode.

> in charge of action
> Oh sorry guys! I put all our budget into Hiro dying because I thought that was going to happen
> redo it? We're out of time!
> Better just use the footage we have :^)

I hope Hiro is impregnated by 02

my guess is he is probably compatibile with that option. the other pilots look more beaten than turning to dinos.
now thats a dilemma, die of cumulated internal and external damage, or nanite infection

Don't stick your dick in STD ridden whore.

It is not yet known why Hiro is compatible with Strelitzia, if his composition was different from that of the others, the high commanders would have already said it, but no, nobody says anything, because he is the MC and he has to be special.

Buster Machine 7

I hope Streiliza impregnates Hiro


>best friend is a depressed fuck and now dying for aids
>other one is still thirsty for best friend
He's gonna snap.

Can someone please draw Goro hugging Ichigo
My heart needs it

All Zero-Two wants is a darling that doesn't die after 3 rides, so why should she care about the failures. She likely already knows Hiro will live after a third time.
So when will Hiro initiate the kiss with Zero-Two, before or after his third ride?