Admit it, this show was really dumb

Admit it, this show was really dumb.

It was a posthuman masterpiece, deconstructing the myth of the vitruvian man

I was expecting education but that was only on the ad breaks

Reality check: Watching anime isn't a competition for who can be the most "intelligent".

OP doesn't like fun things, sucks to be him.

I liked it a lot.



Serval ate way too many Japari buns.

Who are the dumbest of Friends?

That one.

Not as dumb as watching three minutes of a show and believing you know everything about it.

i like this friend.
this is my favorite friend.

I like this friend.


Admit it, you don't want others to like things you don't enjoy

OP here, it was dumb and very cute.


>Nobody ever posts episode screencaps, only fanart
Nice "masterpiece" kemonofags. At least in a not shitty series people are proud of how the anime looks like, and actually post screencaps from episodes.

Why is shoebill such a qtie pi?

Nice design and she stands out even more since most people thought she'd have a Rei clone voice.

She is autistic just like you

It was but I loved every single second.


Okay, I was watching in part to learn what Sandstar was and what the vanilla happened to the humans. And of course it's Kadokawa's loss for killing a huge golden goose.

Futa doujins are the beat things come out of this show.

An enjoyable and good kind of really dumb.

It was dumb and boring as sin.


Those boobs really makes me dumb, sure

The doujins were good.

So good

>Implying the only thing that makes an anime good is it looking pretty and that things like plot are irrelevant
If this were true, VEG would be one of the best anime ever.

But it is.

I love Moose's long thick lush hair and am finally realizing most women have shitty thin hair that is not lush and volumized like her's

2D > 3D once again

Believe in boobs.

I can smell your low IQ from here bub, how else would man compare intellect if not for Japanese children cartoons

If only so many of them didn't have loli bodies emulating the show's style.

I love something else long and thick Moose has.

True, but it is cute.


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