OnePunch Man

Murata is back streaming.

He's drawing Armored Gorilla and Zombieman.

I see a lack of Mosquito Girl.

Oh shit!


> Zombieman puts his shoes on the table

No manners

I can't wait for the Garou vs Bug God & RR fight. Will it be this chapter?


Yes. Murata already drew a page of Garou kicking RR.

>No Mosquito Girl
Thank God, now maybe that user with this rampant headcanon will finally kill himself

thank you very much!

Looking at how his axe lasted for the whole Pureblood fight, maybe it's a specially made weapon just like Metal Bat's bat. Definitely not one you would buy in a random shop at least.

Look at that face, Saitama pretty much destroyed his smile.

I like this cup


That reaction is pretty much fitting since Zombieman has the same voice as Reigen.

Chapter will be 45 pages long.

Next chapter is 45 pages

>Garou wa ii yatsu
>Garou kakkoi

Sasuga Murata.

From yesterday stream:

Current plan is to update next Thursday/Friday. A bit of potential bad news: Murata likes to switch between working on OPM and BTTF every couple of hours and since he can't normally stream BTTF, there might be fewer streams in the future.

Source: reddit.

Volume 16 cover is Bomb apparently.


Bomb for Vol 16 Cover
Zombieman for Vol 17 Cover.

>more Murata shit
why does that faggot stream his art like a fucking amateur?

So still no mention of whether or not MG is there or not?

The fact he's seemingly not answering anything about this makes me think there is still a chance.

I doubt it. It was always an extremely low chance.

Which one of them said that

Can't wait to see this page

As well as this one

He showed the internal spine of volume 16 he made, it had Zombieman, but it’s now going to be bomb.

Zombie,an on 16 would make no sense, he doesn’t even show up.

And Bomb only appears in like 4 pages i think. The best option would be Death Gatling...

I feel like this page is gonna be made into several spreads showing and describing each ""factions"" (natural enemies of humanity, actual monsters, high potential heroes, and then Saitama).

I had this feeling too, gives him the chance to draw a bunch of characters.

> we might get some nice shot of all the previous enemies again

Would be neat. Would make sense to include the MA ones in the monsters spread too.

No one except aqua in that chat speaks Japanese retards. You're being trolled

He was the one who said it.

Fighting Bug God

no he didn't that user in the chat said it

Showing Bug God's durability.

Anything else?

Thing is that Gatling has so much detail that Murata will take an eternity to draw him, Glasses wouldve been a suitable option for Vol 16 cover, he is the main reason Genos Bang and Bomb could locate Garou.

Nevermind then

>Thing is that Gatling has so much detail that Murata will take an eternity to draw him

Bullshit, he still has plenty of screentime. Are you among the same guys saying Gouketsu had his design changed because the old one was "too complicated"? The fuck are you taking Murata for?

Now the question is will it be a shot of Saitama in cool-looking "hero mode" from behind
or a comedy shot of Saitama's dumb face

this man inspires me to dig myself out of this shithole

Focus back to Garou vs Ripper and Bug God.

RIP Mosquito Girl, she is never coming back.


I mean. Honestly? Seems more like Gouketsu's face was changed so that he could make better expressions.

Murata stated himself that it was changed to make him looks more "intelligent looking", like Frieza's form.

By next Thursday/Friday, you mean the coming 15th/16th? Huh. Sooner than I thought if he only started working on it now.

It’s not “back” to garou, there are those box of texts, so the texts are still genus talking. i think this moment is this moment but obviously different now.

I think that mostly confirms the fight won't be super long, as it will be done at the same time as the dialogue with the limiter, and it would be lame to not get the full thing in a row. So the 45 pages ends with Garou's defeat.

The previous chapter was also done in 2 weeks.

Garou vs Bang and Bomb was around 40 pages(Including flashbacks).

He's dodging fast.

>I think that mostly confirms the fight won't be super long

Garou is getting boring.

>Can't wait to see this page
Was Elder Centipede a remake of Senior Centipede and Saitama beating him a new thing, or was he a pure addition, and Senior Centipede will still fight Garou now?

Your worthless posts are getting boring.


Only because we know roughly how it goes.

For now it looks like it will be just Bug God and Royal Ripper.

And yes, there are no centipedes left.

You wish.

>there are no centipedes left.
forsenKEK don't tell him forsenKEK


Garou using WSRS.

One storyboard

I personally wish that Murata would slow down with the releases while he's still an excelent artists it's easy to notice that his composition/paneling are completely guided by what's most efficient, the first thing that he came up and it's good enough.

If he had more breathing room he would come up with even better stuff because he would actually have time to consider different and hopefully better approaches. Don't get me wrong i love all he's done so far but i truly belive that we are missing OnePunchMan's true potential due to the accelerated release pace.

>A bit of potential bad news: Murata likes to switch between working on OPM and BTTF every couple of hours

What a fucking iron horse. Truly /OurMadMan/


His schedule release is now on par with WSJ mangakas.

I think we could get Death Gatling and the other heroes in the back cover. It could be like a cover, all detailed ou could be chibi forms, like vol 9, 10 and 12 back covers.

The Wall Street Journal are some serious fuckers.

He's deflecting something.

He doesn't have to spend a shit tone of time making storyboards however.

I wonder if the'll ever release ONE's expanded version of the webcomic, you know including all the new storyboards for Murata.

Maybe as a collectors item or something like that.


Maybe thats the scene when Bug God loses his fang..

Did Garou redirect Ripper's blade spam right into Bug God's face when that guy tried to come at him from behind?

Yeah, so it seems. Too dangerous for Garou to attack Bug God by himself, so he redirects RR to him instead.

He's eating now

that fuck


Garou BTFO

Garou blocked Bug God's punch.

who's winning?


"Team Rocket blasting off again".


Did Garou just get caught in power lines?

>catapulting with the power cords

I think he actually got electrocuted. But this mad lad is gonna keep fighting.

Holy shit, time to get literal saiyan hair.




Looking like a real high class battle here

Atomic missile coming through.

> garoufags thought Garou would fight an army of demons or even elder centipede back then

Garou is just toying with Bug god and royal ripper though.
He always starts off by analyzing his opponents moves before he gets serious and dances around them.

All this time I was trying to say to them that it was definitely not gonna happen but fanboys only believe in their headcanons.

Perfect form. Can't even tell he was just electrocuted.