Man, this was a damn enjoyable watch

Man, this was a damn enjoyable watch.
Season two never though, right?

Movie is confirmed for sequel.

I liked it as it was, but I really hate that they ditched the manga's detail, not even taking into account the shit redesign for the MCs. Why aren't they wearing headgear at such high altitudes? Why did they drop the awesome transformation of Tanya's computation jewel? Why did they make being X so much more ambiguous and remove the other gods? Considering how good it still is for being a bad adaptation makes me mad at how better it could have been if they didn't dumb it down so fucking much.


Half of that is because it was the studio's first anime, and some of it is because it was only 1 cour but still had a recap episode leaving less time and worse pacing. They had to cobble together their own climax for the ending to not be a snoozefest. Also the character redesigns are fun.

> shit redesign for the MCs
I am happy with tanyas design

i respect Tanya. do you?

I heard it's a recap movie like with Overlord. So S2 confirmed?

Yes. Think of movie as S2, for now. We'll see how it goes from there.

the funny reason they have tanya and visha looking different is because they had hoped it would prevent hentai being made of them.....they failed

Would Tanya do well under Ainz?

A match made in heaven.

I'd say it was a partial success. There's a lot less of it than I was expecting.

>they had hoped it would prevent hentai being made of them
Why would they want that?

probaly because of the laws and because tanya is 11

It really was a great fucking show, so much so that I am rewatching it for the fourth time. Check out the manga if you haven't; isn't caught up to the anime quite yet, but it does a few things differently that are nice, and will probably outstrip the anime's end fairly soon.

>Why did they make being X so much more ambiguous and remove the other gods?

That was actually a massive improvement. Made Being X seem more ambiguous and dangerous, rather than petty asshole gods throwing an interdimensional tantrum to punish literally one person for not worshiping them. Being X in the show really was ambiguous on whether it was truly a god, and at no point gives the impression of being a benevolent steward.

What laws?
>because tanya is 11
I don't understand. They wouldn't be the ones making porn anyway, now would they?

Anyway, this is stupid reasoning. "Let's butcher the play on contrast between the character's adorable/beautiful looks and the horrible things she does because we're afraid some people will draw pornographic fan content of her". Like, seriously, this is retarded and I really think they hurt their sales a lot by doing this.

Meant to quote

We could have had this, instead we got ducks

>I am rewatching it for the fourth time.
Wew lad.

The eyes alone would have been a fortune to animate. While I agree that the LN art is sexy as hell, it also never would have translated to anime without a fuckhuge budget. And I prefer the ducks to the manga's bishoujo sameface and dudes with arms as long as their body.

There's a serious dearth of decent war anime that isn't about high schoolers or mecha.

There is literally nothing wrong with the duck and the potato

I thought he was the only one who saw him as a duck

I want Tanya to start going through puberty, fall for someone, and be frustrated about it.

>fall for someone
>not me

I don't thin no I would want her to fall for me.

*think I
Fucking autocorrect.

i would kill everyone in this thread for her to exist irl and then marry me
>no offense Im sure you all are good guys

How old is Tanya in the latest LN?

That would actually be very fitting. I'm sure she'd appreciate.

Fucking phoneposters.

Not if I kill you first. Let's begin the death games for Tanya.

X being more ambiguous vs Gods throwing a hissy fit was a much better choice.
Actually fitting being called being X and makes their motivations much more mysterious and sinister. Especially when he talks through corpses and as a nut cracker.


Imagine Tanya running the guardians instead of Albedo
Nazarick would have already conquered all the known world by the time the lizardmen arc happened

You heard wrong. It's not a recap. It's covering the next arc.

already has a release date

I think there's no date yet

9 at the start, 14 in the latest
but she still looks tiny because she is malnourised and did army training too soon at her age

So is she infertile?

This user is asking the real questions.

ask the autor
she might be.
the whole future parts about the 11th goddess, might imply she became something like Being X

Tanya Frog Degurechaff

but sometimes she is Tanya Duck degurechaff

>no periods from hard training
>no fertility from poor nutrition and hard training

Tanya gets more and more perfect the more I learn.

No season 2 but we got some new Alolan forms



Worked for Visha.

Tanya, not so much. H-artists use her manga design anyway.

"Peace and tranquility, let alone reconciliation,
Are the acts of domestic dogs who've forsaken their fangs!
Sheer madness, brought on by despair and disturbance,
Sounds more like Paradise than it does Hell!"

i want to die for her...


I didn't know that that was the reason.
I assumed the stylized character design for Tanya and Visha was to make them stand out among the relatively realistically drawn men.
So basically, to highlight that young women, who are perceived as weak and vulnerable, are thrown into a serious and dangerous situation.

Aoi Yuuki cooing about committing acts of hellish brutality does things to me.

Pretty sure it's already been confirmed. I'm not going to dig up the link. I'm tired of doing that. Just google it yourself. Not sure if you'll have more success if you try to find release season, date, or simply confirmation.

Wow, LN Visha looks great. She doesn't look as hot as Manga, but her LN character design is certainly nice.

It's also a partial success in another way too. At least one user said he couldn't get off to the hentai because it was so ugly.

I've heard that on multiple occasions, but it's always been on places like Sup Forums. Anyone got a link to a credible source that says that's why they look ugly?

>Should we draw a nose, since we drew the wrinkles around the nose?

>opening sitting at 13,5 million views
>ending at 10
How does the duck do it?


The movie is the closest thing we get for the sequel.

Also, the Light Novel isn't done yet.

didn't know there are so many nazis on youtube


Truly a smile worth protecting.

Are they gonna cover Mary's death?

>good op
>good ed
>good show
it's not hard to see how the duck does it user


I'm pretty sure everyone on Sup Forums developed Stockholm syndrome for the anime's design but really Tanya is a good character so she makes up for it

I can't stand the OP song, even though the visuals are great, but the ED is fantastic.

how? opening and her voice make me hard even though i don't like electro

That is not true. I might like the anime's character designs more than I should, but that might be the difference between disliking and hating.

Why is she called the evil anyway?

there never was a law against lolis, do you even watch other anime? like ever? even this season's filled with lewd lolis. Do you watch shogi anime you retard.

I think it's the shitty autotune that kills it for me.

Stupid TL.

muh warcrimes

They underestimate the value of ugly cute.

the switch from multiple gods to one megalomaniac mysterious god was better imo


>Decent at what he does but still fucks up, but everything pulls through
>Autistically good at what he does, and yet things still continuously go to shit
I guess the question is does Being X follow her around still? Because if so, Ainz would totally die.

you're sure it's season 2 and not the movie


quite sure. Not going to check though.

>At least one user said he couldn't get off to the hentai because it was so ugly.

I just can't get off to it because it's mostly guro shit.

That was my issue too, or it was badly done rape.

Why are you cunts even trying to fap to Tanya? Don't lewd her or I'll fucking kill you

That's one smol StG44